Win one of two Beyond Ink pens that double as a battery pack [Contest]


  • nmrch

    Would love to have this, can always use some extra mAh

  • KBalaz

    Function and form. What a great idea. Sometimes things still have to be done the old fashion way with a pen and paper. why not mutifunction with it

  • eddymondmond

    I am a fan of pens and I want to add this to my collection of pens, what more a pen that is functional and stylish and actually serves more than one purpose. May I please have it?

  • Patrick Brayon

    Perfect tool for most any occasion!

  • Justin Whyte

    I carry a thumb drive, portable charger, and a pen separately. Yes please give me a all in one device.

  • Kranis

    I’m always misplacing my pen, thumb drives, and don’t have a charger…so I could use something where I can misplace all of them at once!

  • Clint Nunweiler

    In my line of work convenience is key! Extra storage and charging in one device would be awesome!

  • Matthew Hill

    I’d love this! I would Definitely would use it at work!

  • Tracydeanne

    I’d love to win this because honestly, to show it off! Lol. Cool tech. 😉

  • redxalpha

    would love to have one of these to keep on me at all times so i don’t have to jam all of the above into my jacket

  • Stuntman06

    No USB-C is a deal breaker for me. I also only use 0.5mm ball points.

  • greg

    Would love to win this

  • Perfect travel companion!

  • I would love this because I’m a sucker for multii-purpose gadgets!

  • Shayne Sanches

    Id love to win… its all my need at once … plus my back up battery just died so that would be really nice

  • Ryan Lawrence

    Looks like a great piece of tech and a great conversation piece, seems like a reason for a win ;).

  • TrinNY

    So I can write you a thank you letter

  • Nate Best

    I would like this one because I am a banker and everyone always seems to steal my pens.

  • Zul Rizvi

    It would be a nice collection to my electronic gadgets 🙂

  • engisina

    This Beyond Ink pen is a great all-in-one device!

  • Jason Couto

    I would love to win this because I love great multi purpose gadgets! Pick me MobileSyrup.

  • Andrew P.

    Why do I want it? Simple. It’s another gadget. Useful, yes but not necessary. Very convenient to have around though!

  • Stephen Fong

    I love promoting local Canadian business, especially if it is IT related as I am a retired IT Professional. I have seen too many jobs go overseas and I would love to see Beyond Ink become the next big success story. With this pen in hand I could showcase what good old fashion know-how can do.

  • Paul

    I can always use additional storage, battery charge and of course a pen and stylus. Quite an ingenious product that would be a real assest!

  • Simon

    For convenience, and this would be really cool to show off 🙂

  • Jhun Gomez

    I work as community nurse. The pen is good when I document my reports and the charger can help me recharge my phone as i do call in between my patients prior to visiting them.

  • Syed Idris

    I need a pen, mine ran out of ink.

  • Anthony B

    Great all in one accessory to take on the go.

  • alexandremorin

    I’ve never carried a real battery pack, but I’d carry an extra pen that would help my phone hold until the end of the night!

  • Greg Naciuk

    Always run out of juice a half hour before the end of the day, sounds like the Lightning solution I’ve been looking for.

  • Karyn

    Honestly it just seems like a really cool gadget

  • mmirage

    I am a bit obsessed about pens and pencils in general. Add that to my girlfriend’s constant need to recharge her phone, and this is a match made in heaven. *lol*

  • FakeBibic

    Touch games and extra memory. I’m in.

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong

    Would love some extra battery life!

  • Russell Zapp

    Would love to win this as a battery backup when I am out and about.

  • grant

    Id love to get this since I’m always chewing my pens or losing them, with an expensive one im sure i wouldnt plus they are awesome

  • Patrick Beliveau

    I carry around a charger, a pen and a thumb drive daily. Would love to win one of these to save some space in my laptop bag.

  • Jean Yau

    win this so I can have battery backup pack

  • prybar

    This might be the coolest design I’ve ever seen for an external battery pack!!

