Nexus 6 now available from select Canadian carriers


  • Good thing I got my preorder in…. Not shipping til mid december. The Google Play Store really hates Canadians

    • Tech Guru

      From the play store?

    • Yea, I meant to add the /s

  • stevedion

    Bought mine from Bell at 499$ (No term). It was a bug on their system a couple days ago. Curious to see if it goes through.

    • cartfan88

      If it does…it feels like a win for the common man. Let us know how it goes.

    • stevedion

      I took the 25$ voice plan only (had to choose a plan), which i will cancel once i get shipping notification. Have done this before and they cancelled no charge (except for phone).

    • Tech Guru

      Cancel before I even get it? And they don;t charge the line fee.etc?

    • stevedion

      Yeah, i did that with Koodo when the S4 came out… The important part is not inserting the SIM card. YMMV

    • jay

      thats a steal

  • Gerald Henderson

    Videotron is crazy. can’t believe they’d launch

    • danbob999

      you can set the language to French France and the keyboard to French Canada and it works just fine.
      Not a reason to delay launch IMO. Anyway, I bet it won’t be fixed in mid-december when Telus launches it.

    • Matt

      Who cares. People in Quebec should learn English which is the language to the rest of Canada. It’s really stupid that Canada has a fake second language of French which 99% of the rest of the population only speak English. Canadian Government lets get serious here. Pick one language to be our official language.

  • Anthony Z

    I can’t believe that my carrier is the only place I can’t buy the goddamn phone. Everyone is trying so hard to stop me from spending so much money, but I am determined.

    • jhnsmth

      Bye Telus

  • J.

    It is a sad day indeed when a carrier does not understand the issue regarding a “bug”. This is a simple easy fix…change the UI language to French-France and problem solved. IMHO this may not even be a bug as Google may have decided…unofficially…to drop the French-CND UI as they no longer offer the English-CND UI. This is so embarrassing! When the next OTA comes out Google will either fix it or remove it.

    • danbob999

      It would actually be a good thing if they merged both French UI. There is no special French UI for Belgium or Switzerland. What matters is to have French QWERTY, AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboard layouts.

    • J.

      Exactly…that’s why I said its sad because they’re confused with UI system language and keyboard language which are two completely different things. They really should know and understand the difference.

    • josh

      This will confuse most clients, though, and assuming that the reps in store would remember to change that setting for clients isn’t realistic. I think it’s a good decision to delay it.

    • J.

      So simple to put instructions on the box…go to settings…language…French-France…its not like they will get a huge amount of stock.

    • Matt

      Nope not a good reason to delay it for other English customers. The people that are ignorant not to use English should just not buy the device and the ones that want to buy it shouldn’t be the ones to lose out.

    • Solorchid

      I think that’s just an excuse of telus. they don’t have stock and they are the first one in Canada to put “coming soon” on their website….so i think they are just holding for stock now.

    • Matt

      Pretty simple to just pick English as your language. If they don’t know English. Then go back to school to learn English lol lol. Like seriously 99.9% of the Canadian population know English. The only ones in Quebec that are only serious to be ignorant about their strong French language.

  • Fodder0f4

    Was thinking of picking this up for my wife for a christmas present, but it doesn’t sound like Sasktel is getting it anytime soon. 🙁 And I’m trying to get away from Sammy for phones. So MAYBE, just MAYBE, I might get her LG G3.

    • mjolnirxz

      LG G3 is a great phone!

    • kakarot11

      Please don’t… On paper it’s a great phone… But in real life it is laggy and the screen is a disappointment in the sun. There are many other and better options

    • Fodder0f4

      Yeah…I read enough reviews on it, and yeah…it pukes in benchmarks, and compared to the Galaxy S5, the LG G3 just isn’t worth it.

  • A.

    For Videotron customers, it’s only available at the following stores:

    Carrefour Angrignon
    Carrefour Laval
    Galeries de la Capitale
    Promenades St-Bruno
    Châteauguay – Boutique SuperClub, 180 D’Anjou Blvd.
    Gatineau – Boutique SuperClub, 355 Gréber Blvd.

  • Tek

    I’m in NYC as of Friday, and was deciding whether to pick up a 64GB model there from T-Mobile or just buy it outright from Bell today! But after calling approx. 5 T-Mobile stores, I was told that they have none at all, and that they are sold out everywhere with no idea when they’ll have stock again, so I’m going to just purchase it today from my local Bell store, and avoid the hassle of running around NYC trying to find one, and possibly ( more than likely) not getting one at all!

  • bigbear

    Waiting for the white one. Does anyone know if the Play store suppose to be getting stock in today?

    • Kim Harrison

      Is the Rogers Nexus 6 unlocked? Thanks i’m a newbie with android

    • J.

