Telus says Marshmallow update coming to the Galaxy Note 5 in March, Galaxy S6 in April


  • Do Do

    Sure, 2017…2018?

    No, I’m not kidding.

  • Stephen Wang

    Good to know Marshmallow is coming to Canada. But when do I suppose to get update of my Samsung Note 4?

    • thereasoner

      March or April release from Samsung, I can’t remember which they said but when your carrier gets it out is another story.

    • MBTechno

      At this point, I wouldn’t really expect it before June. It’s taking so long for Samsung to update their devices this year.

  • Mo Dabbas

    I’m actually surprised the Note 5, S6 edge plus, and S6 edge are all gonna have marshmallows before the S6. I thought the more feature added into a software the more complex it has been to update. Also historically the S series always used to get their updates before the notes.

    • Anaron

      And about a month later too. That’s a lot of time in between the GS6 and GS6 Edge/Note 5.

    • h2oflyer

      Was the S6 the biggest seller?….delay Marshmallow and get upgrade device sales on new $$$ plans.

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      I wishfully hope that somehow translates into the GS6 getting 6.0.1 instead of 6.0 🙂

    • Scott

      Probably using the Note and Edge phones as a test bed for the new o/s. I would think that the user base for those phone is less than the standard S6 so that could be the rationale.

  • Nundo

    I have always neglected Samsung device until I decided to give in last year in September and purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It’s definitely been a great device. However the lack of updates are questionable. I’ve only received one update, which was a security patch and an app optimization feature which is honestly useless, but no major update … Why it’s taking so long I’m not sure, but as long as the upcoming update isn’t buggy they can take their time with it. But is it a Samsung or a carrier issue? Ummmmh

    • Jonah Emery

      Even iOS only gets one major OS update per year. And so will you. The Note 5 is only 6 months old. I don’t understand what your problem is.

    • Sean-Paul

      People just like to complain. You know first world problems

    • Nundo

      iOS gets one major update a year, but roughly 3-4 minor updates/bug fixes a year, which is a good example of maintenance. But since we are talking about Android it’s different. You don’t see Apple release an update and not update iPhones 6 months later, I don’t understand why people continue to bring up iOS/Apple as an example on an Android discussion. I don’t have a problem with my Note 5, nor I mind Samsung taking it’s time for an update as long as it’s not buggy as stated above. It’s just questionable that the biggest Android vendor isnt updating it’s devices when LG, HTC, Sony and Motorola already started rolling it out.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Ya. But the guy mentioned he got a security update. And now marshmallow is coming next month. That’s 2 updates in the 5-6 months of the phone time it hit the market. Doesn’t seem bad.

  • aaron

    This andriod+carrier combo is crap. iOS is way better

    • StA

      Hi troll. Try a Nexus FTW.

    • aaron

      Hi the person calls me troll, I’ve had Galaxy Nexus, 4 and 5. lol

    • Ryan Whiteside

      ios is for simpletons

    • Jim Thibault

      If you owned Nexus devices then you know they get updates. FYI I owned an iPhone …. locked down, slaved to iTunes piece of junk. Never buy another iPhone.

    • DownwithRobellus

      Owned a Nexus 5 and a OnePlus until I got tired of dabbling with roms just to stay on the latest version of android. Every release came with minor issues here and there but I jumped over to iOS just because it simply work! No restarts, no force closes, and a mediocre camera. I do miss certain parts of the Android OS but not enough to make me go back.

    • Jim Thibault

      Look I know some people are too lazy (and iPhone works), like paying $200 to $300 more than an equivalent Android and like being told by Apple what to install or not install. They like iTunes…. etc…. Me I am just trying to figure out a way to stop Apple from spamming me, suggesting things I like to buy. I personally owned 7 Android devices over the years…. NEVER NOT ONCE HAD ANY ISSUES. I feel many times because people are free to load up their devices, customize or hack ….. they cause their own issues. Me I install just what I need, and I like vanilla Android ….. buy Nexus only.

