BlackBerry still plans to release 2 high-end devices and 2 entry-level devices


  • eatshitanddie

    Not gonna happen.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Why bother, it’s over.

    • Minor

      They’ve already been built, developed, and had contracts signed for distribution for months. All the investment in bringing the product to market is done, so it would be stupid to not try and recover something.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Maybe BBRY can sell them on kijiji for at most $49.99 unlocked off contract.

    • Mesooooosadhaha


    • Balls O’Steele

      Seriously, I’d buy a Z10 for $50. If they got more BB10s out there by cutting the price, BBRY might actually survive

    • hi

      Where can I preorder?

  • Henry

    I admire BB persistence, wish them the best.

  • Allwayswrite

    why bother…seriously?!…just become a non-profit and sell coasters….you already do that.

  • erterte

    lets lose more money yaaaaaaaaaaaa RIM GO RIM, RIM RIM RIM RIM RIM

    • TheAnswer

      Yes. Go RIM. Youre clearly up on things.

  • sickens

    BB10 phones aren’t selling? NP, lets make more to sit on the shelf unsold.

  • kareshi

    Now Z10 has become an entry-level device. They need at least a quad-core 1080p device to catch up.

    • JTon

      Honest question, why?

    • RussianDroid

      I guess you are comparing it to Android flagships.

      As much as i love Android OS, I don’t like how OEMs keep throwing more CPU cores or more RAM to increase performance. Phones don’t need to have 8 cores to allow you to browse the web, play a game on ~5″ screen or make a phone call. Bigger chassis and more RAM != Innovation.

      Look at iOS and if ignore limited OS functionality you’ll see that the phone runs the same or sometimes more complex apps as smooth as Android phones with 1GB Ram and a dual core CPU.

      I don’t think hardware is limiting BB phones in any way. Their OS is very balanced and with BB making their own hardware they should be able to optimize to fly with their own software.

    • dickgozinya

      BB doesn’t make their own hardware. They buy older (now 3 generations) left over stock from Qualcomm and the likes and package it into a box and call it a day. And really, they don’t even pack it in a box anymore as they’ve closed all Canadian manufacturing down and sent it to Taiwan and Mexico.

    • RussianDroid

      I guess you mean chipsets, yes they don’t design their own CPUs and they don’t even subcontract the manufacture. The chip is about 6 month 2 years old, so yeah not the latest and the greatest. However Apple’s Cortex A9 in iPhone 4s is much older and yet it handles anything thrown at it.

      While it’s good to be on the cutting edge of the technology, I think there should be a balance between hardware and software.

      I do not own a new gen BB phone, so i can’t say how slow or fast it is. I do have colleagues who do use z10s and they don’t have complains about software responsiveness on the phone.

      CPU age was mistaken for S4Pro used in Z30


      I’m a software dev and have limited knowledge about hardware, so i might be wrong to compare Krait and Cortex chips.

      Also, everything said above is my personal opinion and not fact(oids).

    • dickgozinya

      No, the CPU really is 3 generations old.. it’s an s4 which was running in the mid range HTC One S almost 2 years ago now.

    • RussianDroid

      Oh, I though S4 Pro was released this year. Didn’t Moto X has same (similar) chip?

      Got schooled by dickgozinya, see comment below

    • dickgozinya

      No, the z10 doesnt use a s4pro, just s4.

    • RussianDroid

      Doh! Right on, was thinking about 30. Thx for correcting me.

      Yeah it’s old, but i tell you what if I didn’t bust my One S i would still be using it right now. Past Android 4.1 I’m really ok without updates and One S was running anything that i wanted.

      I’ve became one of those flamers that turn comment section into chats. My apologies to mobilesyrup.

    • kareshi

      Phones are still selling by hypes. Hardware is one of them. It’s like computers in the old days. Faster CPUs were always wanted. Nowadays almost any computer can serve our daily needs. Until smartphone hardware has reached the threshold, it’s still selling point.

      The screen is another thing that is important for entertainment, one of the most important features in smartphone. With no 1080p device in 2013, BB is losing its status in the market.

      In the business segment, BB has no iconic software that enterprise can use. The only advantage seems to be the integration with Exchange Server. We see that’s changing and MS will definitely provide something with WP.

    • Sweet

      BB has Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) and Balance.

    • RussianDroid

      Hype is right 🙁
      What i was saying is that latest hardware is not everything.
      Also I think argument about the speed of the smartphone phone not meeting our daily needs is debatable.

      BES is somewhat widely used through enterprise (e.g. Can. gov)

    • kareshi

      Yes I was actually referring to BES. That’s one of the big reasons that BB still sell, because of tight integration with company emails.Since most companies use MS Exchange, the paradigm can shift if MS can come out with something great for the mobile platform and thus taking away the importance of BB existence.

      And imagine if Apple manages to allow a company employee to connect to company’s VPN just by fingerprint and check email on the iPhone, company may then add iPhone to their whitelist. The world is changing and BB needs to change and expect this competition to show up as well.

      Afterall, I do wish BB to continue to exist. Competition is always good. Good luck BB!

