iOS 8 adoption appears to have hit a wall

According to Apple’s own developer analytics, iOS 8 installs seem to have hit a hard wall, likely due to the free space necessary to extract the update. After three weeks on the market, iOS 8 is only on 47% of total devices, some 10% less than iOS 7 was at the same time last year.

The issue seems to be multi-pronged, but the primary roadblock is the up to 5GB of free storage needed to extract the near 2GB iOS 8 download. Users may not be willing to delete the photos and apps necessary to make the transition. (Of course, installing the update through iTunes requires only a comparatively minor 800MB-1GB of storage space, since the IPSW is extracted to the hard drive, not on to the device itself.)

Others may be less willing to take the plunge after Apple botched the iOS 8.0.1 update, even though it was quickly patched in iOS 8.0.2.