  • Aaron McQuinn

    This looks brilliant, & my new job entails more than typing. I would love a pen with the latest tech enclosed!

  • Aaron

    Been on the lookout for a proper pen, and the additional of the battery pack would be great.

  • Matthew Welch

    Genius product. I could really use one as my S6 battery isn’t the greatest and I have to top it off almost every day midway.

  • TJ Neal

    I’m a high school Communications Technology teacher. I like to have the best and coolest gadgets in my classroom to show my students what is possible if they think outside the box. This looks like an awesome example of creatve thinking and application.

  • 4vy

    I’m always running low on battery and have always wanted a pen that makes me feel like 007 🙂

  • babymharz

    Beyond being a pen — it’s a great hybrid device. Perfect for a gadget lover like me.

  • Olja Kulic

    Great add on for my toys 🙂

  • Edmark Dalmacio

    As a student, I need this badly. It’s a pen to jot down notes, a stylus to use with our tablets, a battery to charge our phones (which we’re consistently on), and a flash drive to bring our assignments on the go. Pleeeease let me win one.

  • Chris

    The reason I want to win this…. free stuff, why not 😉

  • wonder how well it would work with Google keyboard handwriting for my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

  • Ryan Chong

    I love gadgets and always run out of battery and have a need to sneakernet files around

  • Mike Rana

    Because I want!! Give me give me

  • Brett Arnold Allard

    What a wonderful piece of equipment.. I could surely use this as I always bring my smartphone/Tablet wherever I go!

    I work as a warehouse shipper and a pen is always needed on hand.

  • stevedion

    Would create some extra space in my small computer bag.

  • Mo Dabbas

    I want one coz I always carry my flash drive (for work), a pen and an external battery pack. This will make those three in one.

  • Olivia

    I just want to show it off.

  • Louis-Blaise Dumais-Levesque

    Sounds like a great pen for those long days at work! 🙂

  • To keep tabs on my list of people to kill.

  • jk1m

    I always wanted a pen that has a rechargeable battery for phones!

  • Ben Cheng

    Love to try the micro USB on my bt headphones.

  • Dom B

    Great for meetings!

  • ItsJustMe

    My iPhone 5s battery is dying… Turns off at 35%. Trying to get to September for new iPhone and this product looks like a great band-aid!!!!

  • It’s Me

    Always needing a pen when I don’t have a pen, so this would help me out.

  • umnikke8

    Looks good for travelling.

  • jpom18

    Let’s see, why do I want this? Because it’s the best idea since sliced bread. Do I need another reason?

  • Diderot

    A pen that tripples as a rechargeable battery and a flash memory drive is the coolest thing since ice cream.

  • Andrew

    I go from writing in notebooks, to writing on touch screens, to transferring files around all day! Not to mention my phone gets a fair amount of use. It’d be nice to have one solution to many problems!

  • David

    You guys always give out nice things, this is just another example. Count me in.

  • Lorenzo

    As an IT field tech always on the run this would be amazing!

  • Garrett Schultz

    Always can have a phone charger at school

  • Colin Young

    I love gadgets, can’t imagine a better reason than that!

  • Winston

    Cool tech

  • manpreet singh

    Would love to have a battery pack handy

  • Mike

    Prefect for travel

  • Juice Box

    Because the pen is mightier than the sword!…unless the sword also comes with on-board memory and battery charging capabilities…Damn, that’s a cool pen!

  • RBuschyX

    Rechargeable 1000 mAh battery, 16GB flash memory storage, and a stylus!! This is perfect for a techie like me! I am always looking for a decent pen and this would solve that problem AND allow me to walk around without another USB Drive or worry about my phone going dead! Perfect!

