Bell launches Quebec-only $80/month plan with Unlimited calling, texts and 4GB data


  • jackjiarocks

    If you are already not on Wind.
    Dont b***h when they go bankrupt and Big three double up the price.
    Wireless dont just happen out of no where, Consumers make it Happen

    • studentloandrone

      would love to be on Wind, But 90% of Canada cant be in a Wind Zone…..make it happen 10% of Canada!!!

    • Super_Deluxe

      This what people forget, they’re coverage doesn’t cover at least 60% of Canada.

    • nekkidtruth

      And what’s the statistic on how many people leave the WIND zone? That’s the key here. So many people are paying ridiculous amounts but never even leave the city they’re in, or do so so infrequently, that it’s silly to pay so much to one of the Big 3.

    • Adam

      For the topic at hand, a better statistic is how many people live outside of WIND zones to begin with. WIND only covers roughly 30% of the Canadian population. That’s a ballpark estimate I get by taking the metro populations of all cities WIND covers and multiplying by 0.75 to account for people in those cities outside the WIND coverage area.

    • nekkidtruth

      There’s no disputing how small WIND’s footprint is. The issue is that those that are IN WIND Zone’s believe that WIND’s footprint truly matters in their situation. It doesn’t. Unless of course you travel, which is a whole other ball game.

      City dwellers are brainwashed by the Big 3 into believing their network outside of the city matters. It doesn’t. That’s not to say that nationwide coverage isn’t important, just that to most who live in the city and rarely leave…it really isn’t.

    • Adam

      I agree. I’m on a grandfathered CityFido plan, which covers the Montreal metro area in a zone in a similar way to how WIND zones cover their cities. In fact, the CityFido zone was nearly identical to Public Mobile’s coverage area. Like WIND zones, I can use my anytime minutes in any CityFido zone without issue, but if I leave the CityFido zones, I pay a $0.30 roaming charge.

      I can count the number of times that I’ve had to pay that $0.30 roaming charge (excluding out-of-country use) on one hand. The fact is, living and working in Montreal, it’s just very rare to find myself outside of Montreal or other major cities, other than trips to the US.

    • wp77

      Is WIND coverage, service decent in Toronto? I have read data kinda sucks and texts come late, etc. I’m not looking for perfection, but it must be somewhat reliable in terms of receiving emails etc.

    • nekkidtruth

      I’m not in Toronto so unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to comment too much on that. However, in London I’ve had no issues. There are a couple of dead zones (but there are also places where my phone gets reception now, but didn’t on Rogers). Signal indoors is pretty much the same. Depending on the building it can be a little worse, but most of those places like family/friends basements I have WiFi anyway so it’s not a huge issue.

      As for delay on texts etc, I had those issues on Rogers WAY more than I do on WIND and Rogers has spectacular services here.

      There’s really only one way to know for sure and that’s to try it out. For the cost of the plan, it’s totally worth the trial. If it suits your needs, port your number over.

    • Specimen Yarp

      Find a child in grade 3 to teach you the difference between they’re and their. And help with the other grammar nightmares in your post.

    • naviz

      It covers 100% of where I go from day to day. Last time I left the Vancouver coverage was last summer for a trip to Banff and to Penticton…that was about 5 days in total. I’d rather pay $40 a month and a few dollars in roaming, rather than $80 every month for no visible benefit.

    • Wes

      Considering we live with a Telco cartel I’d be very okay with government helping Wind or whoever get into more markets. When the Big 3 are forced to compete we all do better.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Makes me wonder if they can offer lower prices to get new customers now that Videotron made a move, why not do it always.

    • alphs22

      Why would they lower prices if they don’t have competition?

  • Trek S

    What a horrible plan, why would anyone go for this plan. I am with Rogers have 6 gigs + unlimited texts and nation wide calling for 70$

    • KiwiBri

      yeah but try getting this plan NOW..

    • Trek S

      I agree with you that’s what I mean, they are totally jibbing people with these plans.

    • KiwiBri

      Yes, unfortunately most people I know just care if the *phone* was the cheapest as possible and dont look at the big picture.

    • Adam

      The $70 offer is currently available as a “loyalty” plan from Rogers/Fido. It’s not a retention offer, it’s something they actively advertise to their existing customers who’ve been with them a few years. Of particular note is that the $70 plan is considered a “max” plan that qualifies for full iPhone subsidies.

    • KiwiBri

      really? So I could ask for this royalty plan when I call Robbers? I have one of my phones on a month to month but its only on 200MG data. I camnt share the data from my grandfathered 6GB on my other line..

    • Adam

      Fido, definitely, although the plan is for Quebec only (like the Bell plan). Not as sure about Rogers directly.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Omg thank God I still have my grandfathered plan with Rogers in Manitoba. $55 for 400 nation wide minutes 5GB data with everything else included. This is just getting worse and worse.

  • Thomas Milne

    $35 gets you 5GB with Bell tablet plan. You don’t need talk and text since that can be done online.

    • wp77

      Dumb question, can that work on a phone?

