Sony announces all new Bravia TVs will run Android TV

Since its announcement at Google I/O, we’ve heard little on the Android TV front beyond Google’s own Nexus Player. However, just because all is quiet on the Android TV front, doesn’t mean manufactures are ignoring Android TV.

TVs are always big at CES, and on Monday night at CES 2015, Sony announced that all of its new Bravia TVs will be powered by Android TV. Sony’s booth is filled with beautiful TVs, including a brand new model that is thinner than the company’s Xperia Z3 smartphone. Android TV was unlikely to be a dud, but early support from a industry veteran like Sony will only accelerate Google’s living room deployment.

Thanks to Google’s voice search technology, Bravia owners will be able to search in 42 different languages. Not only that, but they can control their TV with their phone and their smartwatch.

Smart TVs have been at CES in some form for years, but they’ve always struggled to gain a foothold in the market. With the internet of things, the pressure is on for manufacturers to create an experience that users really want to interact with. Android TV is a perfect ready-made solution for OEMs looking to boost the functionality and connectivity of their TVs.