OnePlus unveils ‘luxurious’ leather case for the OnePlus 2, ships to Canadians for $129

OnePlus 2

OnePlus sent out the tweet below on Friday, promising something “luxurious”.

It’s still unclear what this new product actually is, but some sort of leather material seems to be visible towards the bottom of the image. This could perhaps indicate that OnePlus plans to release a higher-end (at least in terms of body construction) version of the OnePlus 2 featuring a leather backing.

The smartphone startup has received a significant amount of criticism regarding the rollout of the OnePlus 2 and has even gone so far as to apologize for how the company handled the device’s release.


Update – September 15th: OnePlus’ “luxurious” announcement is a leather case for the OnePlus 2 produced by Hard Graft. Although it’s currently “Out of stock,” the case retails for $129.99 (CAD) and is made from genuine Tuscan leather and 100% wool felt. Apart from sliding your OnePlus 2 into the case, one of the features is that it also can hold up to four cards.

OnePlus notes in its description that it’s “buttery soft leather that only gets softer with time protects your device from the wear and tear of everyday use, and is lined with fine wool felt to keep your display beautiful and fingerprint-free.”