‘Rogers Next’ to allow annual smartphone upgrades with a subscription plan


  • It’s Me

    They only waive up to $250 of your remaining flextab. So, you are going to pay $300 to waive this balance? I guess you get the next phone for $0, so that is maybe $250 advantage, but you give them your old phone. Since a one year old phone would likely sell for much more than $250, you have ended up in the red on this deal.

    The TMo example is not a bad deal, given it is $108 in extra fees instead of $300. Leave it to Rogers to look at something positive like TMobile’s example and then triple the price.

    • Andy

      Your entire flextab + connection is wiped out, but only $250 off the new device.

      For the example of the 32GB iPhone, your flextab is $235 + $15 connection, totalling $250, which are waived for the remainder 12 months. If you get the new iPhone 6 with the same pricing as I assume, your $235 + $15 fee is waived, and you pay $80 for the phone if you get the same 32GB phone.

      So for $300, you get $250 of the phone waived, plus the flextab waived, which in this case is $250.

    • It’s Me

      Odd. I could have sworn the article originally said it was waived up to $250…perhaps it was edited after clarification from Rogers…or I misread it.

      But since Rogers most devices have around a $500 beginning tab, the math still works out to be the same in most cases.

    • RogersSarahM

      Hi there,

      Just a few clarifications here.

      A customer who is enrolled in Rogers Next has their FlexTab wiped clean. The customer can then choose any device priced up to $250 on a two-year term for $0, and doesn’t pay the $15 connection fee either.

      The only time a customer pays more is if the device they choose is more than $250 on a two-year term. Right now, 95% of our devices are under the $250 amount.

    • KiwiBri

      Hey, thanks for the clarification. Its good that you guys keep us informed 🙂

    • sdfsfsddgbgcbvcvcv

      i think the real question that matters and no one has asked is that it says trade in your phone, but is there a requirement? if i trade in a phone that i got from my upgrade last year but it doesnt work anymore, will i still get a new phone with no extra costs?

    • RogersSarahM


      To clarify, your device you upgraded to last year is not eligible for this
      program. You have to enroll in Rogers Next when you upgrade. Your phone needs to be in good working condition when you upgrade after 12 months. For peace of mind, we do offer Rogers Next with Rogers Device Protection so you don’t have to worry about that.

    • Stephen_81

      Hello Sarah, for Clarification. I buys a Samsung Galaxy Note3 on the launch day of Rogers Next, I purchase the $24.99/mo option and in 6 months I break the screen, but I have my BlackBerry, and iPhone as backup so I don’t get a replacement. at 12 months can I turn in my Broken screen Galaxy Note 3 and get the Galaxy Note 4 for contract price -$250? or do I pay a fee because my note3 is broken? or do I pay become ineligible because my device was broken and not covered under the plan?

      What happens if the device is stolen? Are all my fees now lost because I can’t turn that specific device in?

      Thank you for clarification.

    • RogersSarahM

      Hi Stephen,

      In order to make your upgrade as seamless as possible, you might want to consider subscribing to Rogers Next with the Rogers Device Protection added in. That way, you don’t have to worry about your phone being damaged when you upgrade.

      If your device has been stolen, you have a choice. We can apply the total amount you’ve paid toward Rogers Next as a credit toward your remaining FlexTab balance when you upgrade, or if you got the device replaced and it’s the same make and model, you can trade that in.

      Hope that helps!

  • Victor_Creed

    Lol, whatever Rogers

  • Bloune

    OMG LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Who the hell will buy that? Their monthly plans are already stupidly priced

  • Gregg Wilson

    To keep you locked in to their contract for perpetuity. Wow…. no thanks, Rogers! Take all that money that you’d be paying Rogers for the “fee” and put it in the bank yourself. After that year, take the money and put it toward an “outright” purchase of whatever phone you want.

  • J-Ro

    Its a good shot in the right direction. Once they all embrace this, it should get more competitive. And once phone prices drop, this should be great for anyone that is prone to phone breakage. We might not need flexible displays after all.

  • TP

    Umm, or, you can just save that $360 plus resell your phone then buy another phone.

    • J-Ro

      This is the price for convenience.

    • TP

      And the price for getting further locked with no other choice.
      Thanks, but no thanks. Why should I give extra $360 to Rogers when I can do whatever I want if I saved that amount myself?

