Apple will soon carry Sonos wireless speakers in its Canadian retail and online stores

Sonos speakers are coming soon to Apple’s virtual and physical shelves in Canada, in the form of the company’s two most popular speakers: the PLAY:1 and PLAY:5.

The speakers will be available at select stores in Canada beginning on October 5th, and debut on Apple’s Canadian site on November 2nd.

The PLAY:1 currently retails for $249 CAD, while the larger PLAY:5 is $649 CAD. Sonos speakers are known for their ability to connect using a peer-to-peer synchronous mesh network titled SonosNet to create a cohesive whole-home sound system.

Considering the fact that Apple plans to incorporate in-store demo stations in 180 locations, this will be a large boost of brand recognition for Sonos, which went through significant layoffs not long ago.

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