Samsung announces ‘Black Pearl’ Galaxy S7 edge

Black Pearl Galaxy S7 edge

Following the release of the Blue Coral S7 edge, Samsung is adding an additional colour, called ‘Black Pearl,’ to its Galaxy S7 edge lineup.

Like the similarly glossy ‘Jet Black’ iPhone 7 Plus, the ‘Black Pearl’ S7 edge is only available in 128GB. “The sleek black finish blankets the entire device – edges and all – and adds depth to its glass design,” says Samsung in the news release announcing the phone. “The result is a stylish all-black aesthetic that captures the essence of the color in its purest form.”

Black Pearl S7 edge


According to Samsung, the new colour will only be available in “select markets,” so we’ve reached out to the company to find if it plans to bring the phone to Canada. We’ll update this article when we hear back from the company. Stay tuned.

Update 16/12/9: A spokesperson for Samsung told MobileSyrup the Pearl Black S7 edge is currently not available in Canada.