      Yes…all Nexus phones are carrier unlocked…I believe AT&T is the only NA carrier to brand and lock it to their network.

    • Warren Clarmont

      Yes, as of 10am, the Playstore currently has 32gb both white and blue available. No 64gb models though.

  • Éric

    I would have bought one if Bell had a 64 Gig and I would have also bought a Tab S 10.5 from bell if the had a 32-64 gig version too. I guess I will keep my older phone/tablet which has a bigger memory!

  • nick_canada

    Quite happy with my LG G3, no need for me to replace my phone at this time, especially not with the current Nexus 6 (over)pricing

  • Kevin

    Telus has been making odd moves releasing phones…. first they didnt bring in the LG G3, released a low end lumia windows phone device, and no sony z3 now this delaying the nexus 6

    • buklahank

      TELUS has the Z3. However, they did miss the Z2.

    • Jesseiscanadian

      Yep they have the Z3, i picked one up after hearing of the pricing on the Nexus 6, very very glad i did, damn shame that only Bell got the Z3c

    • josh

      It all has to do with how well the manufacturers’ phones sell. The LG Optimus G and the LG G2 were both very poor sellers, so Telus opted out for the G3. Same exact thing happened with the Sony Xperia Z2. Sony showed some promise, so Telus bought into the Z3. Do to the popularity of the G3, I’m sure that Telus will be getting LG’s next phone, too.

      As for this delay, it’s a quality assurance issue. If there’s a known issue like this, I don’t see why it’s a bad thing to wait until the kinks are worked out, especially when a quite a few people would be affected.

    • Gerald Henderson

      But they were the only ones to take the Moto X

  • Quik

    I waited a while for the Nexus 6 to come out, but I ended up buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and (now that it’s properly rooted) I’m very happy with it. Will definitely go take a look at the new Nexus 6, I’m interested to see if it’s as handsome in person as it is on pictures!

    • josh

      Just look at a Moto X2 and that’s pretty much exactly what the Nexus 6 looks like lol.

    • Quik

      Hahahahahaha yes, I’ll go see the Moto X 2014 with a magnifying glass, that’ll do it!

  • micheldotcom

    I pre-order mine last week. So, where is it?

  • Pessimistic George

    what about WIND? Probably they are begging new investors for some money!

  • Shaun

    I’ve been torn between the Note 4 and Nexus 6. But I’m absolutely tired of waiting for the N6, since Telus delayed it, I’ll just go with the Note 4. It’s a damn shame that Google doesn’t want my money.

  • RiceCake

    64GB Blue is in stock. no white yet 🙁

  • jroc

    Available on the Play Store right now!! Go get ’em!

    • zurn

      thanks !!! just placed my order!

    • bigbear

      Missed it! Put the white one in my cart as I was checking out gave me an error. Blue 32gb still available.

    • jroc

      I used page monitor as well. Had the 64GB Blue in my cart, then I got an error. Managed to get a 32GB though which is realistically all I will need.

    • I also got the 64 in my cart only to have it vanish. Did they only have 1 64G for sale? Sheesh. Gave up, ordered a 32G. *Sigh*.

      P.S. Agreed about PageMonitor!

    • mtl_yul

      Just ordered a white 32gb, but cancelled it a few minutes later after ordering the blue 32gb. Wanted a 64gb, but no luck.

      What are the chances Google ships these orders earlier than the 3-4 weeks they are currently estimating?

    • And, in fact, went to a Bell store which had ONE left in stock (32GB, blue), so I used their Wifi to cnx my Play store order and took it. Giving up on Play Store.

  • Ravi

    This is really disappointing as I ordered one from the play store and have to wait till mid December for it while the carriers are getting them now. Seems like they don’t have their priorities straight. Kind of makes me want to cancel my google play preorder and go buy it from the store.

  • Faisal Hamim

    Rogers is saying that the Nexus 6 is the first LTE-Advanced device in Canada, the Note 4 has Band 12 too.

  • Mike

    Really hope Koodo jumps on eventually so I can finally use my $150 tab iv saved up.

  • bdap

    What about Wind Mobile?

  • tissage

    Just received the signed “contract documents” for a Nexus 6 from Telus. I paid $280 on a two-year plan… handset being shipped as soon as they process the order I guess.

    • slautebach

      How were you able to place an order with Telus? I can’t find any options to order the Nexus 6, all I can find is coming soon.

  • Five sixth

    does anyone know if any bell retail stores in montreal have the nexus 6 in stock?

  • Sammy

    I hate that as Canadians, I can’t order straight from the Motorola website. Unlike United States, UK and other countries who can, we are forced to got through either Bell, Rogers, TELUS or Videotron. I don’t know who Videotron is, but I sure know how much I hate all the other companies. I think we Canadians have lost our freedom to these big monopolies. This is BS!!!

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