Nokia ‘Sirius’ Windows RT tablet glows red in leaked render


  • John Miguel Lopes Vieira

    Oh, to live in the Parallel dimension where they stuck with MeeGo and made this the first MeeGo tablet.

    • beyond

      and everyone has a pet sloth

  • Joe Delgado

    What a waste of hardware.

  • grantdude

    I don’t understand the point of this device though. If I were looking for a Windows RT tablet with a good built quality, the Surface RT would be my choice.

    • MassDeduction

      But if this is lighter, and if the keyboard cover is included, and if the keyboard cover has an extra battery… could be interesting.

      Oh, and this is much higher resolution than the Surface RT, from reports.

  • Bri

    Wow that looks pretty

  • Striker67

    Looks like a decent windows tablet. My only real concern would be with the purchase of this Nokia division by MS it will either be one or the other – this one or the Surface. I cannot see MS putting out a competing tablet under the Nokia brand.

  • Marcus Brown

    And I thought iSheep were bad but the Droids are even worse. Faulty programming methinks.

    • S2556

      Its all the same people. They just recently switched from their iphones to new androids so they have to tell everyone about how awesome their consumer decision was because if they don’t shove it in every ones face on the internet then how will they know they made the right decision? Many android users know and keep an open mind to the competition, I do (though I wont be leaving android anytime soon that’s for sure) but unfortunately we seem to now be the minority.

    • Ibrahim Elmi


  • Rich

    Honestly, just doesn’t seem like there’s any real money to be made with Windows tablets. Hell, the same goes for Android for the most part (very low margins at least).

    • Mythos88

      RT’s not so much but there is a market for Pro tablets and it needs more devices and competition to bring down the prices.

  • Crow

    Can someone explain why they put a 40+mp camera in a phone, yet this tablet only has 6.7mp.. Can’t they just put a higher one, that way you can take a picture and use a bigger screen to edit it and other stuff.

    • Mythos88

      You do serious photography with a Lumia 1020 but can you picture anyone doing serious photography with a tablet?

    • Crow

      I can’t picture people doing serious photography with a 1020, but I’m one of the weird people who still uses phones to call with everything else as a bonus, so what do I know.

  • Toron James

    Awesome software and hardware = Killer device.

  • sahmed001

    Another DOA Windows RT device thanks to pricing. I would’ve thought they would realize by now that they will need to make inroads in the market using pricing like Android did.

  • cloakster

    Where is the keyboard dock? Any Windows 8 device (RT or regular) needs to have an optional keyboard dock.

    • Tony Sarju

      Remember the part where this is a :LEAKED Render? Remember how it was never officially announced and thus there cannot be any accessories announced yet either?