OnePlus 3 expected to launch by June, will feature new design


  • Sanjay Kumar

    I am using oneplus 2….

    I was disappointed with its performance. Hope to see that OnePlus really make op 3 better and easily available.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Me too. It’s not bad, but nexus runs smoother even thought Oxygen OS is almost like stock android.
      BUT, the most I couldn’t stand is that screen. Oh man its clearly a cheap panel.

  • jay

    I had a voucher for an extra 50$ off

  • Mo Dabbas

    I am a bit disappointed with the OnePlus two. I really hope they up their game with the three. either that or they should stop claiming it’s a flagship killer (because the OnePlus two was obviously not a flagship killer).

  • SexyHyde

    I have the OnePlus One and it’s still a killer phone. It turns heads still, impresses regularly and I still don’t have an upgrade itch.

    For the 3/Three, I want it to be as open as the One was, with regards to 3rd party software. Cyanogen preinstalled was a big selling point, but having openness created a device with Nexus size support, something which has been lacking with the 2 and X.

  • rd0t

    Annnnnd the hype is dead.

  • WhuWhuWhuWhut

    CyanogenMod took the Oneplus One over the top and made it worth taking a risk on for me. Without that, Oneplus needs to find a “killer app” to draw me back – maybe if they can integrate Xposed Framework. I can dream, right?

  • Omar

    Still using the One and its still going strong. I can confidently say this was the best phone they’ve made so far.

  • Garrett Cooper

    The OnePlus X was the intriguing one to me. The others were just too big.