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Toronto-made and critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure is coming to the new Apple TV

Alto's Adventure

It looks like the Apple TV is set to receive one of its first system-selling games, and it’s a port of one of the iPhone’s best games.

Alto’s Adventure by Toronto-based developer Snowman is set to launch on the new Apple TV for $2.99 when the device arrives on store shelves at some point in the future.

“We spent a lot of time beta testing Alto using the old Apple TV (using AirPlay Mirroring), and had been waiting a long time for Apple to come out with a native TV platform. As soon as they did, it was a no brainer, We’re really excited about this, and for the future of living room gaming,” said Ryan Cash in an interview with MobileSyrup.

While the Apple TV version of Alto’s Adventure is set to be nearly identical to its iOS counterpart, this new iteration of the game includes a couple of significant changes, mainly the ability to use a MFI third-party controller with the title. Other new features include an additional pause button located on the ride side of the screen, a  volume slider, various bug fixes, and thankfully, the ability to transfer saves between the iOS and Apple TV version of Alto’s Adventure.

This means that if you start playing the game on your iPhone on the way to work, you can continue that saved file at home on your Apple TV.

In Alto’s Adventure, players take control of a snowboarder that catches air while leaping and bounding over objects in his path. Rather than create an altogether new genre, Alto’s Adventure works so well because it takes the inherent concept of an endless runner and polishes it. It’s a perfect example of the belief that the best video games don’t necessarily have to be completely original ideas.

As a side note, Alto’s Adventure is also one of the few Apple TV launch titles that supports cross-buy. This means that if you already own the game on either the iPhone or iPad, you’ll gain instant access to the new Apple TV version.

A Kindle and Android version of Alto’s Adventure is also currently in development. Check out our review of Alto’s Adventure.

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