  • Jeff Primal Guy

    This is a brilliant idea. I always like to carry a pen, and one that doubles as a memory stick and a battery pack is a must have

  • GB Cubed

    I would love to give something back to those that believe in and encouraged me for so long – one for me, one for them

  • John Maddocks

    Because I know someone who could really use this and I’d love to give it to them.

  • jorge c

    This would be pretty sweet for using at work then rechargibg on my bus commute home. God i love tech.

  • Kevin Valencourt

    Wow! This would come in handy on my S6 for all committing I do from car, to train to bus to subway, 5 hours per day of commute time, hard to plug in a charger 3 of 4 of those modes of transportation.
    Killer Idea! Would love to test this out!

  • Lali

    Very handy when on the go. Storage solution, mini powerbank and of course signatures 🙂

  • Rony Eshaque

    I want this as I can use this to charge my smartphone…

  • robin rae

    charging phones and taking names.

  • honesty

    im gonna be backpacking this summer, and the would be handy

  • jroc



    Because it will be one less charger, that I’ll have to drag around campus.

  • Tute Cabial

    Would love to have this, in case i run out f batt in class

  • richardxing

    My poor iPhone 5’s battery has reached atrocious levels and this just a brilliant way to combine a pen (which I always seem to need but never have one on me) and a way to give my phone some juice when it dies mid-afternoon.

  • Jorge P.

    Nice and convenient!

  • Sam Monty

    I want this, so I don’t have to carry two different things with me everyday. Its the world of simplicity & Multiple-functionality-In-One’s.

  • bdap

    I am student with phone that has awful battery life. nuff said.

  • r liong

    hello emergency batter life…also no finger prints…

  • Rick best

    This thing is sweet

  • rF

    It’s the swiss army knife of IT world.

  • Mark Luna

    Flash storage? Sounds like a winner for me

  • Sledge

    Perhaps finally a battery that my kids won’t be able to steal!

  • PistolPetestar

    I would like this because this seems as close to a real life Bond gadget as you can get!

  • Alex Benitez

    electronic swiss army knife, or james bond gadget either way it always handy

  • g1rthj

    The Holy Grail of pens. If I could have through it possible I would have asked for it long ago

  • solidpig

    If i don’t win, I’ll probably grab one anyways. I carry a bunch of super useful gadgets around in my bag, and this would fit nicely.

  • softturbo

    Stylus, battery and pen all in one

  • ReVAmP rapper

    This would really be awesome for work. I manage a Subway and they are currently switching everything over to new technologies but I still have a lot of paperwork to do. This would make it easier to seamlessly move between everything while giving me more power. Love the idea and would love to have one of these!

  • Jared Collier

    I always need a pen and it would be nice to have some back-up juice also

  • Gary Singh

    Will be super helpful in everyday student life!

  • Dan Maskell

    Yes please

  • Rahim Malekzai

    I would love this because it would make my life easier and happier. I would use it to charge my phone that dies every few hours, and I would look cool and this would help my non existent social life. As I’m a college student and hate losing pens and USB sticks and lugging around my cable asking someone if I could sap their laptop battery to charge like Oliver Twist, this would make me smile and help revive my blackened soul. #poorcollegestudent #pls #wakemeupinside #canteakeup #saveme

  • Stephen Chung

    Being on-the-go all the time, having this stylish piece of tech will definitely help me out with a quick charge or scribbling down notes on my tablet.

  • Michelle Nelson

    Everything I need, all in one device! Extra memory, battery life and a pen, yes I want this!

  • Brian Lyons

    Cool idea

  • Mihails Solovjovs

    To replace all my stuff(pen, flash drive and small power bank) with All-in-one pen!

  • Rottingout

    Working in the tech industry something like this would come in handy for sure! not having to switch between a pen and stylus would be great!

  • Jeff Harder

    Pretty cool idea! Would use at work for the extra battery and having pens is always nice.

  • AdamC284

    I want this because it’s an extremely slim, convenient all in one for all my needs. I also work at BestBuy and can spread word of mouth of the product, I can actually use it every day.

