Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S is a giant GS5, dimpled backing and all


  • jackjiarocks

    oh lord………..

    • cartfan88

      Well we did almost go a week without a new line of Samsung tablets being announced. Luckily that hasn’t happened.

  • Peter Parker

    I find samsung made up a lot of ground in the smartphone market, but their tablets still leave something to be desired

  • Jerry S

    Depending on costs and specs I might buy one to replace my Asus prime infinity.

  • Jared S

    Didn’t they just come out with new tablets like 2-3 months ago?

    • silver_arrow

      Hell the store I work at has just gotten the Tab 4’s and hasn’t gotten the Pros in yet…

  • SC

    Is it IP67 certified like the S5?

  • southerndinner

    The new king of tablets. Now only if they could consolidate the tablets into less than forty tablets

  • Kyle Turner

    ALL HAIL MIGHTY SAMSUNG! LOL Personally, I’m holding on to my Galaxy S4 until the Galaxy Note 4 gets introduced- then I’ll upgrade. I did check out the Galaxy S5 at Best Buy- NICE PHONE! I WILL be buying one of the 10.5″ AMOLED Display Samsung Tablets when they become available. If the new tablet has the same finish as the Galaxy S5, there will be no complaints here- I think it’s an attractive package.