You can now pre-order the LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3


  • spammenotdisqus

    Anyone else want to pre-order a phone when they don’t know how much it’ll cost them?

    • Canucks

      Going to wait for Nexus 5 and see.

    • hunkyleepickle

      no kidding. i have no problem using the rogers reservation system, since their is no commitment there, but i’m not dropping 50$ on a note 3 reserve, i suspect they’re going to try to sell that thing for like 800$ or some crazy amount.

    • beeeepppp

      i asked the lady who was working at Bestbuy Mobile and she said that the preorder is with a contract and that the price of the phone is $199.99 on a two-year contact (of course minus the $50 if you preorder)

  • james

    too much attention is given to the iphone not enough to android models

    • TiguanT

      Not really even the ad on Best Buy says iPhone 5S “Coming soon” whereas for G2 and N3 they wrote “PREORDER THE MOST WANTED PHONES”

      What else do you need? 😀

    • Max Fireman

      Very true, simply because Apple must ask for major advertising on release dates, etc…

    • Super_Deluxe

      Because Apple pays the major retailers in every country to advertise heavily. How else do you think they’re the number one marketing company in the world?

    • Alex

      The iPhone is two phones and comes out only once a year. Android has a new phone coming out each month. By sheer numbers, there is more advertising for the ‘Droids. In addition, most sites (like MobileSyrup) is geared towards “tech-heads” and (by that nature) more geared towards Androids. iPhone getting too much press? You’re either blind or not all there.

  • Yulet

    If we pre-order phones from these guys do we get special edition or what? I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to go into any store I want on launch date and pick up a Note 3. I can’t say the same thing if I were to buy an iPhone because stupid iPoopers will be waiting in line hours before to give Apple their money lol

  • Max Fireman

    Although I dislike Apple and iPhones a TON, I do like the fact that you can line up and buy it and be in the news and all that jazz. Seems like a fun experience. If there was a Google store and the Nexus 5 was being released at 7am. I would be there!

    • Alex

      Hell, I wouldn’t care about being in the news. I just want to line up and pick one up without a contract. Over here, each time I go to a store to buy a phone outright I feel like I’m being questioned and harassed to get a contract.

  • johentie

    AT&T Started pre orders and even Tmobile is taking pre orders on the 18th!! why are the Canadian carriers taking so damn long(not really that long haha but u know what i mean) to start pre orders for the Note 3..

  • Allan

    $650 pre-order? No thank you.

    AT&T has it for $575 and Tmobile’s $605 tag includes a complimentary QuickWindow case. Even Verizon brought it to $600.

    Going to Bellingham will not cost me $75 in fuel costs. The price is quite welcome in comparison to the GS4 which is still an outrageous $700 on Telus.

  • HectorBarbossa

    what about 599$, especially if they release it after iPhone 5S what will happen.
    Nexus 5 will be cheeper than G2 but not better hardware and at the same time instant update.

    • Sanjay Saini

      Yeah exactly there is no way the Nexus 5 will have OIS ,3,000mah battery or even the S800. Nexus are known for obviously pure Android experiences and not top of the line tech.

  • beeeepppp

    I just went to a Bestbuy store near my house and asked when theyre going to start preordering the samsung galaxy note 3.. and they said “on Nov 13 or sometime early or mid November”… it sucks why theyre posting something online that will happen TWO MONTHS after!! and come to think of it, it’s not even the day that youre going to receive the phone, NOVEMBER is when you only start preordering it!!>.<