Pebble’s new smart strap lets users pay with NFC technology


  • casey

    I’ve actually contacted them on Kickstarter and they said they don’t ship to Canada because they don’t have the partnership with banks yet. The only one there close on is RBC. For now we once again left out.

    • JRK

      Better than shipping a non-functioning product IMO

    • Adam Olivero

      Thanks Casey for the Clarification.

  • Adam Olivero

    Considering Android Pay isn’t in Canada yet…..

  • Colin Matthes

    NFC technology is really cool that it enables payment at close range, but I think NFC will quickly be replaces with NFMI which works at a greater ranger.

    FreeLinc has been working on developing on NFMI for a few years now, and I expect to see NFMI incorporated in our phones very quickly, making payment even easier.