Samsung Galaxy S7 will reportedly be released on March 11th


  • Sean-Paul

    Can’t wait. Come on SD card support

    • familyguy2095

      I agree

  • Mo Dabbas

    It makes more sense to drop it in march. Coz then you get a new flagship Samsung phone every 6 months. The note is usually released around the September time frame. so having the S pushed a bit back would make sense if their goal is to make a new high end phone every 6 months.

  • Jaycap4

    Launching in Canada on March 11th as well. Only launching in 32GB blk/wht in flat version. Edge version launching same day with only 32GB blk option. Expandable memory on both.

  • Maninder Minhas

    Hope I can pre order it.

  • jay

    iPhone 5se release lol

  • Matt

    In my opinion the S7 is not worth it to upgrade from the S6. Only difference i S7 will have SD card. everything else will pretty much be the same. Samsung just like Apple and HTC gonna sell us the same phone twice. Iphone 6s is the exact same phone as 6. HTC M9 is pretty much the same phone as M8. Samsung S7 is the exact same phone as S6. And consumers are so @tupid to fall for buying the same phones over and over again. The manufactures should be developing brand new designed phones to make the wow factor for consumers for each new release and to also make it worth spending $700-800 for an upgrade.

    • thereasoner

      Rumored upgrades are;
      – SD card support
      – thicker build with larger battery
      – curved glass back on the standard size phone
      – improved low light pictures with a main camera featuring an industry leading f/1.7 aperture, improved camera sensor and a “Canon like DSLR auto focus ”
      – 4GB RAM
      – 64 GB starting point for storage (UFS 2.0 flash storage)
      – USB type C with 30 min to full charge quick charging capabilities
      – improved sound with a “high quality audiophile grade Stereo D/A converter”
      – Google colabritive effort in TouchWiz optimization
      – force touch screen on screen keyboard implementation
      – stronger magnesium alloy build

      The first two alone is something many users have been after and it is also reportedly to be launched at a cheaper price than the S6 was. Sorry, but iPhone users can only dream about such upgrades.

    • rickm81

      Or maybe those who buy the Galaxy S7 will be coming from a Galaxy S5 or older Samsung phone or another phone entirely and not “buying the same phones over and over again.” Ever thought of that?

    • danhenny_76

      exactly – with phones costing hundreds of dollars on a 2 year plan with a $500 device balance you have to sell your s6 to cover device balance, come up with another $2-400 for s7 with a new $500 device balance and possibility of raising your contract cost as most companies now require $75+ bill