Poll: What will Android N be called?


  • Max Fireman


  • brararsh

    Nonsense.. NeverMind.. :p

    • willy

      The one us guys here sometimes is NotNow

  • Dmitry Rudoy

    N for Nice… NoMore…

  • Hail Eff

    I like the sound of Android Nougat.

  • It’s Me

    nom nom nom

  • NotARogersEmployee


  • MarkT

    Call it ‘Never’, cuz that’s when I think my phone will get it. Don’t even have Marshmallow yet!! C’mon Google, need a much better update system.

    • power_pizza

      Blame your device maker and carrier. Nexus devices got M before anyone else.

  • Justin

    Based on the hint, and some options on Android Central poll (I think is where it is), Nutella would be my guess. .but Nanaimo or Nougat has always been thrown around as well. I’m going against Nougat.
    Other guess as another option would be Nesquik.

  • Kickside01

    I like Nanaimo or Neapolitan myself.

  • ShadowFist23


  • James Arsenault


  • KiwiBri


  • Ghet

    Nasty of course!!!

  • Jesus McDongswoggle

    Android Nectarine!

  • power_pizza

    Nanaimo Bar!

    • Major Suave

      Nanaimo get my vote

  • Garrett Cooper

    How about let me get Marshmallow on my Z5 first, geez….

  • Bob Roy


  • 3mporerMafia

    NUTELLA seems to be the One….

    • Laer

      Well played sir!

  • kevin c

    It won’t be Nutella, because that’s a brand name. Google would have to come to terms with Ferrero (who own’s the Nutella brand) to use the name.

    • Humberto Giambrone

      Like Kit Kat?

      Obviously, the implication is Nutella with the clue provided. Whether that’s a legit clue or meant to throw us off is another issue, but clearly Nutella is what he’s hinting at.

    • kevin c

      Yeah, that happened. But from Nestle’s perspective (the owner of the KitKat brand), how much did they benefit?

      Does Ferrero think they can do better? Is the marketing tie-in mutually beneficial? And at what price?

      If Google uses a non-branded name, the legal wrangling goes away.



  • jay

    Sure nutella because everyone knows it

  • uncle_tek

    New York Cheesecake heheheh

  • sam


  • Omar

    Probably Nutella. Everybody loves Nutella.

  • RG


  • philnolan3d

    I guess I’d better try that so I’ll at least know what my next phone will taste like.

  • p_lindsay


  • Ge Trolli

    Nigga ?

  • The city of Nanaimo, BC should be actively campaigning for “Nanaimo Bar”

  • Ryan


  • gueststar


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  • Stephen MacDougall

    Nutty McNutFace

  • Darren

    If you think nutella is good, should go back and rename the other androids to follow suit, android ketchup, android lemon, android mustard, android nutella. it works. As a candy, no it does not.