Latest Wind Mobile promo adds an additional 2GB of data to $40/month plan


  • Comrade Yeti

    That’s a good plan. Any idea (or bets) on them grandfathering it when they finally launch LTE in 2017?

    • pvanb

      Sure, but you won’t get LTE.

    • YoGoerz

      I think I disagree. I could see this one being grandfathered with LTE where all earlier plans, say pre-2016 ones, won’t be.

    • gommer strike

      True, but do you actually *need* LTE for most functions on your smartphone? Messaging, social media…these all work just fine over 3G. Fine streaming video isn’t going to be optimal sure, but really when you’re on the go? On 3G you aren’t going to suddenly miss out on your notifications.

      LTE exists, but perception of necessity vs. optional is really out of whack with a ton of people.

    • Do Do

      That’s actually true, GOOD 3g is good enough. The problem is Wind is poor everything. I’m running out of patients frankly.

    • Abel

      Are you a doctor? 😉

    • Shamoy Rahman

      3G is absolute trash and extremely slow for me, its horrible. Signal is weak and HSPA+ gives me less than 3mbit/s. Garbage. We need LTE ASAP.

    • MassDeduction

      Yes, most people do need LTE. But not necessarily for the reasons you might think. If, for example, Wind rolled out low-band spectrum (offering drastically better coverage), it will almost certainly be offered as LTE-only spectrum. I’m thinking if Shaw/Wind somehow gets access to Videotron’s 700MHz spectrum in BC, Alberta, and Ontario, or further down the road after the 600MHz auction where Shaw/Wind will almost certainly participate, and there will likely be spectrum set-aside for new entrants (there was in the Canadian 700MHz and AWS-3 auctions, and the U.S. 600MHz auction, so it seems likely).

      Additionally, even if you’re satisfied with Wind’s current coverage, I if LTE-only capacity was added having access to that would be a boon for avoiding the congestion issues that have longed plagued Wind.

    • Raj Brar

      Actually pushing everyone to use LTE will improve Wind Capacity. There is little incentive for Wind to leave everyone on 3G

  • willy

    That’a a good deal they almost double your data for just being a customer,
    gotta like that !!!!

  • Eric King

    If they had unlimited coverage in eastern Ontario, they’d kill it out there.

    • frenchsteve

      Or something like cheap domestic roaming calling charge, but not for texting and data. (like no overage domestic roaming charge under 3GB of data use)

    • YoGoerz

      The last time someone tried to undercut Robellus by providing cheap roaming for full time cellular use they had them shut down…
      (cries one solitary tear for Ice Wireless’ Sugar Mobile)

    • gommer strike

      That’s a relatively small issue when Sugar Mobile’s mobile app was absolutely horrendous. The UI looked like it was done by a 1st year Comp Sci student, and to add to that, sometimes the notifications don’t come up.

    • HockeyGeek

      I have been with Sugar for almost two months now and the service has been great. Tried the Sugar-Free version first, not happily paying $19/month. I am not a power user so this is working out great! Hope they beat the big three

    • YoGoerz

      I agree!!

      Not all users need 10gb of mobile data and unlimited nation wide services.

      Having WIND offer some in the city centres. Sugar more broad but with less stuff.

      These are CREATIVE and HELP consumers. They can look and see what they actually need!!

      We need these types of companies to change this market up. Especially with this market saturation stuff.

  • Tyrannosaur3464

    If only you’d be able to get through one because of the data speeds….

  • Pokpok

    Sweet… wait, it’s still WIND

    • Dave

      excellent, well thought out point, there. The nice thing is, when there are people who are dismissive of something for no particular reason, it often results in a really good, undervalued product for those of us who it works for. Kudos to you.

    • gommer strike

      Let him be. Just carry on as a happy customer of Wind. People here are paying double what they could be, for exactly the same service.

  • Techguru86

    Love people that compare Wind’s network to Robelus, one company that’s only in wireless and 3 who have dominated cable, internet,wireless and home phone markets for multiple decades. Get real people, of course they don’t have towers everywhere, Canada is huge, but still beats paying 2 year contract prices for data

    • Dave M

      Are you for getting who owns wind now. Shaw. Last time I checked they were pretty big in cable TV, Internet and phone too.

