Amazon launches standalone video streaming service, probably won’t come to Canada

As Netflix attempts to overtake HBO, Amazon plans to overtake Netflix.

In the digital content viewing arena, streaming services have reigned supreme for quite some time now. HBO, Netflix and Amazon have been battling it out for quite some time now. However, the day has come when two of the biggest companies on the web will face off in a battle of speed, content and monthly service costs.

Today, Amazon launched its Prime Video service in the U.S., which rivals Netflix at just $8.99 a month. Ladies in gentlemen, let the streaming wars begin

Previously, an Amazon Prime annual plan would set you back $100, however Amazon’s new monthly streaming service comes in at a dollar less than streaming giant Netflix is currently charging for its most popular plan.

In Oct. 2015, Netflix raised the signup price of its most popular plan from $7.99 to $9.99. While those who’d already been using the service previously escaped the hikes, starting in May, Netflix subscribers who were previously paying $7.99 per month will also be moved to a plan that now costs $9.99 per month.

It’s important to note that when Netflix’s price increases were announced last October, Canadians were charged $9.99 CAD despite the falling loonie.

Amazon Prime Video supports streaming across a wide variety of devices, including game consoles and offline playback. The platform already offers a large selection of original content, including a select few award winning shows.

However, reporters at The Next Web state that Prime Video might have a hard time luring audiences away from Netflix unless they invest in either streaming or developing local content in regional languages.

Prime Video was already available in the U.K. at a monthly price of £5.99. Will this Netflix alternative be coming to Canada?

We’ve reached out to Amazon for a comment.

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