Watch a behind the scenes look at how Motorola created its new Stitch boot animation

Motorola Stitch boot animation

When Motorola updates its latest smartphones to Android Marshmallow sometime in the future, the company will sweeten the deal with a brand new — and dare I say handsome — boot animation.

The animation is called Stitch and it’s a bit unique when compared to what other Android smartphones display when they first start up. The boot animation is the work of Peter Crawley, a product designer who is famous for his “Stitch Illustrations,” works of art that incorporate thread and paper.

“We played a lot with the existing Motorola color palettes, but felt that the blues and yellow used would not only work best with the screens but also really highlight the textures of the natural materials,” says Crawley in an interview published on the Motorola blog.

“The paper stock is sourced from a traditional English paper mill and is usually used for watercolor paintings, but it had such a great texture that is acts as a rich canvas for my work, too.”

This is the first time one of Crawley’s works has been turned into a digital animation. Check out that process in the video below.

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