    • Thomas Milne

      Yes. Do it from home. Google an IMEI.

    • wp77

      Thanks. I’m not sure on your answer. Could I take my Lumia 1020 with the tablet plan and use Skype for calling, something else for text/messaging?
      What would you recommend?

    • Thomas Milne

      Link to tutorial is awaiting approval.

    • Oscar Ayala

      Yes, you could use the Lumia 1020 with the tablet plan and Skype.

      I use an iPhone with a tablet plan and use Fongo to make/receive phone call and text message. So far, no issues at all.

      But, I think Fongo is not available for WP.

  • Capt_Ali

    Still doesn’t beat the Thunder Bay, ON only $50/month 6GB + unlimited Canada wide calling + caller ID/Voicemail/etc.

    • Eric Parisien

      Maybe because TBay has the worst reception ever, I have been there a few times and it is terrible.

    • Capt_Ali

      Bell’s coverage in this area has been miserable, but is supposed to be improving. Which is why TBayTel’s closest match to that plan is $70 – they know people will pay more for better coverage, especially once you leave city limits.

  • goowaybe

    you guys are all getting screwed. i have unlimited data, nation wide calling, all for $30/mth with rogers since i called and asked them to match wind prices. call and ask for customer relations and plead your case. worked for me 😉

    • crocop24

      Yes, I am sure Rogers matched your Wind pricing.

    • Eric Parisien

      When did you do this, and was this at the time of a new purchase/activation or to an existing one with them (hoping for the latter!)

    • nekkidtruth

      Keep hoping. The chances of this being true are slim to none. I know many people who have used all sorts of tactics to get Rogers to match WIND offerings. Let alone the fact that I doubt Rogers would ever give anyone unlimited data over wireless. Especially when they barely want to give you 500MB data on a plan under $60 Lol.

    • krazyking

      Ya….. Sure u do

  • Jesse

    I’ll stick with my $55+10% off unlimited nation wide talk and text and 5gb!

  • RMT

    Just curious, what are you doing to go through 4GB of data in about 5-8 days on your mobile phone? I’d really like to know!

    • Balls O’Steele

      Netflix and google street view

    • Princessa S


  • canuck07

    Bring in foreign carriers or break the Big 3 up in little pieces like Standard Oil

  • joseph

    umm I dont know if you can call that a competitive price. For $75+tax I have 2 lines with Wind with unlimited US/CA call, International Text, Picture message and unlimited data + 1GB w/ Data Stick. My roaming is on and in summer time I might end up paying $10/line to Rogers for Roaming! You can call this a competitive price!

    • wp77

      Exactly, since when is $80/mo considered a good deal on a cell plan. Highway robbery is what it is.

  • krazyking

    Unfortunately Quebec always has to be different and we do not have Wind Mobile so are stuck with the Big 3. One of the many reasons Montreal sucks.

    • The Mask

      Videotron has better priced plans than the big three

    • krazyking

      Ya they are ok but not good if u travel to other parts of Canada. Plus no LTE for now. Fido and Virgin have the best plans. The $55 3GB and unlimited calling across Canada plus unlimited message Plan.

  • InTheKnow

    Rogers offers the same plan currently and a retention match to the Videotron $79 plan. The $70 6GB plan is gone, replaced by the $80 because Videotron brought their prices up. Most lucrative offers are in Manitoba and Saskatchewan right now. $85 Share plan for 15GB and $50 per extra line.

  • Nik Iafrancesco

    This doesn’t seem to stack up well compared to the other Quebec-only plans. Videotron’s equivalent is $5/month less, and you could get the 3GB plan with Koodo or Fido and just go over by 1GB per month and it’ll only cost you $65.

  • power_pizza

    Wait so you’re telling me that the big three are forced to lower prices in Provinces where there is a legit, Province-wide alternative carrier?


  • JTon


  • Accophox

    So, Industry Canada… where’s our competition in Western Canada? 🙁

  • ToniCipriani

    Wait… if it’s a VD Plus, that means $20 discount if BYOD?

    • D Kupp

      Bell will probably make you sign a contract even for BYOD discounts given they give you a good plan here… At least that is how they define good plan.

    • ToniCipriani

      But based on the wireless I don’t think they can, since there’s no phone subsidy? At most they can do is charge a nominal cancellation fee like Fido does for their BYOD discounts?

  • Stu

    Down town TORONTO
    Bell Canada
    My plan
    Loyalty Talk 30 – 24M
    Unlimited nights (5 p.m. – 7 a.m.) and weekends (5 p.m. Friday – 7 a.m. Monday)
    Unlimited Canada to Canada LD
    Text Messaging – Unlimited Package
    Unlimited Picture and Video Messaging
    Data Provisioning
    .50 Canada to US LD
    Call Display
    Loyalty compability rule
    Message Centre
    Unlimited International Text
    Call Waiting, Conference Calling
    Loyalty 6 GB data – Smartphone
    and I pay $67.80 after tax.
    Catch. I can’t get a new phone unless I buy a phone outright…..