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Google Fit update brings 100 new trackable activities and Android Wear support

Back in October, Google released Google Fit for all Android users with devices running Android 4.0 and up. Google Fit was announced at I/O this past June and is Android’s fitness and health platform that competes with Apple’s HealthKit. Developers can integrate Google Fit support into their application, and the Google Fit app can then gathers users’ fitness and health data from multiple different sources. The app itself is capable of tracking various activities, setting goals, and more.

When it launched in October, the Google Fit app came with support for tracking walking, cycling, and running.  Google released an update that will allow users to track more than 100 new activities. The catch here is that these activities are only supported for manual entry, which means there’s still a little bit of work to be done on the user end once your workout is complete. It’s not as easy as the app tracking your steps as you go.

This update also brings support for Android Wear as well as the standard bug fixes and performance improvements. Google has also said that this version (v1.51.07-000, in case you were wondering) also features a new and experimental step detection feature that tracks steps when your Android Wear watch is disconnected from your phone. Very handy if you want to leave your phone at home to take a quiet walk, or even if you just want to leave your phone on your desk when you go to make coffee or use the bathroom. Every step counts!

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