HTC has stopped manufacturing the Nexus 9

After a decent run, HTC is saying goodbye to its Nexus 9 tablet.

In a statement issued CNET, a spokesperson for the company confirmed HTC has halted production on the Tegra K1-equipped tablet.

As CNET notes, the Nexus 9 leaves the world without an official successor, which speaks to how much the tablet market has changed since it was first announced back in 2014.

Even prior to the launch of the Nexus 9, the mobile market was moving away from dedicated tablets like the Nexus 9 and the iPad Air 2 towards more versatile 2-in-1s like the Surface Pro. By most accounts the Nexus 9 did not sell as well as its more affordable predecessor, the Nexus 7, though it still helped stabilize HTC’s bottom line prior to the disastrous launch of the One M9.

That said, even without an official successor to the Nexus 9, this isn’t HTC saying goodbye to Google’s Nexus program. The Taiwanese company is reportedly working on two new Nexus smartphones, set to be announced later this fall.

The Nexus 9 isn’t the only Nexus device leaving the market this week.

Just yesterday, Google confirmed in a statement to The Verge it had discontinued the Nexus Player, the Android TV set top box it launched with Asus back in 2014.