iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro now available to pre-order in Canada


  • AMB_07

    I’ll be in the States next week, thinking about buying the SE over there and avoid that artificial Canadian tax Apple has imposed on us. I could save around 100$ due to this and Quebec taxes!

    • Marc Palumbo

      Yup! This is why I had so much fun shopping in Calgary last week. our taxes suck.

    • AMB_07

      Here here, I have a cousin in Edmonton so that’s my second option lol.

    • Assuming you claimed it at the border, would the duties not eat up that entire $30 price difference? Last thing I ordered from the US was a a pair of shoes for $50 usd and the duties were $12.50.

    • Roger

      What make you think he would claim it at the border? Did you get the shoes delivered by UPS? They’re the worst with duty and ‘brokerage fee’ when getting things from south.

    • That’s just the duty, no brokerage.

      Personally I need to claim stuff because I get put through the ringer every time I cross the border.

    • Roger

      No, they charged me duty AND brokerage last time I got some speakers from the US. Since then I make sure the sellers don’t ship anything via UPS.

    • What I meant was that the number I posted ($12.50 on $50 usd) was for duty only, Brokerage fees were a separate line item.

    • MassDeduction

      By “worst” you mean they follow the law most exactly/correctly? Or do you mean something else by “worst”? 🙂

    • Roger

      UPS charges extra for ‘brokerage’ over and above the duty. FedEx and USPS don’t charge these, as least with my personal experience.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      If you stay more than 48hrs you can bring back $800 duty free.

  • BriniaSona

    Just went to bell for fun, I know they have pre-made crap to say but this was what I was told.

    “We do not yet have details for the phone you are talking about but I do have the iPhone 5S 16GB which is $719.95+taxes. However, on a 2 year term it is offered at $0.”

    Good ol’ Bell. Always trying to get the sale right then and there.

    • Jake Gyllenhaal

      Lmao pretending not to know a just announced APPLE product??? When apple announces a product, everyone and they grandmas know about it.

  • Fogman

    Wow, Videotron is so aggressive… I like it ! Hope the others will adjust. Also, Videotron prices are for a $65 monthly plan/2Gb which is not that bad… And good old Bell, so slow…

    • slayerizer

      it’s partly true… I got mine without being on the 65$ contract. I was on the 55$ plan that I got 2 years ago with a 3GB data plan. The rep told me that i don’t need to change plan, if my plan is beefed my bill to 60$ or more, i was eligible to get the iphone for free.. So I added visual voicemail option 5$ to bring my plan to 60$ (-5$ for multiservice rebate) and got the deal for 55$ monthly. So unlimited calling + visual voice mail and free iPhone! Wife is happy!

  • slayerizer

    bought one from Videotron!! without getting the premium plan.. I’m still on my previous 3GB plan! 🙂

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

    Sooo tempted to buy this due to price but also due to human size hand form factor. Remember the days when 4.3 was considered monster size??

  • Bill Patrick

    I can confirm 2 year pricing with Bell:

    iPhone SE 16GB: $99.99
    iPhone SE 64GB: $229.99

  • Bill Patrick

    Also, I just got an email from Bell (to all the dealers) saying that the iPad Pro launch date is “on hold till further notice”. The reason? “Due to recent findings”…