BlackBerry integrates BES12 with Good Technology’s product suite


  • The blue Classic looks really sexy in that lighting

    • FrederickTheGreat

      You really are a Rimtard aren’t ya?

    • dannyR

      Bright, shiny objects…

  • dannyR

    In 2 weeks Blackberry has hardly triggered Google News’ algorithm’s threshold of display for items of interest, and

        “…as its smartphone market share dwindles…”

    hardly describes the even weaker interest in the evidently severely undersold new mobe. BB’s future clearly lies on the software/services side.

    • FrederickTheGreat

      This company is a joke and Goods EMM offerings were atrocious to begin with. Part of the reason why it was a money losing dog. It’s no coincidence Christy Wyatt dumped this on Chens lap and now she’s laughing all the way to the bank

    • dannyR

      If Mr. Chen announces that handset sales “look promising” or some such sht, I will fall on the floor kicking and screaming. From pain or laughter, I’m not sure which.

    • bigshynepo

      Wow, and I thought I spent too much time on DISQUS. 25K comments – you must just post to hear yourself talk (like you’re doing here).

    • hardy83

      Maybe it’s a software bot programmed to me pointless snarky comments based on article being posted.

      Or he’s someone with WAY too much free time on their hands. A productive member of society so to speak…

    • I hope its the latter because if he is a bot, someone is holding out some really good tech from us. They are also using it badly but still holding out

    • dannyR

      Yes, bots discuss this sort of troII-topic:

      Talk To Me In Korean 988 comments

      Level 1 Lesson 2 / Yes, No, What? / 네, 아니요, 네?

      dannyR 6 days ago

      It’s complicated because of the fact that a question is not a proposition, and only propositions can have a true/false value, and that value assessed by the listener with a yes or no.

      It’s not so much about the yes/no answer part in either language, but about the question. With positive questions the output proposition in both languages is the same. No problem.

      For ‘negative’ questions, it is different: Korean, in the listener’s mind, converts the surface-question into a proposition and then assigns a truth-value.

      In English negative questions, the English speaker’s original proposition (which is always positive), in mind, goes something like this:

      (I think) “you are an American” —> “Aren’t you an American?”

      The listener reconverts the surface-question back into the speaker’s original mental proposition and then affirms or denies it.

      (It is often said about negative questions that the (English) speaker has an ‘expectation’ of true/yes in mind. This only speaks to the fact that in the real world everyone assumes a proposition to have a truth-value of true/yes, unless specifically denied. I suppose this is because people tend to make truthful statements:

      Obama is the U.S. president. Yup.

      The moon is not made of green cheese. True.


    • dannyR

      Bots don’t spend time discussing Korean phonology, and language-learning pedagogy. If you don’t know how to use Disqus, you don’t see my posting history.

    • dannyR

      It was a reply to ‘Frederick the Great’, whose trenchant comment v. BB has been deleted. He tends to upset a lot of BB believers.

      That’s 25K comments over many years, perhaps < 20 comments a day, average; it's the only Disqus account I have.

    • Karl Schneider

      I thought you stated previously that you don’t troll BlackBerry articles…….
      Seriously get a life.

    • dannyR

      I don’t. Your problem is that you confuse ‘troIIing’ with acerbic criticism.
      BB items have rarely appeared in past 2 weeks, and if BB items don’t surface on Google news, I don’t usually comment.

      “…as its smartphone market share dwindles…”

      That’s the article’s observation, not mine.

      “…severely undersold new mobe…”

      We’ve had this discussion. Pre-installed claims notwithstanding, BB Priv camera-app, unlikely (and difficult) to be downloaded from Google by non-Priv owners, has moved from 10K to 50k downloads to 50K to 100K downloads.

      Hence, their new phone is underselling way below what’s need to reach the target Mr. Chen has called for.

    • marplx

      Umm – are you a disgruntled former RIM employee??

    • dannyR

      Here’s what you said:
      Karl Schneider —>dannyR • a month ago

      Don’t you have anything better to do with your life than constantly troll BB sites?

      dannyR —> Karl Schneider • a month ago

      I’m hardly ever on BB sites, let alone ‘troll’ them. I’m an Android user, and this is an Android site, in case you haven’t noticed.

      Now, unless you’re claiming mobilesyrup as a BB site, I’m not posting on a ‘BB’ site here either.

    • Karl Schneider

      “I thought you stated previously that you don’t troll BlackBerry articles…….”
      I haven’t edited it.
      Really really need to get a life. Starting to feel bad for you.

  • BES 12.4 must be coming out soon then. Cant wait for WatchDox integration. BES team has done a great job with BES interface and it works very nicely. The installers are getting better now they are just point and click installs so its making it easier to install this for common admins.