  • ZepperDude

    It’s the most empowering pen ever created!

  • Jason Normandeau

    I would love to have this because this summer I’m going to a 3 – day music fest and will require some additional power for my cell. And the pen will be useful to write notes on the schedule of all the bands playing.

  • bluerage

    Convenient and practical. I need one.

  • Cory Clark

    I want it because It seems like it would be a pretty kool piece of tech, a blending of old and new. I wonder how good of a pen it is though….

  • Comrade Yeti

    I carry a stylus and a pen today, tomorrow I could carry just this!

  • Vishal Sheth

    I carry a pen, a stylus, and a battery pack with me almost everywhere just in case I need them. To switch it out for one thing would be great. That being said, i’ll still keep my battery pack as 1000mah isn’t that much but still. I’d love to win this!

  • Closetothesource

    With this, I can be a hero. Always there to help charge the phone of damsels in distress.

  • Pol

    I don’t have a portable charger. I love the stealth aspect and the dual purpose aspect. I would love this pen/charger.

  • Tom

    I carry a pen anyways; why not include some extra mAh at no extra charge?

  • Peter Nguyen

    Having extra battery power is always great.

  • Albert

    You can never have enough battery packs

  • CJ Gregory

    I like tech, but still write a lot of notes by hand. Plus, neat tech…

  • Bernard Déry

    I’m currently looking for a nice pen, this would fit the bill.

  • Zsolt J

    I have been looking for a functional pen for a while now. This is a pen that I can imagine using, and using a lot.

  • aznfobb19

    All in one device for someone on the go! Would love to win this.

  • Ipse

    The battery is a bit small, but will get you a couple of hours of calls on your phone.
    I like the storage part better and since I have a Note the pen comes in handy too.

  • Caleb

    I want this because it would be the perfect tech swiss army knife for a university student that takes notes with a samsung tab s 10.5 and by hand with pen and paper. The usb and portable charging capabilities is perfect for a student on the go and as well as for backing up files, notes and assignments ????

  • Heather Elizabeth Marie Anders

    Would help when I am transferring patient data from room to room

  • Pe Dro

    would love this pen because it suits the needs of paper, tablet, and can charge my phone!

  • wildting2

    I would love this device since I still haven’t gotten my charging schedule right with my LG. Always forgetting charging cord/battery pack when I actually need it, LOL…

  • Monsieur Real

    backup for snowy day

  • JLS

    It would be great to learn to write with a pen again instead of using a keyboard.

  • Steven Ercolani

    This is actually a useful pen again! I don’t use them much anymore, but this one I might just pick up.

  • andrew konken

    I’m a sucker for a beautiful writing utensil. Love pens, and the fact that this one has more than 1 function makes it even better. Nice looking piece.

  • Word

    Work in cellular so as I always have a pen handy anyway, this would be great to show off and use as a conversation piece

  • Matthew David

    I just want a good pen! Why don’t they Mae them anymore? If it has extra stuff that’s good too.

  • Guamon

    Able to quickly get a sketch an idea down on the phone without having to grab pen and paper

  • Filipe Ferreira

    This is the best idea i have seen in a long time.

  • Jithu Sam Thomas

    Style and functionality in a form factor of a pen… would be really great to have this.

  • Russell Hardy

    I am a big fan of portable devices that can perform multiple uses. Pen, flash drive, stylus, and even a small battery all in one. Battery is small, but it keep my phone going long enough to get to a plug.

  • Mandy Lee

    Would love to know how well this evolutionary pens works!

  • Nathaniel Lockhart

    We’re not getting rid of the need for pen and ink this decade, so it would be great to have a pen that can be useful well into the next decade.

  • Baron Of Daricus

    Props to Canadian developers and engineers! Also, I would love to win this 🙂

  • vn33

    I like this pen for its multi-use capabilities.

