Microsoft backpedals, lets existing users keep some of their free storage

Several big companies have been vying for the right to store your documents and files in the cloud in the last five to seven years, including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Dropbox. While there’s no clear winner so far, some of these solutions have proven less popular than others.

Microsoft OneDrive provided customers with 15 GB free storage, and unlimited space when subscribing to Office 365, until at least November. At that time, Microsoft cut free storage to 5 GB and limited Office 365 users to only 1 TB. With the other big companies offering much more reasonable free storage options, Microsoft have responded to backlash and will let existing customers stake their claims to the storage they already have.

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Heading to preview.onedrive.com/bonus before the end of January will give existing customers the option to hold on to the 15 GB storage they currently enjoy. The 15 GB camera roll bonus many OneDrive users have claimed in the years since it was introduced will also be saved in this process. Microsoft hopes this will allow the company to hold on to existing users while they shift focus to storing and working with Office documents, not just generic file storage or backup.

New users will still only be eligible for 5 GB free storage unless they sign up to pay for extra space, but it doesn’t seem like this move could attract any new users on its own.

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