Weekly Note: Remember to breathe

I am constantly awed at the number of people that not only visit MobileSyrup on a daily or weekly basis, but care deeply about what’s written on its pages.

This past week, as I spent some time in New York and Chicago for what turned out to be some incredible product announcements, I was struck by the sheer volume, both in passion and persistence, of our readers’ voices. It’s both humbling and intimidating, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you.

So as we near another Apple launch event, all other news stops and the iHype machine gets into full swing. It’s no coincidence that IFA, and the bevy of Android and Windows smartphone and tablet announcements are typically scheduled the week prior. And it’s strange that a single company dominates the headlines in the way that Apple does, but regardless of where you stand in your support or rejection of the technology giant, it’s difficult to ignore the momentum.

Travelling to New York and Chicago for Samsung’s and Motorola’s respective announcements, it was difficult to remember to breathe, to take a moment and slow down. The news cycle is perpetual, and doesn’t care if you’re eating, chatting or sleeping — all three of which I did very little last week.

The two events were very different, with Samsung keeping leaks to a minimum right up until the unveiling of the Note 4 and Note Edge. And the Gear VR? Pretty interesting stuff. I was most impressed with the feeling of the Note 4: its metal frame completely changes the way it feels in the hand, and in the pocket. Its heft feels substantial, and helps justify the likely-premium premium price. The Note Edge is strange and beautiful, but feels like more of a technology demo than a fully-fledged product.

The Motorola visit, however, was truly unique: I’ve never been at a company’s headquarters so open to the public, both physically and philosophically. Sure, it was a marketing tactic — an effective one at that — but its purpose was to educate and entertain, of which it was both.

That brings us to today: an Apple event is just that — an event — and everyone, ahem, watches. It’s going to be a busy day, and we’re looking forward to digging deeper into the announcements.