Google plans to release a keyboard for the iPhone


  • Adam

    This is the reason I’ve been waiting for to switch to iOS!

    • Yeas

      If its the same keyboard as stock android gets, I’ll give the SE some serious thought.

  • Mo Dabbas

    “taping the keyboard’s Google logo also activates a standard web search, similar to Google’s stock Android keyboard.” — I don’t see no google logo on my android keyboard!!!

  • Not for you

    How are third-party keyboards performing under iOS 9? I remember there were all sorts of issues when iOS 8 introduced the ability to use a third-party keyboard, but the iphone users I know all use the stock keyboard.

    Might be a topic to try out in your iphone SE review 😉

    • Mo Dabbas

      My experience with iOS 9 wasn’t great….. at all.

      Talking with using iPhone 6 Plus with swifkey here. Beside the fact that the keyboard is more limited, I really (like reeeaaaalllyyy) hated the fact that the phone was going back to stock keyboard on its own. I think it has something to do with apple not allowing users to change the default apps from apple’s apps (hence keyboard goes back to stock). So I chose the dark theme on swiftkey (there are only two themes on iOS) in order for me to know that the phone went back to stock. Which wasn’t the greatest solution because iPhones stock keyboard is dark when typing passwords. But at least for texts or emails I would know.

  • Brett Arnold Allard

    I see really no point in using a keyboard on a phone that’s small as it is. A tablet makes sense but on your smartphone??

  • Marc Palumbo

    The Google keyboard isn’t great. I have still yet to be impressed since I’ve used Word Flow.

  • HiKsFiles

    Got my first iOS device with my current iPhone 6 which, of course, came with iOS 8.

    Coming from Android, one of the first app I downloaded was Swiftkey for iOS. At that time, it wasn’t working very well… there were multiple issues.

    It stabilized quickly however and been using it happily ever since.

    Still not as good as Switkey on Android, but far better than iOS native keyboard !!