Freedom Mobile cuts price of LG V20 by $200


  • Joseph

    Explains the good deal I got and you still get the B&O H3 headphones for free with this deal.

  • Andrew English

    Their LTE service is only good for local customers who never taken their phones with them to the US or who rarely travel. I will remain using their 4G network with my $55 plan. 🙂

    • Nexzen

      LTE roaming is coming for LTE plans.

    • MassDeduction

      But at what price? Enquiring minds want to know. (I want to know.)

    • Techguru86

      Well you want canada wide towers don’t you ? And you still want it cheaper than the Big 3.That’s not cheap given Canada’s small population and massive country

    • MassDeduction

      I’m actually not displeased with the pricing in Canada. There are ample ways to get good pricing from the big-3 such as dual-SIM setups, Public Mobile, SK/MB/QC plans, corporate plans, retention plans, groups maximizing share plans to their mutual benefit, etc. The people who walk up to the nearest mall kiosk to get their wireless service pay the highest prices, but the people who do their research don’t.

    • somebody else

      Yup, I heard of those bragging about unlimited data plans on rogers, but I doubt they exist. MAYBE only for corporate plans (which we cannot get, period), but not for customers. Bell and telus are similar, probably offer such plans too, only for corporations (listed nowhere on their website).

    • specialk2000

      It is suppose to be early next year LTE roaming will go live (along with VoLTE and VoWIFI). Probably have the roaming plans released then, that’s my guess.

    • somebody else

      It’ll be a while until then.

  • Jason van de Laar

    Translation :”Yeah sorry guys we didn’t think our customers would actually try to use our LTE right away!”

    • Tim3Tripp3r

      ¯_(ツ)_/¯ approach to LTE rollout by fm

    • somebody else

      It’ll be uncongested for a long time. lol

  • Attackpoodle

    I couldn’t deal with wind without my 1g away plan. The coverage so so sub par but with the away plan at least I have my phone available when I’m not in the city.

    • Techguru86

      works fine in my city, i was in downtown toronto 2 weeks ago and noticed the service far better than summer time

    • somebody else

      Same, no issues now that winter arrived either.

    • somebody else

      Must be where you live, that is experiencing issues. They say apartments are swiss cheese.

  • specialk2000

    The ZTE Grand X 4 is actually on sale, just not outright. You get a bonus $100 on MyTab (pay $99 upfront instead of $199) and a bonus $50 with the $5 MyTab Boost (pay $0 upfront instead of $49).

    • Rose

      Ah yes, that’s true! I’ve clarified, thanks.

    • specialk2000

      Your welcome! =-)

  • George

    Who wants that Crap?

    • specialk2000

      I have the V20, it’s a decent phone. Without the Note 7, IMO it’s the best 5.7inch or larger on the Canadian market.

  • David Clark

    It’s a slap in the face, I bought a nexus 6p out right when I joined wind a year ago and now the only way to get LTE with them is to buy a crap phone I don’t want.have problems. To top it off suddenly I am having service outages in places where I never used to have problems!

    • somebody else

      Sell the 6P and get the new device with the funds you acquired when somebody buys it off of you. It’s simple.

    • David Clark

      Impossible to sell with the battery issue the Nexus 6P suffers from. No one wants to buy and neither Google or Huawei are willing to resolve the problem.
      Sent from my Samsung galaxy S8 yes I went back to the dark side.

  • Ysstog

    I bought one the day they went on sale (good luck finding any store with inventory — I had to call 4 in Toronto before finding one). I’ll be returning the phone tomorrow. It’s a perfectly good phone but I’ll stick with my Note 5 till the 8 comes out. It pales compared to the Note 7 in pretty much every way but drastically better than the 6P.

    The discounted price also included the B&O headphones.

    In addition to the discounted phone, they’re also offering a discounted 4G/LTE plan. 6GB full speed for the price of 3GB. I was paying $39 for 5GB 3G, so it was an extra $6 to upgrade so I went for it for the extra gig and full speed.

    • somebody else

      That’s if the note 8 doesn’t catch fire (LOL) like the note 6 (aka 7) did, and if it support band 66.

  • Richard E

    A bit upset that I paid full price for the LG V20. I like the phone, I have been a loyal wind customer from the beginning, and signed up to the LTE plan right away.

    I do like the LG V20, and even though the LTE is not Fully up and Running yet, my service with the phone has improved. LTE Needs an add on to allow up to 2 or 3 gig more data at full speed if needed. Makes sense, should be easy since not many are even using the service yet…and I am.

    They did give a small discount to those who signed up right away, and gave the Added 3Gig extra free now as long as you stay on the plan…. But you would think loyalty is worth going back and to those users who show loyalty, give the $200 off as a thank you.

    • I’m in the same boat, This long time customer is feeling so ripped off right now! The sales rep also fed me a bunch of lies regarding LTE and my existing legacy plan! I would love to know how I could email the president of Freedom Mobile because I definitely don’t want to deal with their customer service as I’ll get nowhere with them!?

    • somebody else

      Hit up their facebook page and send them a private message, far more helpful than over the phone.

    • Omar

      They are really taking after Shaw now.

    • somebody else

      I haven’t noticed them taking after shaw.

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    Freedom’s MyTab price is not correct calculated if the outright price is $799.

    The device is now $799 CAD outright, cut $200 from $999 and $99 down with a $25 MyTab Boost (regular $299). With a $15 MyTab Boost the phone is $299 (regular $499), with a $5 MyTab Boost it is $499 (regular $699) and with just MyTab it is $649 (regular $849).

    Shouldn’t the MyTab price be $599 (Regular $799)?
    Why would the ‘regular price’ under MyTab increase by $50 versus the outright price?

    • Rose

      Good catch, that doesn’t add up. Updated to reflect that, thanks!

  • Richard Sauve

    My only issue with Freedom/Wind mobile is the prices of the phones. I live in the city and can deal with the fact that when I leave it, I’m going to either have no data at all, or have to pay for it. I don’t leave the city that often.

    Everywhere else, the Moto G Plus is $400, with them it’s $450. Now to the big deal buster for me. When I saw that they would be introducing the ZTE Grand X 4 as one of their introductory LTE phones, I was excited. $140 outright from Cricket mobile in the US? Wow, awesome! I was ready to change my cheapo plan to an LTE plan. So maybe we can get this phone for $200 here? Nope. Try $300. Wow. Okay, even if Cricket were discounting it a little bit, the Canadian dollar isn’t $0.47 USD. Please, Freedom mobile, realize that some of your customers want to upgrade both their phones and their plans, and give you more money per month. But not at insane prices for the new phones. I’m not paying $339 (including tax) for a phone that costs $140 in the US. And I really wanted to upgrade too. But I’ll stick with what I have now, until you wake up and realize that good plan pricing has to go hand in hand with good phone pricing. Not insane pricing, just reasonable pricing.

    • somebody else

      The manufacturers set the prices for the devices, in some countries, it’s the government that imposes extra taxes on top of the prices, and they raise significantly. $300 could be $900. LOL

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  • somebody else

    I’m sticking with my devices, the 3G network is only going to get faster as customers move off of it once they get new devices for LTE in their hands. 😀


    Was this only a temporary price drop or did they just not bother to up date their website? It still shows $999 outright…

    Was thinking of upgrading to this in the spring.