Uber is using sensors in drivers’ own smartphones to see if they’re speeding


  • Mo Dabbas

    Wow. So not only they give the drivers a tiny fraction of the payments, they want now to record their driving habits. I bet insurance companies already wrote the check for such information. What a way for to get out of the red (reports suggest uber so far is recording losses).

  • Mo Dabbas

    “Recently, Uber announced it is giving drivers in Seattle colour-coded lights to place on their vehicles, allowing” cab drivers to find them easily before starting to egg their car

  • Elton Bello

    Did they steal their porn pics too? How about their sexting habits uber?

  • FlamesFan89

    Anyone who has been the passenger in a car before has likely encountered a driver who was a little too hard on the gas pedal, or overly tenacious with the brakes.

    Fixed that for you

    I’m not sure why that is limited to Uber. There are likely more bad drivers on the road than good ones. That includes taxi drivers, bus drivers, commercial drivers, and your every day commuter.

    • Mo Dabbas

      I was about to say that (but I already commented too many times before anyone).
      Uber probably wants to collect data to sell it to insurance companies. They’d love that kind of information.

  • SV650

    “If a rider complains that a driver accelerated too fast and broke too hard, we can review that trip using data.” – Joe Sullivan, Uber Chief Security Officer

    New ways to use the English language. Really Uber?

  • h2oflyer

    It’s all about covering their a*s against injured passenger lawsuits. They know a lot of Uber drivers don’t have proper commercial insurance.

    They will be able to show the drivers record and if he has been warned. A great way to deflect the lawsuits.

  • disqusmy

    Uber can use it to track where passenger are going also. And sell it to third party. So they can track you online and offline.