    • Mayoo

      I agree with your point. Sadly, companies are making money out of the population’s ignorance.

    • KiwiBri

      very true.. most Joes I know want to get a phone for cheap, but dont flinch at the monthly plan prices.

    • sdfsfsddgbgcbvcvcv

      so you’re just arguing against not needing a new phone every year. yes, you probably wouldnt get this if you didnt want a new phone every year.

    • TP

      What are you talking about? Where in my posting did I say I am against not needing a new phone every year or not?

  • David Brideau

    I know of some fools with more money than sense who would see this as a good idea. I personally suggest buying a full-price phone and going without a contract.

    • Stephen_81

      Actually this is a plan for the fools without money. People who buy on contract are most often the fools without money, they can create a monthly budget but saving perpetually just isn’t something they can do. This deal certainly is a smart move by Rogers to prey on the people who are bad at math and keeps people perpetually locked in contract seeing as the CRTC has neutered contracts the Carriers are looking for ways to keep people locked and renewed contracts every year for 2 years keeps the FlexTab high making the barrier of leaving more difficult.

      Additionally there are a lot of people who lack mobile knowledge but want new and shiny every year especially since they break their big touchscreens so this ads a level of simplicity.

      I wont be partaking but think it is a smart business move by the carriers they are able to keep the used phone market from being as flooded.

    • Rob

      Just curious, which carrier are you with? And how much is your monthly if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Stephen_81

      Rogers, is my MAIN line, $80ish a month, Bell is $60ish a month, Koodo is $60ish a month. but I deal with Rogers through corporate channels more so than consumer channels for myself, consumer channels when helping friends and family

    • Rob

      Thanks I just wanted to know why you would say I am a fool with no money for signing up a contract. I mean I’m with Rogers on contact paying $65 tax Inc with 6GB plan. Vmal, caller ID and most of the other basics included. My flextap is currently at $270 the phone cost $600+tax at the time I paid $50 cause of the contract. I’m assuming you bought your phones outright but yet your monthly payments are close to mine. I got one of the best plans for the monthly price I’m paying . You wouldn’t be able to get 2GB for this price right now even without a contract. So please do explain why I am a fool and why you would assume that I have no money.

    • Stephen_81

      You must take my reply in context. David said ” fools with more money than sense who would see this as a good idea” and I replied as such. Fools with more money than sense would not be contract purchasers. Contracts are designed for those without money to extend the purchase price over a longer period to create affordability where previously there wasn’t.

      As for purchasing your phone on contract if one does the math and it makes sense, and flextab agreements are interest free loans so they most certainly can make sense. if you are paying a low fee for basic services. my $80ish/mo includes travel to the US. and my off contract abilities has given me negotiation opportunities that I likely did not have if I was on contract.

      I’ll negate answering your last line.

    • Rob

      Again why would you assume this is a plan for people without money? I am one of those people who see this plan as an ok way to change my phone yearly. If you see my comment to David you’d understand why I think this plan is good for someone like myself.

    • Stephen_81

      This plan limits you to upgrading in 12 month intervals and locks you into a 12month payment plan if you leave at 11months you’ve paid for naught.

      While remaining on regular contract your service plan is paying off your FlexTab in an equal increment of 1/24th per month of your tab over 2yrs.

      IF your Flextab is $600 at day one, that is 300 remaining at 12 months, the same you pay in service fees for this program so assuming your device upgrade works out every 12 months you’d break even here and be saving the cost of buying a new phone but giving up your old device meaning no backup device, no play device, no passing down or reselling device.

      But lets look at it IF your new device purchase is 15 months out not 12. you’ve now paid $375, your flextab is $225 to pay out same things apply previously.

      If you were to pay down your flextab and purchase your new device at the intervals you like you are free to upgrade as you like if your flextab is even lower (which is often is) the math works out even more in your favour to not take this plan.

    • Rob

      The whole point I’m trying to make is that you can’t just go and call someone a fool or assume they have no money just because you have an opinion and something. I don’t care about passing my phone to someone else or have a back up and for play devices, I have plenty. I hate selling anything cause I don’t have time for it. All that math you just did I’ve done it to way before. See I already do change my phone every 10 – 12 months and don’t care about paying the difference. As I told David some people are passionate about cars some about math land savings like your self. We’re not all the same so calling someone a fool or without money because they don’t see things the way you do is just ignorant. That’s the point I’m trying to make, nothing to do with the plan and explaining what it means.