    • Henry

      In comparison to Motorola’s flagship device, the dual core Z30 is similar in specs. I’m sure it runs great, the Z10 already runs nice.

  • Fawoo

    LOL at the people who don’t understand how manufacturing works.

    Phones are in production for months, and Blackberry had these phones in production way before any “bad news” that you see now. What are they going to do, throw away all that production, R&D, etc. and wipe their hands? No they clearly might as well put the devices out there.

    Besides we don’t know what they’re going to do as a company from here on out, we keep hearing from lame trolls that the company is dead but they’re still operational. Perhaps they’re planning for “one last push”, or maybe they’ll release the phones and then call it quits. There are a million different options, no one knows what they’re going to do as of yet.

    Gosh, some of you commenters are quite embarrassing with your opinions.

    • erterte

      that’s if they can even break even with all the manufacturing costs of these “new” phones. they obviously have not gone into production yet, otherwise we’d already have a more concrete release dates + media leaks etc. they are releasing these phones to make their business seem less like a sinking ship to investors + potential buyers i suppose.

    • Fawoo

      When I say “production” i don’t just mean the process in which devices are assembled. I mean the entire production process which involves R&D all the way to the assembly process.

      So no it doesn’t depend on whether they can break even as we don’t even know what the company is doing, nor what the devices really are.

      PS. Investors and potential buyers aren’t that dumb, they won’t see these devices and go “wow Blackberry is on top of the world!” So your assumption doesn’t make much sense.

      Again, as I said we don’t know what Blackberry direction is so we don’t have much ground to make assumptions on. All we can do is wait until any official word.

    • erterte

      by break even i meant from now in their R&D cycle to actual product production. if they can’t break even from this point on, they’ll just be losing even more money by pushing out these new phones. and of course by losing more money means the stock value of the company goes vertically down. as far as investors/potential buyers go, it looks better that the company is still planning on selling new phones. it certainly looks more attractive than if blackberry came out and said that’s it, we’re out of the phone business.

    • realitycheck

      i wonder who is down voting you? its not like you are wrong or anything…

    • Bobsuruncle

      Think you need a reality check, realitycheck.

    • kastor

      I couldn’t agree more, although i dont and have never really believed BlackBerry will disappear as it is with commom perception. The one thing i admire about blackberry now is its persistence to defy the mass market. Considering their awful and lack of proper advertising that they as an entity still exists, you have to give them credit they are still here against behemoths like apple and droid.

      Although i feel for all those layoff (have been through it), blackberry needed to do what it did to survive. As a Canadian company, i like how it defys US perceptions of impending death and continual onslaught of negativity from US media. Its that oldl saying, “if you are small, you are nimble, and can move quick and in the shadows cus you are not exposed (private ), unlike the likes of apple, google, samsung ( public ). I believe thats what blackberry is doing, being small n nimble. There are also still quite entrenched in the enterprise sector ( albeit smaller), and those that will not allow blackberry to just fade away.

      As for devices, after this announcement, i can feel the slider on its way. Im also still very confident they are not going anywhere, but i hope they will remain Canadian in the future.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Actually MobileSyrup, they will only be releasing one more high-end. The Z10 is being positioned as the low and the Z30 is going into the high for the full-touch devices. They have the Q10 which would make sense as the low end on the QWERTY side, so now I wait for the Q30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • erterte

      so basically a phablet with a physical keyboard? ~_~

    • jimmyjyc

      Um, the Q5? That’s the low end. Q10 is high end.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Then BlackBerry is doomed…. wait…

    • TheAnswer

      Why do I have this feeling that everything you just said is wrong?

    • dickgozinya

      It probably has to do with your lack of understanding of the subject.

    • TheAnswer

      I see your name precedes you. You are excused.

    • Fairy GodMother

      You missed the Q5 :/

      And I’m pretty sure they’re gonna make a BB10 Slider which is what they should of done. And not a cheap easily broken slider, a good quality one. Full screen size of the Z10 while amazing keyboard of the Q10 Squashed together

  • dickgozinya

    Na na nah nah, na na nah nah, Hey Hey Hey, goodbye.

    • TheAnswer

      Remember that tune next year when the iPhone 6 comes out.

    • dickgozinya

      Yeah I know. Probably have you sing it again for windows phones demise. Terrible.

    • TheAnswer

      Lol. Dick is right…said no one ever.

    • dickgozinya

      Ok JB. Or is that manic devlin?

  • IanDickson

    The strategy right now is to release something that will be aimed at corporations and governments, which will look THAT much more inviting for a buyout. Coupled with the slashing of 4500 employees….someone is bound to buy them up.

    Right? 🙂

  • PT

    Last chance to switch to Android or burn. It’s is over!

    • dickgozinya

      Oh it’s over. Everybody gonna be happy happy happy.

  • nig gie

    HAHAHHA all the fanbois are nowhere to be seen…

    8============D o:)) suk it losers…

  • Mike366

    Even Lumia 520 is more useful than z10. Wake me up when z10 is down to $99

    • Plazmic Flame

      You can get it for $99 right now Einstein