  • Mitchell Lee

    Very nice product. Its nice to have this instead of the many things you have bouncing around in your pocket

  • georgejia

    It would be great for me, I can use the pointer in class, and the stylus when recording online lectures. And the pen for writing (obliviously).

  • Nicole

    Why wouldn’t I want this pen is the better question! You get the best of both worlds in a small sleek and compact little package! Pen and paper aren’t as common as they use to be but every once in a while you do need a pen and when you need it it always seems so hard to find one! BUT with the BeyondINK not only will I be saved when in need of a regular pen but also save me when i’m in a pinch for that extra squeeze of battery life or me just trying to step up my game at ‘Draw me’ while on my subway ride! So, why do I want this pen? Because it’s perfect for my constant on the go work lifestyle and it comes in a small and beautiful compact design!

  • mxmgodin

    I want it because I want it. :3

  • Andy

    Why are they charging in USD if they are a Toronto company?

  • oberkanone


  • Simo

    Great gadget, I’d like to try it

  • Kelly

    I would like to win this because my pen just ran out

  • Osobig

    Would be exception at work, as I switch between pen, stylus for client signatures, and always have the data I need at hand.

  • Marcel Perry

    I need this to write the next great work of geek fiction

  • R Paradise

    Looks like a neat gadget!

  • Shawn


  • Doingitwong

    I’m actually carrying an ink pen and a touchscreen “pen”. If I could combine the two with its additional features that would be totally awesome!

  • Gabriel Dionne

    Always good to have a battery pack in your pocket!

  • Pam Poovey

    I’d love to win this!! I work at a carrier shop and would love to show people how great these pens are!

  • MeHow

    If I win — I can write a nice, serious review 🙂

  • Elliott Quider

    Compact and multipurpose! Sign me up!

  • michael barnes

    Looks super useful. Would be scared to lose it. Definitely want to try it.

  • Jimmy C

    Sounds awesome, my gf would love it – she always runs out of battery and loses her stylus.

  • sergio p

    Looks like this would empty everything I have in my pocket protector. 3 things down to 1 !

  • Want … Could always use some extra juice:)

  • Liam Fearnley

    This would be awesome! In my line of work, I’m often forced to use what’s available at the moment, which may be paper, tablet, notebook, or anything else throughout the day. Having something I could jot notes down with on paper, as well as move files around AND charge my phone, would really lighten up my pockets!

  • Neil Lodenquai

    who wouldnt want a 3-in-1 pen!

  • Abun Snome

    my current phone’s battery is almost at its end of life, a portable charger which can write will help me charge my phone and also write notes if the phone is completely dead!

  • ShadowFist23

    Oooh I’d love to have this for writing things, emergency phone power and handy portable storage 🙂

  • Adam Olivero

    Very cool would love to have this. But wish it had a USB Type 3 connection.

  • JustSomeGuy

    I have 5 kids in my household ages 4 – 15. I help them with their homework ranging from writing the letters of the alphabet to geometry. Rather than use a crummy pen that I use it would great to use this really nice pen and be able to charge my phone when not in use. So if I win, just know it’ll be used for helping kids with their homework.

  • Bruce Graham

    I keep loosing pens and pencils and crayons. A replacement pen is in order.

  • Kelly D

    This would free up so much space in my purse! I carry a pen, and a charger and a USB! HELP!

  • Warren Johnson

    would love a chance to win!

  • vroom

    cool concept, always have the essentials handy

  • Desi Jatt

    It would be neat to try something like this

  • Rahim

    Because multiple times a day I use a pen, I charge my phone, and I rely on data from my USB key. Literally every day. If this pen writes well on top of it all, then I’m buying more than one. Versatile af. Damn good idea.

  • Bob Simpson

    Wish I’d have thought of it…great idea!

  • systemupdate

    Because I am almost always running out of battery. Would be a lifesaver when in need. Plus you can write with it!!!

