Bell and Virgin Mobile bringing recent wireless price increases to Quebec


  • Mayoo

    Well, here goes the only price advantage I had with Bell. Maybe I’ll stay for their awesome customer service.


    • alexb88

      If you’re already a customer, your current price stays the same. Hold on to it for as long as you can!

    • Mayoo

      Well they recently raised my TV, Internet and landline (not using it but was cheaper in bundle). I wouldn’t be surprised to see them raise it one way or the other for existing customers.

    • alexb88

      They don’t seem to touch wireless plans for some reason. Same with Rogers and Telus.

    • barrist

      I have a vague memory that Virgin raised prices on existing plans a while back?

    • Delphus

      Called a contract 🙂

  • Benoit Bourdua

    10$ per month increase on a 35$ plan? How Bell of them. What a despicable industry.

  • alexb88

    Videotron has also just increased the price of the BYOD plans. They’ve also reduced the data allotment on the 6GB and 4GB plans by 1GB (price stays the same for contract plans).

    • Me

      Nice catch. I didn’t even notice.

    • Brad Fortin

      And that’s the only reason Bell increased their price. Curious how both happened within a matter of hours. It almost seems co-ordinated, like something the CRTC should have started investigating nearly a decade ago.

    • MassDeduction

      I think you mean Industry Canada. Doesn’t the CRTC regulates broadcasters, whereas Industry Canada regulates wireless carriers?

    • Brad Fortin

      Not sure, never looked up the details.

  • Techguru86

    Still better priced then the shitty data plans here

    • kingsclear


  • Mo Dabbas

    I see bell is being competitive with their pricing. Keep the good work. Canada has become the country with most expensive plans last year. They should definitely work to ensure they keep the lead.

  • Victor Creed

    Quelle surprise

  • Jean Racine

    What about Rogers Quebec prices? Any hint?

  • barrist

    #BellLetsTalk about your crappy business practices.

  • Fogman

    This is it… I will buy outright my new phone and keep my old 60$/6Gigs plan… Recently, they are desperate and are calling me almost every week to offer me upgrades/new plans (with higher monthly price and less data). At the end, I’m not sure if it was so a good idea to remove the 3-years plan…Cellphone technology is more stable now (damn, my girlfriend has an iPhone 4S that still is up-to-date and I have a S3 on JB 4.4 which is not so bad). The only competitive company now (in Qc) is Videotron…

    • vn33

      That’s a very savvy move on your part … Good for you!.
      Unfortunately, many customers are still wooed by the thought of a new phone, “subsidized” by the carrier. I’ve bought my last three phones on my own just to keep my 6Gb plan.

  • Jean Racine

    Im still on contract for 10 months. If i switch today to byod, i will pay 20$ less a month, but there is 300$ left to pay. So it will take around 15 month to actually save money. I think its too long, i will finish my contract and get a massive price increase in one year. Sad.

    • Abel

      The result of being on a contract for having purchased a subsidized phone, which initially appeared to be “cheap” but in the long run ends up being more expensive.

      When I hear stories like this I’m so relieved that I have NEVER been on a contract in the 6 years since I came to Canada!

      I’m really sorry for your situation.

    • Jean Racine

      I made my homeworks before buying. In the long run, a note 4 will cost me 400$ under contract. Rogers have not changed prices yet in Quebec. But i dont think its worth it. In one year, maybe i wont stay with rogers anyway.

  • John

    I got lucky with Virgin Mobile Black Friday BYOD Quebec deal: Unlimited talk & text with 2gb data for $34 plus tax. Got the kids on Petro Canada Mobility plan: Unlimited text and 100 minutes per month for $15 plus tax. I always buy my phones unlocked and change carriers when I find a good deal.

    • Bilal Itani

      Me too, I guess we’re both getting our price raised.

    • MassDeduction

      Is that Petro Canada plan gone? I only see $15 w/25 minutes on their website.

      For many low-use people, Rogers Pay As You Go is even better: $100 for unlimited SMS and 100 minutes a year; or, if you prefer, $100 for 100 daytime minutes and unlimited evenings and weekends for a year. Works out to the equivalent of $8.33/month. For that $7/month savings, even if you go over the included 100 minutes (or need to add some texts to the evenings and weekends version), it might still cost less than $180 per year.

    • John

      The $15 Text-A-Lot plan is gone but it is replaced by the $20 Talk-A-Lot plan
      that is identical except the monthly talk time doubles to 200 minutes. Still a good deal in my opinion.

    • MassDeduction

      It’s pretty good. Even better (if you’re willing to sign a two year contract) is $22.50 from Cityfone (owned by Rogers) which gives you 300 daytime minutes, plus unlimited evenings and weekends (all minutes Canada-wide), unlimited international text, plus Name Display (which tells you who’s calling in most cases, even if they’re not in your phone’s directory). If you want to go contract free, then the daytime minutes are 150 and $25 a month, which might still be better in some cases. Getting the international SMS, Name Display, and unlimited evenings and weekends for $5 more is pretty compelling.

  • cartfan88

    “Lets talk” (about our price increases)

  • Kevin Gélinas

    Im with videotron for the past 8 years and seeing this make me laugh,what i have with them is unlimited call in Canada,3 gig all the goodies for 38$ with taxe per month,i have to buy the phone to keep it that way but in the end i still think its pretty good.

  • Ipse

    Da fuq….are there any news that do NOT relate to cell phone plan increases? This is becoming a weekly event.