Samsung will reportedly reveal a Tizen-powered Galaxy Gear next week

Samsung rarely reveals just one product at its Unpacked events. Last year, for example, the Galaxy Gear was revealed beside a refreshed Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note 3.

On February 24th, Samsung is poised for a repeat performance, reportedly set to reveal two new Galaxy Gear smartwatches in addition to the flagship Galaxy S5. In a strange turn, though, one of the Galaxy Gear models will apparently run Tizen, the oft-delayed Linux-based operating system that the company plans to launch commercially in the coming months.

As we’ve previously reported, Tizen is a confusing mess: it is open-source, and has some powerful partners, but it’s coming to market years after Android and with a complete lack of an app ecosystem. Samsung has been experimenting with the operating system on a number of devices, but launching a Tizen-powered smartwatch, which has a much less established and more malleable app and software infrastructure, could be a good move. This version of Tizen is expected to be optimized for HTML5, a web language that other companies, like Kik, has championed for its versatility.

Tizen will also have a presence, independent of Samsung, at Mobile World Congress.

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