  • Doug

    I would love to win this for my girlfriend. She packs all three of those devices. I would get major brownie points. Yeah Me

  • Alex Urde

    who wouldnt want a 3-in-1 pen!

  • Audil Jaat

    Would be useful for backup juice late in the day away from home

  • Umar Afaq

    I wouldn’t have to carry my charger with me anymore

  • Eric Chan

    I would show it off in style!

  • Dan Varley

    I would stick to one pen instead of many pens

  • Rukhsana Siddique

    For storage space. My phone only has 8GB.

  • **Blade**

    Would love to have this, that extra power and storage in such a small place would be awesome. That and it would work with my note edge, makes it even better!

  • Cogsleyy

    As Ernest Hemingway said:
    “Write drunk, Edit sober”,
    With this pen I could write drunk, make a copy to my Google Drive, save the intoxicated rough draft for later viewing, and charge my phone while I edit it the next morning.

    This combination pen would be an essential tool in my day to day.

  • KoroushSensei

    the extra battery of course

  • Garren Cho

    I love Lamy pens, haha.

  • Gary Barclay

    Retro tech. Would really enjoy this prize!

  • Eric Reardon

    I could really use this for when I go out on hikes

  • kazumo

    Love the idea, evolving traditional pen to be multipurpose tool like how was a phone changes from communication tool to be beyond that. This pen with make look like secret agent ????. Could I have one of these?

  • AmeTV

    Because this is Genius!!

  • Justin Hin Leung

    I will be starting school soon, and having a pen which triples as a writing utensil, charger, and storage device would be most useful.

  • kfacens

    This is an awesome little gadget – would love to win one – right now I have a combo flashlight/rechargable battery pack in my purse – this pen would be much sleekier & more versatile…..

  • Paul

    It’d be a fun little gadget to show off 😉

  • Greg Chan

    Love the storage and battery in something I can actually carry around!

  • Justin K.

    What an amazing idea! Cool and multi-functional tech is always a good thing!

  • Matthew Lupton

    This would be super cool to have as a multi use tool, stylus, storage and charging on the go!

  • K in the West

    I need this because when you’re travelling as much as I do, there isn’t always time to stop at an outlet to charge your dying iPhone.!

  • Greg

    because it’s free 😉

  • John

    Two things your always looking for, a pen, and better battery life.

  • Ayesha Jaat

    I need ink and battery juice at the same time

  • Ahsun Jaat

    The storage would be of dire need. Everything else is a bonus!

  • RingoTheDog

    My Pen is Huge

  • Laurus

    A compact, multi-functional tool is always great. It minimizes the need to pack multiple tech devices for a short trip somewhere.

  • Sam

    Love the extra storage space!

  • Andy Jas

    Because it will fit in my pocket without taking up much space

  • Titoeuf

    Everyone needs a good pen 🙂

  • WiZZLa

    to write

  • Stephen Gower

    Best of both worlds. I use pens all the time, would love some mobile power too.

  • Ambassador Tomalak

    Transferring files between your phone and your other devices with the USB storage in the pen is ingenious! Plus the extra juice could really come in handy. Clever little device. Yes please!

  • Rehana Jaat

    I would give this to my nephew as it seems like a sophisticated piece of technology

  • Ryan McKelvie

    I want to win this.

  • Dave

    This would be great because my Nexus 5 is a battery draining machine!

  • Younis Jaat

    This multi-functional pen would help my day full of multi-tasking

  • Colin Domansky

    Wow, what a great little gadget, and functional!

  • Adrees Jaat

    Because it will be the most hybrid form of technology in my arsenal.

  • K Ennis

    As an artist and a techy this pen is AMAZING. Oh my goodness

  • Janice

    A mobile charger and a pen. Nice gadget for a habitual pen doodler like myself. Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Dudley Lalonde

    Knowing this exists makes it a must for school. It has all these functions that are useful at all times of the day.