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Toronto biometrics startup Nymi hires new CEO

Toronto-based Nymi, with assistance from TD and MasterCard, recently made history by successfully conducting a contactless payment authenticated using someone’s heartbeat as the equivalent of a PIN code. The Nymi Band works by identifying a user based upon his or her unique heartbeat (electrocardiogram) through the company’s proprietary HeartID technology.

The Nymi Band is currently available to a small number of users as a pilot, but will roll out to the Canadian market soon.

Today, most likely in a move to advance the product rollout, Nymi announced that John Haggard will take over as chief executive of the company. Founder Karl Martin will transition to the role as chief technology officer. “My career objective has always been to make a measurable, positive contribution to the computing industry, and Nymi is an exciting company that shares this goal,” said Haggard in a release to MobileSyrup. “Nymi has embarked on an incredible journey that will change security forever.”

Once tapped as a consumer wearable device, Nymi shifted its focus and now has a goal to deliver “frictionless, passive security experience to the enterprise space.”

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