    • Stephen_81

      So you entered into this discussion purely to argue the use of the word fool and to take offense to generalities. excellent.

    • Garrett Cooper

      It’s not honestly, and that’s coming from someone who buys a new phone more than once a year. And I’m for contracts in the sense that I need the service anyway, might as well get hardware. I sold phones for 6 years and can see both sides of the arguement. To say contracts are for fools or people without money is short sighted.

      To your point, no this “offer” isn’t very good, and it’s basic math. Say you pay the $25/mo + tax, works out to $300 + tax. A year after the fact, most high end phones will sell for $350-$400 on the used market in good condition on say kijiji. I now have $650-$700 which will cover the out right cost of pretty much every high end device, from a carrier OR you can even do better and buy BNIB off kijiji/CL for usually around $550ish. But to each their own.

    • David Brideau

      I just crunched numbers over two years monthly fees at their current 1gb plan, buying an iphone 5s this year and guessing the pricing would the same for the next-gen iphone 6 as the 5s. There’s about a $140 difference over 24 months with an iphone on contract (then breaking it to get the new shiny), and Rogers Next.

      Though this does mean you can’t sell your gently-used phone to recoup costs.

      Off-contract costs more. Weird.

      This estimate was based on the iphone due to its cult status.

    • Stephen_81

      Off contract does cost more if you don’t have negotiation skills or are on a very low cost plan. if your plan is sub $80 really the flextab makes sense to buy on since you save $20/mo on the device but the best negotiation will only save you $16/mo by BYOD.
      My Koodo line will most likely move to a contact line sometime this year because my savings are only 5/mo BYOD so I can buy something shiny and pay that $5/mo more but save triple that as the tab pays itself off. if I need a new device I just pay that off.

      But being off contract and having a substantial plan means you can negotiate much deeper discounts. The carriers are not stupid, they want us on contract and for most contract is better. Doesn’t negate my statement of this is for fools without money, but fools with money are more likely to walk in and buy a device without every doing a cost analysis

    • God

      Really all depends on what you sell the old phone for. I sold a 5 for 450 when 5S came out.

      Ultimately though, this increases your monthly cost a lot. You could instead get a VIrgin silver plan with a bunch of data and 10% off monthly. 3GB there is a lot cheaper than rogers + next.
      Monthly savings will let you buy the new phone.

      That said, personally I put all my phones on contract, because the device cost is the cancellation fee. I just don’t necessarily pick their premium plans. I do the math and then sometimes the middle tier is cheaper.

    • Rob

      Don’t confuse passion for idiocy. I love technology and I’m always getting the latest not because I’m a fool and want to show off but it’s my hobby to get the latest tech. Some people change cars years after year and some like to buy suits all the time. I happen to buy tech stuff all time. Calling someone you don’t know a fool cause in your opinion it’s not the way to go is in it’s self an ignorant comment.

  • Surveillance

    Well ya but no!

  • John_JJP

    $300 a year to then turn in that phone (so you gained the USE of it, you didn’t keep it) .. and continue paying the fee .. etc.. Almost like you’re just ‘renting’ the phone.

  • ToniCipriani

    Remember when the time that all this was free on your plan, and it was called “Customer Retentions Early Upgrade”? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    Ian: I suggest you should do a TCO analysis like you did for the 3 to 2 year contractual changes. This will show a much clearer picture on what these plans are about.

    • Dimitri

      Oh i remember but Rogers doesn’t seem to care anymore like the other carriers. I remember when Rogers had somewhat decent customer service representative and actually did their work. Now i have to record the phone call and warn them i am doing so.

      Back then you used to call in retentions and they would care enough to waive the upgrade fee or cut it in half for u. Now u pay everything. On a side note, Funny enough Rogers reps are trolling the site and down voting each post that users hate on Rogers.

    • Stephen_81

      I must have a different phone number to call than you for personal, my Business Rogers rep is great obviously but my personal one has been as well, I’ve not paid an activation fee in a long long time, on Any carrier actually Rogers, Bell, Koodo are the 3 I regularly use. I’ve had great conversations with reps at all 3 call centres and have been escalated to the appropriate channels probably 80% of the time. Now HOLD times are ridiculous! on the personal size if I need to make a call I need to put aside at least an hour no matter the carrier. I think Virgin was actually the fastest call I had with a carrier in 2013 but that was to cancel the line and that still took almost an entire lunch hour.