    • Techguru86

      But have Shaw owned no wireless till they recently bought Wind, until now Wind has had to build a network without Shaw

    • Dave M

      Wind still doesn’t have a network closest cell site to me is 10 km away. Robbers have 2 sites in my neighborhood. Telus and bell who share have 180 Microcell antennas. I look out my window and I see one at the end I the block. I look the other way and I see another one at the other end of the block. I walk to the corner 50 feet from. My house and look up the street and I see another one on the next street. That is 3, 3g and 3 LTE antennas all within 100 meters of me. Wind has but 1 antenna to serve a community of 40,000 people.

    • YoGoerz

      Well sure… if they could bleed their customers with $120/month plans they would have that kind of infrastructure too.
      I get that they’re new, and that a new network has its struggles, but I will NEVER understand how you haters think having someone attempting to introduce competition into the market is a bad thing… Like how the hell, like actually, is it legal for Robellus to charge identical prices across their main brands and subsidiaries… one changes something and the others follow in under a week. How the hell is that legal????

    • gommer strike

      big 3 are irrelevant and will be very soon. People are paying less than $40/month for unlimited data. And with this latest plan from WIND, you’ll see customers move over in droves.

      Same service, same everything, for cheaper. Easy.

    • Dave M

      Only beneficial if it works.
      What good is a phone if there are so many dead spots that it is a crap shoot if you are going to get a signal or not. I want my phone to work everywhere. I spent way too much time waiting for the big 3 to build a proper network that works properly, there is no way I would ever go back to “is that call going to go through or not”

    • gommer strike

      There’s dead spots even with big 3’s coverage. Make friends with an installer and oh they’ll tell you stories and insider scoop that the general public isn’t privy to. Make no mistake there’s dead zones that the big guys don’t want you to know about.

    • Dave M

      I know several Telcom workers.
      This is why Telus in my area put in a ton of Microcell antennas to cover the dead spots and they have done a great job fixing all the trouble in my neck of the woods which is the suburbs.
      No system is perfect, but the big guys have the capital to build the network out and fix the trouble spots.

    • YoGoerz

      I hope so! WIND is much better out east then out west from what I understand. I was a customer of theirs for three years and over that time the network went from as fast as Telus 3G to slower than dial up.

      Ideally Shaw can do something like Project Fi where they integrate all their WiFi hotspots across the country and pre install software to jump on and off them like its cell service.

    • gommer strike

      And to add to that, with the prevalence of Shaw Go popping up everywhere you go, along with free TELUS Direct Wifi…with freely available public hotspots popping up everywhere…connectivity is becoming a reality.

      Which further reduces the need to pay $80/month for a data plan when you could be paying $40 for the same thing.

    • Dave M

      Well, many of those charges are regulated by the way. The government wants competition, as they say, so they force the big 3 to hold the line on prices so the new players can get in, all the while charging licensing fees for the frequencies for all the players. The big players are not permitted to reduce their prices to compete with the new players. Now I don’t know where you come up with 120/month for cell charges. I pay 30.00 a month for each of my phones. That gives me 200 minutes daytime a month, and unlimited evenings and weekends, unlimited text and 1 gig of data.
      What is the secret? We own our phones, no subsidised phones here. My 18 year old wanted a new phone. To get that new phone she was offered it for 200.00 and 80.00 a month phone plan for 2 years. I wouldn’t sign off on an 80.00 a month plan just so she could have a fancy new phone, so she had to save her money, and pay full price, 1000.00 for the phone she wanted. Now she has her fancy new phone, and is still on the 30.00 a month plan.
      But that is me. I teach my kids that nothing in life is free, you can pay now, or you can pay over time. If you pay over time it is going to cost much more than now. Incidentally that 50.00 more a month works out to 1200 over the 2 years, which is 200 more than buying the phone. I have 4 phones active for my family, and all 4 of them total 100.00 a month. Of course there is the cost up front of the phones. No big deal, I don’t buy the phones. I let my kids that have to have that new phone, use their hard earned money flipping burgers buy their own. Now they can appreciate what the phone costs. When my daughter was younger she had her first smart phone stolen at school. Did she get another one, absolutely, after she used her babysitting money she had been saving, and her birthday money to buy a new one. She never forgot that, and never lost or broke another phone.

