BlackBerry integrates BES12 with Good Technology’s product suite

BlackBerry announced today that it has fully integrated Good Technology’s secure container software into BlackBerry Enterprise Services, the company’s suite of enterprise mobility management software.

BlackBerry purchased Good Technology for $425 million last year, spending the dwindling months of the year figuring out how best to bring its popular container and app platform to BES 12. Together, the companies represent some 20 percent of the EMM market.

At the same time, BlackBerry has integrated another acquisition, WatchDox, into its BES Suite, in addition to upgrading existing components of the suite, including new features for BBM Protected customers like Team Messaging, and overall support for Windows 10.

The company calls the move “only the first stage of our journey to integrate two of the richest EMM portfolios on the market.” BlackBerry has been trying to find ways to build recurring software revenue as its smartphone market share dwindles, so an expeditious integration with Good was seen as a necessity.

BlackBerry also launched a new product called Good Secure EMM Suites, essentially a rebrand of the BES 12 product portfolio aimed at existing Good customers. It will follow a similar price point to BES 12.