      All the companies have great retention departments if you know what you want and don’t just call angry looking to save money, also being off contract really helps.

  • Tommy Crosby

    Subscription system is the way to go for any gadget fanatics, but I’m not sure they are doing it right.
    I paid the whole $880 to pay the iPhone 4 a year after the 3GS and I wish such program would have existed back then. But not all yearly upgrade worth it and programs like this one make you blindy pay forward for a future phone without knowing if it worth it.

  • Howard Chu

    Hands in our pockets!

  • Super_Deluxe

    Would make alot sense if they incorporated it into the premium plans. I pay nearly $70 for my plan which is already expensive enough as a full time student who isn’t able to work so I don’t think I’ll be paying $20-$30 on top of that for a potential upgrade. What they’re asking for and their current price plans is just too much and isn’t worth it. Plus buying a new phone every year isn’t worth it either since it isn’t much of an upgrade. Thanks but no thanks Rogers.

  • Mayoo

    So for the price of a brand new Nexus device per year, you can have … a brand new device per year. Works fine if you want a new $600 device each year, but even though, wait another year and you’ll get something way better for free.

    This is plain stupid.

  • Stephen_81

    Brilliant move by Rogers. The people bad at math and savings will be thrilled!

    Since I suspect this will be an iPhone user package mostly I’ll examine it as an iPhone user.

    iPhone5S – $230 on Contract, $720 off contract discount of $490 on the flex tab at is ~$20.42 each month taken off, so at the end of 12mo you owe your $245 on the flextab

    This agreement will wave the $245 off your flex tab and we’ll hold pricing the same for the iPhone6 of $230 with a $720 off contract price, so your savings with this plan are $475-$300(cost of the base plan for 1 year)
    You Save $175 buying your iPhone6, BUT! you no longer have an iPhone5S as backup or to pass down in your family/friend circle.

    After each upgrade your barrier of leaving the carrier is back at $490 and you have a single device. For people who have no ability to save this plan can make sense because they can budget monthly.

    • Stephen_81

      The Math will still balance out to a degree. because I also suspect that device MSRP’s are going to go up next year to make flextabs more attractive.

      I Will not be surprised to see the iPhone6 16GB on the Canadian Carriers for $789 M2M and $249 OC. ( $259 if they want to take an extra $10 from us in the deal)

      quick redo of the math with a $260 iPhone6. assuming $720 OC price as in pervious math.

      Now you save $250+245 ($495) – $300-$10(extra over the $250 you must pay)
      Now the math says you save $185 vs $175. while remaining on a full term flextab. which really becomes irrelevant as it is perpetual and you never own the device.

    • sdfsfsddgbgcbvcvcv

      ok so you pay an extra 9 dollars, congrats on 9 dollars.

    • sdfsfsddgbgcbvcvcv

      as people who have done the math here, as long as its not like 400 dollars, you’re still saving some money.

    • Stephen_81

      The carriers WANT you to buy this why would they price things so stupidly?

    • Stephen_81

      Carriers NEVER price things stupidly. If you look at their pricing structures you easily can see their pricing models pushing you to specific products while offering “options consumers want”

      Carriers want you to do specific things and price things to move you to do that. Its social engineering via price structures every business does it.
      Look at your local fastfood restaurant. Order a Sandwich and Fries, or a Sandwich and drink. Notice the price difference between those pairs of products and the price difference between buying the “combo” of all 3, The price of all 3 is the most attractive price because it is what they want to sell.

      Carriers want reliable consistent income that can be forecast for multiple quarters. a package like the is a 1 yr lockin contract because you leave after $11months and the $270 you paid into this upgrade package vanishes it doesn’t apply to your flextab. THIS is the answer to the CRTC gimping contract exit fees.

