Moto G now available at TELUS and Koodo Mobile


  • Roger

    Great step forward.. I hope other manufacturers will follow suit.. but I know they won’t.

    • Tom

      To be fair, Google is deliberately underpricing these phones as a strategic move, similar to how game consoles tend to be sold at a loss for the first year or two of their lifecycles.

      It isn’t sensible for other manufacturers to price this low, particularly when they aren’t the ones making profit off Google Play services.

      Not that it’s stopping me from buying only Nexuses anyway 😛

  • nomad

    good price

    • Richard Xing

      I think you mean fantastic.

    • Garum Chia

      don’t just look at price , I have cheap samsung being used as paper weight . Wi-fi flaky, apps crashing, and overall crap exp. it was samsung 5830d . Waste of $. Called support and nothing they could do.

  • Patrick Cuyegkeng

    That’s great and all but… Where’s the 16 Gb version? I’ll gladly pay the extra $20 for a more reasonable amount of storage considering the device is not expandable. Would be fantastic as a phone for the parents (still using some old Palm Pixis!) or as a backup.

    • ChrisPollard77

      For parents, 8GB is probably more than they’ll use. I agree that a 16GB version would be awesome, but for $200?? It’s darn near a stocking stuffer! Or, a great travel phone with a US sim card in it.

    • sid32

      Kids are getting this instead of an ipod touch this year.

    • Patrick Cuyegkeng

      I’m fine to pay $220 for the 16 GB version if they would at least offer the option.

    • Saiem Ahmed

      The 16gb variant is set to release in December 12
      On amazon the 16gb Moto G states that This item is due to be released on December 12, 2013.

    • Bluewillow

      I believe amazon in the U.S. Sells the 16 GB version. Best to check.

  • Neil

    Is this unlocked?

    • KyLe Wong

      nope they come locked to that carrier, I just got it and unlocked it using an online service. Both Koodo and Telus will need you be on a plan with them for atleast 90 days before offering to unlock it for an extra $35. I bought just the phone for $200 and paid $15 online to unlock it

    • xSINGHx

      What site did you use to unlock it?

    • Comrade Yeti

      If you bought it outright then they are supposed to be unlocking it on the spot. They said they were honouring the CRTC code early.

    • Tom

      I think “unlocking on the spot” still means having to pay a fee.

      I’m guessing he used cellunlocker dot net or ebay to get his code.

    • Marc Miranda

      What service did you use for unlock?

    • KyLe Wong

      I used unlock unit and got the code within 30 minutes so I was pretty pleased with the service. As for unlocking on the spot, I called in and they told me I’d have to be on their plan before they could even offer to unlock it for me. I did read somewhere that the crtc code early December so if you want to wait it out cause you’re scared of using a this party then it’s OK, but this site worked perfectly for me. wish they did the cases though, it’s been pretty hard to find accessories for this phone so far. Maybe a motoX bumper would fit on this phone

    • phoomp

      It’s more the principle. You shouldn’t even NEED to unlock a phone that you’re paying full price for.

    • RenatoFontesTapia

      Cool… For me it is takin a LOOOOONG time…
      I heard that motorola can take up to 4 days to give an unlock code…

  • maattp

    I wish they had the 16 GB version, 8 GB just isn’t enough for the average person.

    • M. Andrews

      I’m pretty average.. and 8 gb is just fine…

  • Nachotech

    Just to throw this out there: Telus is currently offering the Galaxy S4 for $0 on a two year contract. So if you’re the type that doesn’t mind contracts, the GS4 is vastly better than the Moto G for the same on contract price.

    • Yulet

      You have to pay $55/month + data for S4, $45/month + data for Moto G 😉

    • Tom

      They may have the same on-contract price but the minimum price plan you need to sign is different.

      Paying $200 up front and then taking advantage of the BYOD discount is even better 🙂

  • JT

    I wanted to get this to replace my ipod touch but 8GB isn’t enough. Gotta wait til the new year and go to the US for the 16GB version.

  • Munir

    I absolutely love how Google is handling nexus products. But it makes me frustrated when I see there is no microsd slot… Seriously!!? What’s so hard to put a slot? And what’s the point of not doing that? Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!

