Google’s answer to Facebook Instant Articles will arrive early next year

accelerated mobile pages

The first set of news articles to take advantage of Google’s recently-announced Accelerated Mobile Pages, a platform designed to dramatically reduce the time it takes for mobile web pages to load, will appear online “early next year”, according to a new update post published by the company.

Announced on October 7, the company says a variety of predominant publishers across the world have expressed interest in the platform, including the likes of Postmedia and The Globe and Mail here in Canada.

Moreover, a variety of ad networks — including Outbrain, AOL, OpenX and DoubleClick, as well as the company’s own AdSense division — have likewise stated their intent to work with Google to make the platform friendly to advertisers. Third-party developer support for the platform also appears to be healthy; in all, some 4500 individual developers have signed up to follow the progress of the platform on GitHub.