  • ReGenesis

    So lets see how good of a deal this is compared to just paying off your balance and selling your old Phone. Lets assume I purchase an iPhone 5 32GB for $330 12 months ago and now I wish to upgrade to an iPhone 5s 32GB:

    Option 1 – Rogers Next
    iPhone 5 32GB – $330
    Rogers Next – $25 / Month for 12 Months = $300
    iPhone 5s 32GB – $330

    Total Cost: $960

    Option 2 – Upgrade existing through Rogers
    iPhone 5 32GB – $330
    Sold 12 month old used iPhone 5 – $300
    Paid remaining iPhone 5 Rogers balance – $250
    iPhone 5s 32GB – $330
    Total Cost: $610

    Difference between Option 1 and Option 2 – $350

    So the cost for convenience by not bothering to sell your old phone, depending on the cost for connection fees etc, is around $350 a year – is that correct?

    • Stephen_81

      No your math isn’t correct.

      Option 1 – Rogers Next
      iPhone 5 32GB – $330
      Rogers Next – $25 / Month for 12 Months = $300
      iPhone 5s 32GB – $330-250= $80

      Total cost $710

      The Rogers Next Plan takes $250 off the cost of your device upgrade.

      So the difference between Option 1 and Option 2 is only $100, and you don’t have to go through selling your old device ensuring you can buy out your remaining flextab and hopefully make some profit.

    • ReGenesis

      That makes more sense; thanks for clarifying.

    • sdfsfsddgbgcbvcvcv

      not to mention not having to meet complete strangers who may or may not kill you.

    • Stephen_81

      This is why I never take public transit or go to restaurants /s

    • realitycheck

      people will gladly pay more to not deal with the hassles of cheap asses haggling even at the final point of sale when you have driven 1 hour to the meeting location.

      craiglists related incidents regarding fake money, getting killed, robbed…. heard it all on the news…

      I do it all the time and its painful at times.

  • D Kup

    Wow…. That is a complete rip…

    How about this? Say I buy my iPhone 5S outright from Apple. When iPhone 6 arrives, I will sell my 5S on Kijiji (I will get way more than $250) since my iPhone will be in 99% brand new condition with a case and screen protector. I will use the proceed from the sale and then top up the difference. This way, I will have no contracts and choose any plans I like.

    High end devices have very good resell value within a year.

    • Stephen_81

      The purpose of this plan though is for those who can’t save money to buy the device outright. People ARE TERRIBLE with savings. I know people in their 30’s with less than $20k put away for retirement but they own smartphones and other crap.

      but that aside what this Also is doing for the carriers is removing devices from the used market and also reducing the buyers of used devices. less people reselling their device after an upgrade means the price people who do sell them for will go up which makes buying into plans like this more attractive is also makes it so those people who break their phone after the first year aren’t on the market looking for a used device while they wait for their contract to expire. Plans like these from the carriers are going to alter the used phone market both sellers and buyers.

  • Damian Wayne

    Advance Paying for Dummies

  • God

    And if my device has a broken screen at that one year point, I assume Rogers won’t let me trade it in?
    Because that is the case with all the other programs.
    Which makes this program next to useless unless you pay more to have their “protection” plan as well.

    I feel like people who break their phones will pay for this plan and then be told in a year that they cannot trade in a broken device.

    • RogersSarahM

      The device has to be in good working condition when you upgrade.

  • wildspin

    It seems most carriers are moving away from the subsidy model now. Again … consumers have to crunch their own numbers.

  • milagroful

    Sounds like a huge rip off. Sell your old (1 year) phone yourself.

    Glad my Air Canada plan gives me free upgrades every year plus a really cheap monthly plan or I probably wouldn’t bother with Rogers.

  • sdfsfsddgbgcbvcvcv

    how is it extra if you really do want to get a new phone?

  • D Kup

    This program from Rogers just to ensure that their subscribers are permanently locked in a two year plan.

    You are paying at least $300 a year and possible any upgrade fee above $250. Don’t forget the monthly outrageous monthly fees and the initial cost (probably at least $99 OR $149) for high end devices.

    Carriers have way too much controls on device… Every manufacturer should sell unlocked devices just like Apple, Google and Sony.

    • herewegoagain

      you have to get rid of contracts and commoditize the phone just like TVs. Without contracts there will be more pressure on carriers and manufacturers to drive down the cost of a phone….. the beauty of a free and competitive market. Granted, in the short-term there will be pain for the consumer, but in the long-term device costs should decrease substantially. Not too many people would buy Iphones if it cost around $800. It would also have the effect of driving down service plans since carriers won’t have a stranglehold on customers.

