Withings Activité Pop counts your steps but looks like a beautiful analog watch

Withings, French purveyor of slightly off-kilter wearable products, has announced the Activité Pop, a cheaper version of its $450 Swiss-made analog step-counting smartish watch.

Announced late last year, the Activité sports a premium leather strap, Swiss-made timing and a Sapphire crystal face — a premium watch by any qualification — while also tracking steps and swimming performance, as well as sleep. The main analog dial tells the time while a second one quantifies steps in a scale determined by the accompanying smartphone application.

The Activité Pop dials back the premium materials, opting for a cheaper metal chassis, a plain glass face and a rubberized strap, which bodes better for intensive activity in general — the original forced users to change straps for swimming, for example — and the price tag, to $149.95. Available in three colours, amounting to blue, black and beige (Shark Grey, Azure and Sand), the watch does internally what its premium predecessor claims, but at less than half the cost.

Like the Activité, the Pop lasts for eight months on its battery, which is replaceable, and all settings are changed on the iOS app, with an Android version coming soon. Withings has proven that screenless analog watches have a place in the digital wearable space, and the Pop should further its success in that area.

It’s unclear whether the Activité Pop will become available in Canada anytime soon, but we’ve reached out to Withings for clarification.