Bell expands Roam Better add-on to over 100 international locations for $10 per day


Bell introduced Roam Better back in November. While similar to roaming options like Roam Like Home and US Easy Roam, Roam Better features one distinct difference: instead of tapping into a customer’s existing data plan, Roam Better offers 100MB of LTE-based US roaming for $5 per day.

Starting today, Roam Better is available to Bell customers traveling outside of the U.S. In all, Bell subscribers can now take advantage of the service in over 100 international locations, including Japan, the Bahamas, Brazil, India, Mexico, Italy, Poland and United Kingdom.

Like at Bell and Telus, roaming outside of the U.S. costs $10 per day instead of $5 per day. The add-on includes 100MB of data per day and unlimited calling and texts. Roam Better is available to all Bell customers (personal and small business accounts) with Unlimited share plans that include unlimited local or nationwide calling.

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