    • YoGoerz

      Love to see promoting early understanding of carrier contracts! I know adults who still think iPhones cost $300… not $1000, and then pay far more in monthly fees instead.

      I also have a cheap plan, $49 5gb, but I also have an unlocked phone.

      I suppose I just don’t understand how the government can want the big three to not compete on prices. It’s near blatantly flipping the bird to consumers.

    • gommer strike

      WIND’s service is no different than the big 3’s for the majority of us. People here are just being silly or ignorant that WIND doesn’t need towers everywhere. It speaks volumes when they can deliver the same level of service, on *less* infrastructure.

    • Comrade Yeti

      I’ve got a Wind account now. And yes it’s an amazing price for 2GB of data. But to say it’s the same service as my wife’s TELUS account is a joke. I drop calls, data is horribly slow at rush hour downtown Toronto. You definitely get what you pay for.

    • Dave M

      You got that right. Wind blows! And by that I mean it sucks.

    • gommer strike

      You still drop calls under Telus too. Data can be spotty also, but Wifi hotspots are popping up everywhere to compensate for that.

  • Andrew English

    I still have yet to get 4G speeds on my Samsung Note 4. I think before they can make promises that users will have full-data speeds they really need to upgrade their infrastructure. I was in Boston a week ago, T-Mobile uses 3G, with my WIND plan I have unlimited US Roaming, data, etc. $60 plan WIND doesn’t offer anymore. T-Mobiles network is 110% better than WIND’s. Even at 3G when I go to any website the site loads instantly in its entirety, there isn’t this start to load, then a long pause and then load a little more, etc like I get with WIND. Before they can add LTE they need to increase the bandwidth on their network, there is no point and connecting someone at LTE and only giving them about 300bps in bandwidth because thats what’s going to happen.

    • Jamie Agape Macdonald

      yeah, Kingston Ontario here and their data speeds are typically spotty or slow. They’re the best bang for buck for me still though in my opinion

    • specialk2000

      I agree, they got more AWS-1 spectrum in all areas, so this will increase capacity. Except for the whole GTA, where Videotron holds that extra 10MHz of spectrum they need to tie over their 3G network until LTE is released. Shaw/WIND need to buy that desperately to make up for the increase in subscriber base. They also need to buy the 700mhz LTE spectrum Videotron has in all of their areas for coverage/building penetration. With their AWS-3 for capacity and the 700mhz for coverage their network would be up to par in no time!

    • Dave M

      I just did a speedtest of my Telus 4G connection. 37 megs down 22 up. Not bad for inside a building. Lets see wind do that. Of wait they can’t because they don’t have 4g here. They barely have 3G. If I go out on my balcony, and stand in a certain place, and the wind if blowing in the right direction…

  • gommer strike

    WIND Mobile. *THE* 4th entrant. If this doesn’t convince you, I honestly don’t know what does.

    Yes their coverage is good. Yes, it is. For the occasional miniature pockets of no coverage, you can walk maybe 10 feet and oh look you have bars.

    For areas with outright no coverage – no sweat. You don’t need to always be streaming your music. Whatever happened to good ol’ playing directly from storage?

    • Jack

      You probably work for them or you are a pro sales person!

    • gommer strike

      What makes you say that?

    • Dave M

      No coverage. Great, so what happens when the boss is calling you for that 80.00 an hour overtime shift, or that client is calling to close that deal, and the call doesn’t go through due to a dead zone.
      Unacceptable. Shaw will sink a bunch of money into this, and then figure out that they will never see a return and dump it.
      Canada has what 35 million people. The USA has 300 million, and 4 carriers are finding it hard to stay in business there.. We don’t have the population to fund the infrastructure. We have seen this happen before. Fido and Clearnet were past experiment’s to get more competition to drive down prices. Where are those companies today. Clearnet was bought by Telus, and Fido by Robbers. Telus did it to gain a national network, and Robbers did it to get a GSM network. Of course where was robbers before it was robbers? Well that would have been Cantel, which was the original national competitor to the cell companies owned by the wireline operators. Many of you in here are probably not old enough to remember that, but this exercise is government forced competition has failed before. They just don’t get it though.
      Having everyone build parallel networks also is not the answer, because now you have 4X the infrastructure operational and maintenance costs chasing the same number of customers. Lowering the rates in the name of competition is not a sustainable business model. All things being equal, there are the fixed costs of building and maintaining the network. Your income is from your subscribers.
      If you loose half your subscribers to company b, your net income drops, but your fixed costs remain the same. Therefore the cost per subscriber goes up not down. In some businesses competition is good it stops price gouging, but in some industries it doesn’t work. Cantel went broke, got an injection of cash from AT&T, and then sold out to Rogers. Clearnet went broke, as did Fido. Then the government ordered more competition. Enter Wind and Mobilicity. Mobilicity went broke and were snagged by Robbers. Wind also was teetering on bankruptcy, and Shaw came to their rescue. Now it is just a matter of time to see how long the shaw feels like bleeding before Wind gets picked up by Robellus.

