Rogers promo offers up a pair of Toronto Maple Leaf tickets

Rogers, which co-owns Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment with Bell, is offering a pair of Toronto Maple Leaf tickets to anyone who signs up on a 2-year contract this weekend. Alas, there is lots of fine print with this one.

The offer is only valid to those in Ontario, and tickets are limited to those who sign up on a 2-year term with a minimum $45/month plan. They are also good only for the “Gondola section” at the ACC. Each store (listed in the PDF) has only 15 sets of tickets available so these might sell out fast. Face value per ticket is about $100, but these tickets also include “food and non-alcoholic beverages, valued at $500 per pair.”

Certainly something to consider…

Source: Red Flag Deals
Via: iPhoneInCanada