Rogers and OVH launch IT cloud service for Canadian businesses

Rogers expanded its enterprise services today with the launch of Rogers Public Cloud.

Rogers Public Cloud is a new “data-sovereign,” cloud infrastructure that allows medium to large businesses to securely manage critical data. The service gives customers access to computing and storage space in a shared cloud environment.

The service allows businesses to manage their data and web activity through a single we portal with access to around-the-clock support. In order to achieve this, Rogers has partnered with OVH, a European leader in cloud and data infrastructure.

“As Canadian businesses produce and consume more data than ever before, many are looking to reduce pressure on IT teams and resources by moving to a cloud environment, however most solutions offered today are complex and cannot scale quickly enough to meet their needs,” said Nitin Kawale, president of the enterprise business unit at Rogers, in a statement.

“Unlike other cloud computing options in the market, Rogers Public Cloud offers customers a simple, data sovereign and cost effective way to manage their IT. This will ultimately free up time and resources so they can focus on their business.”

Some of the main selling points of this product include locally stored data through OVH’s Canadian facility, customizable storage options, 24×7 monitoring, and (according to Rogers) lower storage costs. Furthermore, Rogers claims that the public cloud is an eco-friendly solution that requires less electricity to power facilities.

Currently, Rogers operates 17 data centres across Canada and four Tier III certified data centres in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto..

“New services like Rogers Public Cloud will make it easier for businesses to adopt cloud solutions and could ultimately foster more innovation as customers get access to more efficient, cost-effective IT as-a-service solutions.”” said Mark Schrutt, vice president of services and enterprise applications at IDC.

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