TD Canada Trust adds NFC-based mobile payments to its Android and BlackBerry app


  • Louis

    What is the need for a NFC SIM card? As most of these devices have NFC chips built-in, is this for extra security?

    • hamza

      It’s outlined in the article.

  • Guyana

    Anyone know if there’s a way to make the app work on my nexus 5?

    • robbhope

      I was really disappointed that the nexus 5 isn’t supported too.

  • o_zzy

    Doesn’t work on my m7

    • Carlo Enage

      same, it says there is another NFC payment app on my phone that i need to disable in order for me to use it but I have no such thing..

    • Kaero

      I get the same thing on my Note3,though I don’t have one of these NFC sim cards so perhaps that’s what’s causing the error?

  • TomsDisqusted

    Great to see a bank decline to participate in the silly game of one bank – one carrier.

  • BetelgeuseOrion

    ABOUT F*CKING TIME…….. also doesnt work on my Galaxy note 2, ffs

  • Ryan Currah

    Not working on my Nexus 5, the App crashes when I goto ‘Mobile Payments’ and when I try to report the crash, Google Play crashes.

  • Dark James

    I’m confused about the need for the NFC SIM card on these newer devices, don’t they have the secure element emulation? Or does that not do the same secure stuff as the SIM?

    • Eid

      They do and also some phones have secure element in the phone. BUT! How would providers nickle and dime you then?
      All this will trickle down in price of products eventually as well.

  • E. R

    How come Nexus lines of phones are not compatible?

    • ShawnMerrikin

      Because most people buy a nexus device off contract compared to others and thus the big 3 don’t make as much money off them so why bother supporting it.

      They say its the TD app but the big3 have a big play in it. Wonder if the likes of Virgin (Bell) or Fido (Rogers) will ever have NFC Sim cards. Probably not.

    • Eid

      Then again, my LG g2 is Rogers device typically bought on contract and has tap to pay option in settings on kitkat, yet still not supported. Think device popularity has something to do with support as well

  • grs101

    So… how do we get a hold of a NFC SIM card in the first place?

    • Al Chui

      A lot (not all of them though) of the carrier stores will actually just trade you an NFC SIM for your old one. Some might actually try to charge you for it. I’d just walk out and try another if they do. It really depends on the staff and the mood their in.

    • Armin Hammer

      $10 only at Rogers corporate stores.

    • Al Chui

      Funny, I’ve gotten SIM cards (including an NFC one) from Rogers for free. Like I said, I think it really boils down to the mood of staff as much as anything else.

  • Jonny2time

    I don’t even see this on the new update on my gs3 I’m with Telus

    • Chris Radenovic

      Same here. I’m with Rogers. I think they may be wrong about it hitting the galaxy s3

    • Zeshan Contractor

      they pulled the update because of bugs

  • jlm

    Too bad TD cant create a Windows Phone app, like Christ they have a crackberry app ffs. Heck even ING/Tangerine have windows phone app

    • Collin dubya

      there’s no point, Wp8 is like 2% of the market share.. not worth their effort.

  • Vincent Hughes

    The app updated yesterday to include this option, it force closed on my nexus 4 (there was no list of compatible devices). Today the app updated again, and now the option for mobile payment isn’t even there. I WANT to use this feature, why specific banks are partnering with specific carriers makes no sense. As a bank wouldn’t you want to facilitate me spending my money?

    • Tom Crabtree

      Im wondering if it launched prematurely and they pulled it.

      I have a compatible phone – Note 3 (bell version, unlocked) on Rogers – w/ an NFC sim so I seem to meet the requirements but experienced the same thing (NFC-enabled app yesterday, update today removed it)

      Has anyone actually gotten the TD nfc payment setup and working?

  • Rimtu Kahn

    When will there be support for wind mobile customers? Why is it carrier dependant?

    • MXH070

      It isn’t carrier dependent it’s just device dependent right now to the listed devices

    • WTangoFoxtrot

      From TD’s website: “With TD Mobile Payment, your mobile device must have a Near Field
      Communication (NFC) enabled SIM Card, and be on the Bell, TELUS or
      Rogers networks.”

  • WTangoFoxtrot

    If TImmies can support a Canadian Company here’s to oping TD can too…here’s to hoping for this on BlackBerry 10

  • Guyana

    They fking made an update adding mobile payments. But when i tired clicking mobile payments the app would crash and if you try to report it to Google olay , Google okay would crash as well. Then later during the day they pushed another update and it remove mobile payment. Whadafuq

  • gmaninvan

    Now try making an app that adheres to the Android guidelines. Banks are the worst for shitty Web view. The only one that does it somewhat right is CIBC.

    Banks need to look at the ‘simple bank’ app for how to design a proper banking app

  • realitycheck

    HSBC app is the worst. unintuitive, full of bugs and missing integral features like adding a payee. When you call to add a payee you get an outsourced customer service representative which defeats the purpose of using the app to save time in the first place. back to td nfc robellus

  • Armin Hammer

    Even though it is listed, the Note 3 is NOT compatible with this nor the CIBC payment app.

  • Beno

    The application has now a new version.

    Mobile payment with NFC is working great with my Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8 on Rogers network.

    It took less than 15 minutes to get it working.
    I had no problem.

    I am very very very happy!

    Thanks TD!

  • Adam Hoff

    I paid Rogers to get a new nfc sim card in the mail for this app. And now the TD mobile app says my device is not supported even though my Galaxy S3 (SGH-I747) is on the supported device list.

  • pamunoz

    lol… no Nexus 5 support…. lol baffles the mind

  • Guest

    When will they make it available for the iPhone?

  • Brigitte Cheong♡

    When is this available for those who are on Fido and have iPhones?

  • Mike Stirton

    Wow. Android 5 has been around for months now…it is being pushed onto users of older gen phones. This OS is NOT supported which is pretty…well…sad that you guys have FAILED to produce a fix for those of us who are technology advanced after several months of this OS being available.

    And then to add insult, you guys partnered up with Ugo Wallet…THE ABSOLUTE WORST of the bunch for software…almost 200 negative reviews of just under 400 reviews….only 110 of those reviews were positive. SCREAMS VOLUMES…