Fido’s revamped set of consumer plans is now live

As previously reported, Fido has completely revamped its in-market plans. The sub-brand of Rogers has significantly streamlined its offerings, discontinuing many of its plans and changing others.

There are now three main categories: Talk & Text; Data, Talk & Text; and Data Talk and Text Fido Pulse, which includes Spotify Premium and Fido Roam.

fido plans

Fido’s rate plans are then separated in to four tiers of pricing: BYOP, Plus10, Plus15 and Plus35. Those tiers are aptly named. Plus10 adds $10 to BYOP pricing, Plus15 adds $15, and Plus35 adds $35. Fido states that Plus10 can save customers up to $300 on the outright price of their phone, Plus15 saves up to $500 and Plus35 saves up to $700.

To see how these changes compare to Fido’s previous range of plans, check out our summary here.

Additionally, Fido has made two other notable changes related to its plans. The data overage on its plans has been bumped to $5 per 100MB, and the Spotify Premium subscription offered with Pulse plans is now free for just six months, rather than two years.

Even with this revamp, however, Fido still has a much larger range of in-market plan options than competitors Virgin Mobile and Koodo.

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