Update: BBM for Android to be released September 20th?


  • JB

    Oh snap!

  • Rich

    I’m strangely excited about this. Honestly, I haven’t even used BBM before either, but I want to see BlackBerry make a comeback in any capacity.

    Part of it is blind patriotism, but the other part of it is mainly because everyone seems so sure they’re done for. What can I say, it’s always an interesting story when you can do what others say you can’t.

    • thisiscjay

      I wouldn’t call it blind patriotism if you have used other IM clients and haven’t really observed a compelling experience. I have tried a few and they each seem to lack in no specific category… they’re missing a certain “je ne sais quoi” lol

  • chip

    I had an old pearl bb and loved bbm way back then. Cant wait to use it on my gs4!

    • Christopher Côté

      What the advantage of bbm versus all the IM apps already on apps store?

    • rd0t

      Once you download it for your iPhone or Android you’ll soon realize why BBM kills the competition:
      1) Read/delivered notifications
      2) Much more enhanced group experience (Comment and post on shared pictures, share lists, calendar events etc.)
      3) BBM Channels (if you dont know what this is, look it up. It’s awesome.)
      4) Ability to add people without knowing their phone number (uses pins, you can scan barcodes and tap your phone using NFC to add people)
      5) A much nicer UI in my opinion than most other messaging apps
      6) BBM Video with screen share (way clearer than Skype in my opinion. This will be coming to Android and iOS later).

      The list goes on. Once you BlackBerry haters get your heads out of your asses you’ll see how powerful this app really is. Cannot wait for the multi-platform BBM to launch!

    • Yulet

      LOL this BBM thingy has been “coming soon” for at least 3 months? so it was probably in the works even before that? and it’s still launching with missing things, to be added later. Maybe BBM WAS awesome, and IS still awesome on old BB devices but won’t be awesome any more on new devices? BB is dying, this is their last moments to enjoy in life haha

    • thisiscjay

      Maybe you THOUGHT you have a clue or maybe you KNEW you had a clue but the reality is you DONT know what you’re talking about

    • Yulet

      I’d love to see you explain what you meant there, looks like you’re playing with words and you’re not really able to say anything.

    • thisiscjay

      Hmm where gave I heard that before… oh I remember it sounds a lot like your previous comment = a whole lot of nothing with an attempt at being smug

    • Yulet

      Are you an elementary school kid? If you have nothing important to say, be quiet.

    • rd0t

      Reading your comment hurt my brain. Please don’t post anymore.

    • Jeremy Janzen

      Thanks for the post. I’m interested to see whether the advantages will be enough to get my friends to switch from Whatsapp.

    • Doug

      Really? Add people without their phone number? That’s the beauty of WhatsApp. It finds people automatically with your address book. Not some 8 character alphanumeric.

      Although the QR code and NFC add ons are nice.

    • rd0t

      It can go both ways and it all depends on user preference. Whatsapp is so cluttered and has people in my list that I dont even talk to. Why have people in your list if you dont talk to them? At least with pins they’re easy to post online (including QR codes) and you can select who you want in your contact list.

    • Kingsley Duru

      Thats what i hate about WhatsApp, it adds people automatically, including those whom i have no desire to talk to again, even worse i cant approve who adds or messages me on WhatsApp!

    • Doug

      I use my “chats” tab to manage who I’m messaging. Same as I do on BBM. Since my contact list is just as cluttered there after 6 years.

    • Tony Sarju

      A lot of these features will NOT be available for Android or iOS with the BBM launch. It will be restricted to individual/group messaging, media transfers and “What you’re listening to” status updates.

  • Rick Thieme

    I was sooo tempted to post a Nigerian money scam email.. but I refrained..

  • BB BB

    Didn’t we hear that last month? Get it out there already. Sure enough Apple still hasn’t approved BBM either

  • Christopher Côté

    Just 1 question… WHY? Why using BBM anymore?

    • rd0t

      Because it’s better than any other messaging app out there. Whatsapp and Kik have nothing on BBM.

  • Richard Xing

    It has been “coming soon” since July

  • hi

    Coming from Nigeria…

  • BetelgeuseOrion

    lol sorry but bbm is too late, everyone i talk to is already on google talk/hangouts, hangouts is far superior to any other platform since you can seemlessly switch devices and not loose your conversations (switch between gmail, google plus, gtalk standalone, google hangouts mobile)

    • TheAnswer

      …ya or have not used a windows phone…same convo whether the person you’re talkin to is on Skype, Facebook , texting you….realistically I don’t know anyone that uses hangouts.

    • TheAnswer

      As for BBM being too late. Everyone hated on BBM because of the phone. Put BBM on the greatest phones and you got the best of both worlds. It’s going to dominate and never go away. It will be the thing to have…all over again. Can’t wait!

    • rd0t

      I dont know what you’re smoking.. Hangouts is a well made app but in no way has it taken off.

  • Hilmawan Wahyu

    we’re ready to BBM running on Android System

  • Gus

    Used every thing not bias BBM is the best hands down haters have to hate end of story

  • Chris McLaughlin

    When is someone going to notice this isnt coming to the windows phone platform?

  • Ronell  I.T. Man

    Everyone’s sayings it too late.. Since when does something better come along and you just reject it ? Such ignorance.

    If your not gonna download it cause “its late”… thats too bad. i never knew everyone was waiting on it lol

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