    • DownwithRobellus

      What spam are you referring too? Apple doesn’t have any apps that constantly tells you to buy something. One thing I found is that the weather app they provided doesn’t have one single ad whereas if I go to the Android App store, there is not one single weather app that doesn’t show an ad. Don’t tell me to buy the *pro version. Every app they provided just works and there is no denying that. I’ve used Sultan’s rom and I’ve been using android after tossing out the iPhone 4.

    • Jim Thibault

      SPAM, you know emails. They sent me one today selling music. Yes I pay for Apps, if the app has ads I do not install it.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Because custom roms are junk. All of them are buggy one way or another.

    • DownwithRobellus

      They are buggy but unless you go with a device from Google your kind of out of luck and forced to wait until Sony or Samsung decides to update your phone.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Ya. That’s why I haven’t changed from my Nexus 6 even though I tried the note 4, Galaxy S6, lg G4, and OnePlus two. In the end nexus runs the smoothest than all of these devices. and you know you’re getting thr best software support.

    • Ricardo Bravo

      Yeah, you get updates in time. Sure your carrier or OEM doesn’t hold the updates for months. But yeah, (Say I don’t prefer getting a nexus) I’d rather have very late updates over a very locked down os that lacks customization and freedom and needs a freakin program just to put music, videos, pictures, etc from a computer to it. Yeah. Oh and don’t say that those timely updates don’t give some phone bugs or any problems. LOL

  • thereasoner

    Bizarre that there’s a month between the S6 and S6 edge, they’re basically the same phone.

    • Scott

      My guess is total number of users. Probably fewer Edge devices sold compared to the standard version. Samsung and the carriers might be using the smaller device footprint as a test market for the update before rolling it out to the majority of the Samsung devices.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    I still do not understand why these updates have to come from the carriers.

    • thereasoner

      Because the carriers have their pre-installed bloatware on devices they sell and they need to configure it to work with Android 6 Marshmallow.

  • Arshdeep Singh Saini

    What about s5?

    • bdap

      Eventually. Samsung releases 2 Major updates per phone.

  • Ricardo Bravo

    But why would the S6 get it last? Isn’t it the first device to be exposed to Marshmallow? To get the first beta? And why the hell would the Edge be ahead by almost a month? I wish the S6 was the first one to get it. This is just disappointing.

    • Scott

      My guess is total number of users. Surely there were fewer Edge devices sold compared to the standard version. Samsung and the carriers are probably using the smaller device footprint as a test market for the update before rolling it out to the marjority of the Samsung devices.

    • Ricardo Bravo

      Oh that could be on thing. My guess too is that since the S7 is nearing it’s launch here at canada, maybe they want to release the S7 first before the S6 MM update since the S7 will attract more buyers than the S7 edge (due to the size- rumoured to be 5.7″). This postponed update might force users (who are early adopters) to just go for the S7 rather than waiting for the update.. This would be my last sammy device… I might go for the nexus next time. Heck, even LG and Telus released the update for the G4 last february. So IDK.

  • Trek S

    I got the Nexus 6P happy I never have to wait for any updates. It’s pretty ridiculous

    • Ricardo Bravo

      I also got the Nexus 6P and tried it for a week. Decided to just stick with the S6 and just wait for the next nexus due to the build quality issues of the 6P. Might be worth it, but this update waiting is killing me. LOL

    • Malek

      Ive had the same thing happen to me. Was getting ready to switch from the s6 edge to the 6p and held back because of the build quality issues. Every other day on reddit someone posts a bent 6p .

  • jhnsmth

    Such a joke timeframe while you read about HTC and LG rolling out MM now. There is a bigger issue here, apparently LG and HTC had no problems with the carrier’s so I’m going to go ahead and blame Samsung, and I would like mobilesyrup to take them to task for the poor roll out of updates to Canadian’s. Not just for MM but their track history is garbage when other OEMS are seemingly on the ball.

  • John Stamos

    Hilarious considering i have Marshmallow on my 4 year old Galaxy S2X…

    • Tornado15550

      How’s the battery life?

  • bdap

    Is it safe to assume Rogers will release the updates on the same or close enough dates?

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