    • D Kup

      If people can’t afford 800 phone, then perhaps they should not be buying the phone. Going on contracts with Roger’s over priced plan is not driving down the cost, it is actually increasing the cost. BYOD with its sub-brand, 10% off monthly fee, take on any plans I want (data or with data) and jump on various carriers to take advantage on cheap plan will be driving down my monthly bill.

    • herewegoagain

      Exactly. That’s why I advocate for no contracts. Since most people can’t afford $800 phones, manufacturers will be forced to reduce their cost if they want to keep volumes up. At the moment, the true cost of a phone is ‘hidden’ by the contract price of the device. People pay through inflated service plan costs. Not to mention the device costs are also inflated (see the difference / markup between a nexus 5 on the Play Store and Rogers). 10% off the monthly plan is good for BYOD, but I’d rather have no contracts and see device costs AND service plan costs drop. Right now as a BYOD customer you are still getting ripped off and subsidizing all those iphone users. For example, on a $60 plan you are saving $6/month or $72 a year or $144 over 2 years. You’d actually get better value on a 2 year contract/tab since you could get a high end smartphone for free or heavily subsidized that far exceeds $144, but you’d lose the freedom of course of jumping around. In reality we should be getting 20% off minimum.

  • Sam Simons

    Canadian companies copycat American companies but the result is crapp and bullshit and more rape for Canadians!!!!!!

  • Patrick Polish

    This is a terrible idea. Why would I ever pay this just to upgrade. I upgrade every 12 months and have been doing this for a few years and it was always more profitable for me. Let’s calculate.

    Bought a Note 3 this year for 250$. In 1 year from that, i will have about 250$ to pay on my flextab balance to upgrade. Lets say we take the traditional price of 200$ to upgrade + 15$ connection fee, it means that in 1 year, i will have paid 715$ to get 2 phones. Now the thing with this is I will still have both phone, i can easily sell the Note for between 550-600$ so if the phone sells for 550 to be realistic, in 1 year, it would have cost me about 150 to upgrade.

    That Next thing now. You purchase a phone initially for 200$ + 15$ connection fees, and you pay 300$ per year to upgrade to you next phone, which mean that in about 1 year when you upgrade, you’ll be about 500$ in the negative because you have no phone to sell, you have to give your old phone back. Whats the point of doing it that way??????

    Totally useless program

  • dasdasd

    OEMs like Apple and Samsung dictate the term price generally, not the carriers.

  • eddieo

    The responsible human know that each human has a limit of some 340 Lbs of GHG emissions per year max in order to keep the levels at their current high concentration.

    The average smartphone comes in at about 70 Lbs.

    A new phone every year is not cool; it is obscene.

  • fruvous

    The article doesn’t mention it but I think you have to give the device back to Rogers when you get your upgrade.

  • D Kup

    Here is the case that I wanted to point out:

    In 2012, I sold my iPhone 4S 32GB (very good condition after 11 months of use) for roughly about $640. My 4S costs me about $850 with tax. So, I am losing $210. I am on the Koodo $56 plan, unlimited voice and 2GB data and less 10% for BYOD. I need to make up $280 for the 32GB iPhone 5.

    Consider the fact that for iPhone 4S one contarct, you still have to have $199.99 in 2011 and $329.99 for the iPhone 5 in 2012. What I am losing is just the up front payment of the phone if you are signing up for contract.

    I don’t have to be on those $80 with taxes plans. I save $23 a month and over 24 months, I save $552. Since I have an awesome, there is no more I can go anywhere near contracts. With this math in mind, I can have an unlocked phone, contract free and no expensive monthly fee. Oh… Did I tell you that I sold my iPhone 5 for the 5S and join Wind…. Can you imagine how much more money I am saving now?

    P.S. – I don’t need LTE

  • herewegoagain

    so if you drop your phone and break it after 11 months you’re screwed?

  • SteveC

    What a SCAM… It’s basically a savings plan for those that can’t save on their own. Don’t sign a contract, buy the phone outright, take care of it and sell it in a year for almost what you paid and I’m sure you will take less of a hit than paying for this stupid plan and then having to pay the difference on top of the $250/yr that they cover. I wonder how many dumb sheep are going to do this!