Telus investing $1 billion in Ontario to build out LTE networks, Healthcare and IoT


  • Me Ted

    Hey Telus, while we think it’s great that you’re investing in infrastructure, your network really isn’t the issue. The fact that I can’t afford to use it, is. $75 for 1gb of data and Canada-wide calling? Really?

    • deltatux

      You can get the similar plan for $45/month if you went with their Public Mobile subsidiary. Same network, lower prices but it may not be everyones cup of tea since they don’t have call centre support. Every support questions are handled via email or community.

    • Bray

      Go to a carrier you can afford then. Public/wind/etc. Or get a coam plan from one of the subsidiaries like koodo

    • Me Ted

      To the both of you, that point smashed into the moon didn’t it. That’s ok. Have a cookie.