BlackBerry still plans to release 2 high-end devices and 2 entry-level devices

BlackBerry just announced that they’ll be cutting 4,500 employees – which is a major blow to the company – they will in fact continue operating and moving forward by launching new devices, just not as many as originally planned.

In the press release, BlackBerry stated they’re going to “refocus on enterprise and prosumer market, offering end-to-end solutions, including hardware, software and services… Future smartphone portfolio will transition from 6 devices to 4; focusing on enterprise and prosumer-centric devices, including 2 high-end devices and 2 entry-level devices.” These will take form in both and all-touch and QWERTY models.

We’ve already seen BlackBerry release the Z10, Q10, Q5 and the newly announced 5-inch BlackBerry Z30. This shift to produce less hardware is “in response to the increasing competition in the smartphone market.” BlackBerry also noted that the BlackBerry Z30 will become its ‘next generation high-tier smartphone’ and replace the Z10, which will fall to target an ‘entry-level audience.’

Previous rumours have pointed towards BlackBerry working on devices with the code name of Cafe/Cappuccino, Windermere, Tigris and Ontario, plus event the re-birth of another PlayBook tablet.

BlackBerry is still continuing to ‘evaluate all strategic alternatives for the Company.’

[source] MarketWire [/source]