Google has made it easier to take screenshots on Android phones running Marshmallow

Marshmallow Screenshots

Google is about to make the lives of Android users the world over a bit easier — as long as they’re on the latest version of Android.

The latest update to the Google app, currently only available on smartphones running Marshmallow, updates Android’s Now on Tap functionality to allow users to take a screenshot of their phone’s current screen with a simple onscreen button press instead of the complicated volume down and power button combination that’s present in previous iterations of the OS.

The same button makes it easy to share a screenshot once you’ve taken one.

It’s a small change, to be sure, but one that people who take a lot of screenshots — i.e., people like me — will greatly appreciate. Now Google just needs to get Marshmallow on more than 0.5 percent of Android devices.

[source]Droid Life[/source]