    • Dalex

      The point of not doing that is to encourage you to use the cloud. Google is a cloud company with Internet based services. A micro sd card slot contradicts their philosophy completely. Would a micro sd card slot make this an even better phone? Absolutely. Do the general public for whom this product is aimed at care? Not even remotely.

    • Munir

      Well, i love HD display and would buy nexus 10 is a heart beat if it had the card slot. In fact, I will never buy a nexus device cause it doesn’t have the card slot. I have a 64gb card that has all music and lot of data. I change my cell every 6 months or so. I just put my card into new cell and I am good to go. If Google don’t want to include card slot, give us a 64gb option for a decent price. Isn’t Android all about option? And heck, they should also keep an option for a adding extended battery. I am kind of stuck at my note 2 for this battery cause. Only viable option seems to be note 3 but I want to try a different manufacturer this time.

    • Dalex

      Android is indeed about options, but I don’t think nexus or moto devices are for you if micro sd slots are your purchase deciding factor. If you want to try a different OEM, you can give Sony a shot since a lot of their flagships offer sd card slots. As for having a removable battery, unfortunately that will not change. Removable batteries are not the future for any OEM (maybe Samsung). They are a bandaid solution to a problem that would better be remedied through better battery technology, not archaically switching batteries. Sealed batteries also offer more beautiful and seamless designs.

    • ThomasMarkhamnis

      I’m with you on this, I have a 32GB sd card where I keep music, gps maps, and extra light apps that don’t need to be on the hard drive. I know it costs more to add an SD slot, but it makes a world of a difference to those who don’t want to keep paying ridiculous amounts for extra storage.

    • Al Bowering

      USB otg.

    • ThomasMarkhamnis

      Carrying an extra cable and flash drive in your pocket all day is impractical for most people, especially when you have to reconnect all that stuff every time you want to access something… so how’bout no.

    • Al Bowering

      Cost. If it has USB otg support then you have extra space with no additional cost and only a little bit of hassle. Personality I use an HTC One S and I carry around a 256 GB Flash drive that holds all my media. It only takes minutes to swap around hours of media content. I’d be fine with 8GB if it has this support

    • deltatux

      Official explanation: the general population is too dumb to figure out how to correctly use a microSD card (which is true, I know many who don’t know how to properly configure their devices correctly to take advantage of the microSD slot, most don’t even bother with it).

      Real explanation: Google is a cloud services company, they want you to use their cloud.

      Would love them to build the slot in as an option but it wouldn’t be beneficial to Google to have them available for consumers.

    • Munir

      I know Google is a cloud company. But you should look into available data plan if they want the consumers to move into cloud storage. The 2/3GB data plans we have is nothing for cloud storage. Not even the 6gb! The current data plans and these 8gb device combination is a joke!

    • deltatux

      They cannot build a phone specifically for one market, especially our market which is tiny compared to others across the globe. Canada’s the sad exception that our data connectivity is expensive while other countries are much cheaper.

      There is a 16 GB option, just don’t know why TELUS isn’t selling that storage option too.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    I was going to get a new ipod touch. Just ordered this instead. Good backup phone.

  • Justinn Parkinson

    PC mobile will be pushing out Moto G soon, still no release date but they are in stock 😉

    • deltatux

      They’re a TELUS MVNO, so that’s not surprising. It’s not a bad phone, it’ll compete well with the Nokia Lumia 520 that TELUS and PC Mobile sells.

    • Mike Reid

      PC Mobile is BELL MVNO, unless something changed very recently.

    • deltatux

      Bell only does the prepaid portion, TELUS does the postpaid portion for PC Mobile.

    • Justinn Parkinson

      Correct PC Post Paid is TELUS MVNO

  • horiah00

    So can I just outright buy it and use it on Wind? Is it compatible? Does it need unlocking?

    • Patrick Cuyegkeng

      It does not appear to support AWS bands. From prior MobileSyrup articles:

      Here’s a breakdown of the specs:

      4G HSPA 850/1900/2100

      Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900

    • deltatux

      Like the Nokia Lumia 520, this device does not support AWS HSPA+. Cheapest AWS HSPA+ device that doesn’t suck that works on WIND is the Huawei Ascend W1, available at the WIND store. If you’re looking for an Android, the Samsung Galaxy Ace II e.

