Samsung debuts a US-only, Samsung-only streaming music service


  • Thomas Milne

    As a Canadian I see nothing new here. More content that we have to jump through hoops to use.
    You know if I wasn’t so lazy I would read up what country started this and write them an angry 6 page letter.

    • sicsicpuppy

      You can blame the CMPA , Canadian Music Publishers association .They’re the ones that regulate the music fee which are one of the highests in the world .So that’s basically why most companies avoid Canada due to small market

  • Dimitri

    I am tired of this always going for US. Google Music, US. Milk Music, US. Other services for US only. C’mon.

    Why are we Canadians always last to get something or never get it? Starting to think the CRTC is blocking all this from happening.

    • frostythesnowman

      Check out XBOX Music, works well in Canada

    • Dimitri

      I had it for my Xbox One until i sold it. It is nice but nothing to my liking tho sadly.

    • frostythesnowman

      Are/were you looking for a more radio-like service that makes curated playlists, instead of the a la cart style that XBOX prioritizes? If I were to make any complaint it would be the weaker radio option.

    • Patrick Polish

      Starting to think? WOW you’re late. The CRTC is the only responsible for this. Thanks to them, our local companies have small competition and if any competitor come into play, they’d have to pay MUCH HIGHER LICENSING fees for the same service they get in the USA

    • Dimitri

      I use Google Music via the states. Yea i mean by starting to think that the CRTC is doing this to ruin us rather then give us good things. Not really late as i have known this for a while.

  • 5Fifty5

    How come the only mp3 store available in Canada is iTunes? We cannot use Amazon, Google Play, etc. Did Apple make some exclusivity agreement with the CRTC? Also, why is it that nobody could provide any answers? Google repeatedly ignores the question.

    • frostythesnowman

      Microsoft’s XBOX Music (formerly Zune and Zune Pass) is available up here, and has been here for three years now. It’s what I use, great service IMO. It’s worth giving it a look, the web version is even free.

    • Lion5

      But I’m using Android devices. If I need to download to a PC then transfer, I might as well keep using my iTunes account.

    • Canadaboy

      I’ve been waiting and waiting for google play. sadness will not elude me.

  • Z A

    I installed the apk from androidpolice and the app works fine on my S4. I didn’t have to make any changes to pretend I’m in the US.

    • Elie Tremblay

      yeah same here, sideloaded the apk on my note 3 and that was all. no complaints whatsoever, great app, works perfect in canada

  • Moiz Adamji

    Yeah i just sidelined the app and it works flawlessly. Couldn’t be easier.

  • downhilldude

    Is it because these guys don’t want to bother trying to accommodate Canadian content laws?

  • Tornado15550

    I sideloaded it, and it works just fine on a Canadian IP. It’s just a copy of Slacker with a new brand name “Milk”.


    Talking with people at Samsung Canada, they said that the CRTC does not allow them to release milk music in canada, even in all the world the android phone Galaxy S4 is released with 5 processor and the S5 now with 8 processor, only in Canada it will be 4 processor because of the CRTC, immagine in countries with all my respect as Pakistan or Afghanistan will have it in 8 processor, NOT CANADA, WTF!!! come on people why you want Canada to be always in last!!!