Hands-on with Samsung’s new metal midrange smartphones, the Galaxy A3 and A5


  • J-Ro

    Samsung needs their own OS. Hardware was never their issue. If they made their own OS, they would dominate. Tizen needs to hurry up and get here.

    • Jordan Ross


    • ShaBi

      Dominate? No. They would be in deep shiet.
      They will be directly challenging Apple and Google with an untested OS. Wherever they think they are in the smartphone market, they will have to start all over again with their own OS. Not to mention they will need to rebuilt their entire App ecosystem, as well as gain support from developers in hopes that the OS actually sells. Once Samsung makes such a move, there is no going back to Android, because to any company at this level, ditching their own creation to go back to a basically free OS means they’re admitting to a huge mistake. That would be a huge hit on their image, and a disaster for investors. This is a huge unnecessary gamble for Samsung to make at this point in the game.

    • J-Ro

      It wouldn’t be unnecessary. Was it unnecessary for Apple when they did it? can you remember back that far? Everyone thought it was crazy at first when they released the first iPhone. Now they are leaders.

      Business never moved forward by being scared and not making aggressive moves. Samsung, Likely knows this.

    • ShaBi

      Whoa, did you seriously just made a comparison with Samsung making their OS to Apple’s, at the time, revolutionary never before seen product built from zero to hardware to software?

      Do you really think people thought they were crazy? Most of them were amazed and punched themselves for not coming up with that idea. Remember the original Android before the iPhone announcement? Remember what happened to that? Can you remember back that far?

      Businesses moves forward by making smart decisions and taking advantage of situations and keeping your account balance in check. Aggressive moves should be made when these things are under control with a game plan for long term investment to get the most out of the spending.

      Didn’t you learn anything from watching Samsung and Apple over these few years? Samsung, who is aggressively over spending on R&D and marketing, and making aggressive moves, pooping out a “new” product every other week, using an aggressive tactic of “trying to please everyone with a product at every level”, is now in it’s worst financial low, posting horrible sale numbers, and losing it’s place in the game. Apple on the other hand, is STILL at an all time high and breaking records after records, by making smart decisions and only being aggressive with certain areas of importance such as buying out companies that’s only beneficial to their “big picture plans” and long term investments. Apple stuck with their plan of “not pushing out products until it’s ready” has been doing wonders for them.

    • J-Ro

      Lol they were by no means the first full touch phone. They just did it the best. They did it the best but were not the first. Samsung spent more money on R&D because Samsung has a fleet of other businesses. The entire R&D money spent wasn’t only on their mobile. Only recently did Samsung out spend Apple when it came to advertising and around the same time they became the number 1 smartphone maker in global market share, so something good came of it.

      No bad can come from Samsung making their own OS (which they have and are currently rolling out in India) and they will be a lot better off when they do in the customer experience department.

    • danbob999

      With their own OS, they would suffer the same fate as Nokia or RIM.
      These are hardware companies. They don’t know how to write a good OS.

    • Conception

      Said from someone who’s never used BB OS 10 right there danbob999? Typical…

    • J-Ro

      A good OS? That is complete subject. Unless you know something we don’t know.

    • Humberto Giambrone

      Okay, it’s late. Perhaps it’s fatigue. Perhaps slight inebriation or otherwise chemically influenced.

      It’s cool. This never happened.

      Sleep child. Sleep well.

    • J-Ro

      Lol I don’t understand.

  • BS Detector

    They look to much like larger iPhone 5’s…

  • Pigs Can Fly

    Looks too much like an iPhone 5 except for the flat button instead of round button.