    • Abacus IT

      You can wait until T-mobile version comes out. Engadget reported that a T-Mobile version with AWS was spotted at FCC.

    • Gabriel Cyr

      Would it work with videotron’s network?

    • Darren

      The moto G IS wind compatible.

      BUT, you must be sure to buy the american gsm variant. Telus/Koodo probably have the global version which does not support AWS, so make an order from the american motorola site if you want one.

      source: I was just on the phone with a motorola technician as I have ordered an american moto g myself and use wind. Both the 1700 uplink and 2100 downlink are supported.

  • canucks4life

    $150 via team webstore 🙂

    • Balal

      Bought one for my brothers birthday from my teamstore! 183 with micro Sim, taxes in.

    • deltatux

      What is this “team webstore” you’re referring to?

    • Sam Wiggans

      Got a login you could share? :

  • Jolly Smith

    wonderful step.

  • Brian Peter

    Non-starter at 8gb. What are they thinking? Where is the 16gb version???

  • avikingdj

    I am buying this phone for my mother in law and I phoned to see if they had any in at a Telus store and they did so I asked if they would put one aside for me which they agreed to do. They then asked if I will be putting this on an existing account or will I be signing up for a new activation and simply said I would like to buy the phone outright for the 200 and not activate this phone at all. She told me that this was not possible.

    Can someone here explain how I can purchase this phone for 200 and not activate it?

    What is the point of having a purchase price if you can’t really purchase it unless you have an account?

    • canucks4life

      If you’re willing to wait a few days you can order through Telus website…select new customer/no term and just remove SIM from checkout

    • avikingdj

      Excellent. Thanks for the info, This is what I will do.

    • KyLe Wong

      Hey I just got this phone from Telus and bought it outright for $200 and unlocked it using an online service. I called in to Telus to ask if I could just buy it without a Telus plan or membership or whatever they want you to have. When I went into the store they gave a me a little bit of a hard time saying you need the membership and everything but I said I called the hotline and they said it was okay. She went to the back to call or ask her manager or something and came back saying its fine. So Telus will sell you the $200 moto g with no other commitment to them because thats what I got.

    • ThomasMarkhamnis

      if only the moto g worked on wind…

    • Alex

      I wish some brave soul could actually try to plug in a Wind sim card into the unlocked Moto G purchased from Telus. There is lot of conflicting info about support for the Wind’s AWS (1700) frequency and possibly several different hardware versions slated for different markets. So the only way is to try it out

    • aryalrabin

      What online service did you use to unlock?

  • ThomasMarkhamnis

    Seriously, what’s with motorola and their obsession with making every phone a carrier exclusive? Is it making Moto/Google that much more money just keeping the phone limited to one contractor or is no one else simply willing to retail the phone? This is a great looking phone but just like the moto x I don’t see it doing well in Canada when almost 20 million subscribers are basically ignored.
    I don’t understand their business strategy.

  • LarsFromMars

    Awesome. I got 3 kids on Koodo, and this is by far the best bang-for-the-buck phone I they could get. Wish it was unlocked, though.

  • Philippe Morin

    I have an old LG P500 (Optimus One) and I consider buying this phone as my new one… I’m also tempted about rooting my crappy Optimus One, and trying to optimize it… However, I don’t have a lot of time and interest reading about rooting. I read I need a Windows PC in order to easily root my phone, but I only have MacOS. 🙁

    • Superzar

      That’s why most people but windows PCs … they get stuff done!

  • Ashish Diwakar

    I don’t like Motorola :/

  • K_p0w3r

    Why wouldnt they sell the 16 Gb version. 8gb doesnt really cut it anymore, especially if your a prepaid android user and need as much space as you can get.

    • Jeff

      Because it makes their overpriced $700 phones lineup look bad.

  • Jack Lao

    I have a unlocked Moto G from Telus. I am planing to get Kitkat on it. Does anybody know the the OS upgrade will put it back to a locked phone again? If that is the case, is the same unlock code still good? Thanks.