    • gommer strike

      If your boss is calling you for an on-call shift, if you’re sales rep which closes million dollar deals – then you’d be on a corporate plan, which would be covered by work, no? If your boss refuses to cover you, then you need to sit with the boss and lay it out. Either the company provides you a phone so you can do your job, or they cover a portion of your bill, simple. Corporate plans are typically big 3.

      And if you’re on a corporate plan, then well there wouldn’t be any complaint on how much this or that costs, because well – someone else is footing the bill. It ceases to be an issue for you. Data plans could cost double what they do now, and it just wouldn’t matter to you.

      MobileSyrup users all say that fixed costs are low and virtually non-existent in terms of overhead. Try telling them anything else and they just totally flip out. The funny thing here is, if it’s a personal device, why do you need anything but WIND? Furthermore, aren’t WiFi hotspots popping up everywhere? And you shouldn’t be texting while driving.

      Wind/Shaw have a lot to prove that they indeed can be the 4th entrant, but it’s mystifying that Mobilesyrup users don’t rally around Wind. They keep bitching and complaining about how big their cell bill is, but don’t put their money where their mouth is. Wind can’t build more towers/infrastructure without more subscribers. Time for people to just take a step back, realize nobody is forcing them to pay for what they perceive as overpriced data – or show their workplace why work should be covering a portion of their bill, or cover it outright. If they can’t convince work, then maybe they need to look at what their contribution to the company is, and expand their role to something more value-add.

    • Dave M

      I have a corporate plan. But not everyone has one. I know many small business owners that don’t supply a phone. I know many trades that are independent contractors. They pay their own phone. I pay for my own personal phone even though I do have a corporate phone, use for personal use is kit permitted. That is considered a taxable benefit and Can result in a substantial tax bill of used for personal use. Same thing applies to company cars. Use for personal use and get dinged for mileage. But even for personal use I want a phone call works. Not just works when it wants.

    • gommer strike

      When it comes to critical business engagements, basic phone functions are a must – I get that. Now whether or not this includes data – totally depends on the job.

      That said. If you use your phone as an essential tool in order to do your job – then sure, it is obvious that you aren’t going to take any chances, so you pay the premium price for a less than 1% failure rate.

      My arguments here, are the difference between business use, and pleasure. If it’s the case of most people here on Mobilesyrup(particularly those who are the loudest complainers on big 3 mobile data rates) – then it’s personal use and WIND fulfills that. Why do you need to pay more than $40/month for something which will work reliably enough for reasons of pleasure?

    • Dave M

      I won’t even pay 40 a month. That is too much for me. I pay 30 on a big3 personal plan. I get more voice minutes then I ever use, unlimited text and 1 gig of data. I use my phone all the time. No I am not watch TV or movies over the 4g and I a not tethering my computer. I do my email send and receive pictures. I don’t Facebook as that is just for loosens with no life. I also don’t get sucked into a new phone every 2 years. When my phone breaks I buy a new one outright. That saves me big time on my monthly bill. I have a non advertised rate. All the carriers have three for people that are not in a contract. I have never been in a contract and have never paid more than 30.00 a month and I have 4 phones for the family plus a corporate phone for work, but I don’t count that because the company pays for that and I only use it for work. When I go home I turn that one off so I can’t be reached by clients when I am off.

    • gommer strike

      That’s fantastic, great that you’re able to be on a big 3 plan that people around us don’t do their research and all they see are the advertised plans.

