Leaked Gmail and Calendar for Android screenshots offers glimpse of Project Hera (Update)


  • Mayoo

    This was shown days ago, latest is calendar redesign leaked today.

  • Emilio

    I am so sick of everything getting so much “social integration.” I know these things can be turned off, but still… ugh.

  • jeff

    The Google calendar has been in need of an update for a long time. Being able to see what is in the calendar on month view should be standard especially since we have such nice high resolution screens now. Have been using a third party app in conjunction with the Google calendar app to get this functionality

    • gmaninvan

      They should just buy anydo and cal and merge them with keep and calendar

    • wahwah

      There is a patch on XDA to fix this. Works beautifully I might add.

  • sdcoiner76

    Reportedly Hera has nothing to do with UI. All UI elements shown on AP article were mock ups made by Android Police to have the same style as the leaked Gmail photos.

  • Unorthodox

    Hera is a very poorly sounding name for a Russin speaker. How didn’t Brin spot it?