      Little do the typical Mobilesyrup users know that they are ways that any customer can request by simply knowing, and asking for it. You discovered a $30/month plan which gives you all the essentials, PLUS you get 1GB of data. And I’ll even so further to say that you’re a smart data user. When you’re home, you’re on WiFi, and connect to WiFi when it’s available. You don’t engage in “wasteful” data uses, such as streaming Google Music over the air when playing mp3’s locally off of the device work even better, with no stutter or need to buffer.

      Guys look at this user as a great example on what you could be getting. Instead of moaning and groaning over oh how expensive the monthly rates are – this user here is living proof that you can get a $30 voice + data plan.

      If he can – anyone can. It’s really that simple.

    • jb

      “Why do you need to pay more than $40/month for something which will work reliably enough for reasons of pleasure?”

      Maybe because its not “reliable enough” for them?

      obviously your situation is different, but for me, i have a wind store less than 2 km from my house….and cant get reception in my basement…which makes the service unusable for me…

  • If I lived in a metro that had Wind, and I didn’t have to travel outside the coverage area, I would totally go with Wind over the other guys. The more users Wind has, the better their coverage will be, it’s as simple as that! There are many people that live in Wind areas, that don’t leave/don’t leave often — to those people, I say get a Wind plan, start saving money. Their network has greatly improved since they first started, and with their equipment upgrade underway, it’s only going to get better — and for those times you actually do leave Wind’s coverage, you’ll pay some minor roaming costs, but all-in-all at the end of the day, you will still likely be saving money in the long run.

  • Jack

    Woooooow! Such an exciting news that I just lost my load!

  • robinottawa

    National coverage, or just cities?

  • Haimosha T

    Wind think that people are i****s? Deducted 2 Gs from $40 plan and now add them as a promotion.

    • specialk2000

      It was probably well over a year ago they changed the $40 plan to 3GB

  • Jo

    Please come to New Brunswick…

  • I am still on the holiday miracle plan from these guys back from 2011. Fast forward to 2016, Wind’s coverage has really improved by at least 200%. Lots of holes are plugged and speed increased albeit still no much the big three.

    My wife, and I are planning to hold on to this plan forever or until they take it away from us. It’s great savings if you live in the city and don’t travel outside their zones too much.

  • TP

    gommer strike, it seems like you are just like me a few years ago (and a few of my extended family until a few months-several weeks ago). Yes, Wind used to work for me. Slow data, but still usable. I never had a chance to talk more than 20-30 minutes in one call, and Wind worked for my voice calls. Now, I moved to a new area and problem started. No signal on 1st floor of my house. I go out, signal changes to full bars. Data becomes brutally slow or won’t even work. Signal is there but pages don’t load. Calls (also a few important calls need holds from time to time) wouldn’t last more than half an hour, then it becomes choppy or would just end. I was fed up enough and moved to big 3. Public Mobile is a good option, it offers unlimited calling + unlimited text + plenty of fast and reliable data. Does Telus still drop calls and data? Yes, you are correct. It happened maybe 2 times in my 2+ years of service, and I travel all around the GTA area (York Region to downtown via GO everyday, and I visit my family and friends in Mississauga, Hamilton, Newmarket, sometimes Whitby too). Wind was horrible in Hamilton (open space close to downtown) and Whitby (also open space, but marginally better than the Hamilton location I went to). Then my extended family arrived to Canada, no credit, no extra money, so he went for Wind prepaid. What a terrible choice, he just did not have any service and still paid more than $30 every month. It was simply a waste of money. He moved to Public Mobile, and it is reliable and fast.

    gommer strike, Wind works for some people. But it is still garbage for MOST people. I had 5GB full speed, never excedeed more than 1GB because I COULD NOT. On Go train, everyday I tried to watch youtube, it buffered 5+ seconds after playing 2 seconds. I tried to stream music, it simply wouldn’t play one full song without stopping. I tried to read some stuff online, getting to ‘next page’ took 30+ seconds. How can I even consume 1GB at this rate? I almost thought probably Wind was intentionally throttling. That was not the case, their network simply sucked. (and still sucks, based on what I saw from my family’s phone several weeks ago).

    Now I am on 5GB plan on big 3, every month I end up using 3-4GB. It is fast and reliable. I still pay $4x.xx + tax.