Nokia ‘Sirius’ is a 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet that aims to take on the iPad


  • Ken K.

    Modern Tech’s best Trojan: Elop.

    When every other computer manufacturer is pulling out of making RT due to poor sale and poor reviews (didn’t Microsoft just write off $900 million loss due to unsold RT tablets?), Elop’s Nokia insisted on releasing this.

    Best of luck Nokia. You will need it.

    • Darth Paton

      I’d rather have an RT tablet than an Android Tablet (excluding the Nexus line, which is pretty well done). I am always disappointed to find that most Android tablets I try still have a hint of lag persistent throughout the OS.

    • TP

      that’s just you. Stats tell otherwise clearly – people are staying away from RT and they are rather picking up Android or iPad.

    • Abu Uddin

      TP, have you actually used an RT device? I have both Ipad and surface. At first I didn’t like surface much, but after I use it for a week, I think it is way better than Android or IPad. I gave my Ipad 2 to my kids. I believe this is where it belongs. Grown people who needs more from tablet than just games and video should go for RT.

    • TP

      @abuuddin:disqus Did I mention anything bad about RT? I am just saying that stats show people are still flocking to Android and iPad ever since RT was introduced to the market. That’s why I replied ‘that’s just you’ when Darth said he’d rather have an RT than an Android. Please let me know if anywhere in my comment that needs to be deleted/updated after I actually use an RT device.
      TBH, what you said in your last sentence – that was the line from many Playbook users. They all said ‘if you want more than just games and fun, get a Playbook’.

    • Abu Uddin

      All I am trying to say, if someone seriously gives RT a week, he would never look back. The current stat does not mean RT is bad. Most of the people who uses tablet, already bought them. Microsoft is late in the game for sure. But after a year or two things should change, as more and more people will notice the differences.

    • TP

      @abuuddin:disqus I agree with you that stats does not mean RT is bad, as unpopular products are in many cases not due to their inferiority, but due to their lack of appeal in the already developed market. Is RT a technically good product? For sure, yeah. Is RT worth a try spending hundreds of dollars with the ‘hope’ that it ‘may’ be as good as Androids or iPads? I don’t know, and I guess many other buyers would think the same way. Playbook was as good as Android at the time both on specs and in software. Touchpad was better than many Android tablets at the time. After a year or two, I would be interested in Windows 8 Pro..but not sure about RT.

  • Sukdis Knaatz

    I’ve never owned a tablet – don’t see a need for it.

    • beyond

      you will be assimilated, resistance is futile

    • Sukdis Knaatz

      I always thought that they were rather silly, and my opinion has not changed over the last few years.

    • Jason Courage

      You’ve never owned one so how can you make such a “silly” comment.

    • rivard35

      Not everyone needs a tablet, but i say everyone should give them a run and see how they feel, great device for consuming content on the go.

    • TP

      Not everyone needs a 2-door coupe, not everyone needs a coffee to survive, not everyone needs a wrist watch anymore, not everyone needs a smartphone, not everyone needs to watch a movie, not everyone needs to play games….want me to go on?

  • rgl168

    Release a variant of this with Intel CPU (Core iX; no Atom) and Windows 8 Pro and we’ll talk…

    • Seppo

      The rumor is that there will be W8 x86 tablet (Bayshore) from Nokia early next year…

    • Elvin

      and more expensive as well I suppose. by that time you will have found other salient ‘flaws’ with the windows 8 pro version and the waiting cycle begins again. then you eventually end up with an ipad or android tablet.

    • rgl168

      I’ll gladly pay for products that fits my needs. And BTW, I have an iPad and GNex, with my desktop and laptop running Win 8 Pro.

  • Tommy Crosby

    I thought the Nokia WinRT Tablet has got the axe?
    Oh well, in it’s current form, I don’t care at all about WinRT.

  • stann

    Nokia got this all wrong. There might be demand for tablets, but not for Windows RT tablets. And how would they compete with the iPad? Even Android tablets are rarely priced as high. Windows doesn’t have enough apps for RT, which would make this not much better than a playbook.

  • Günter Schwarz

    Not with it running Windows RT.

  • preet

    maybe you can buy it and put android on it

  • Twonald

    a windows Rt tablet? why not just burn the millions of dollars it took to developpe it. or better yet give that money to me.

  • J. W.

    “Windows RT…take on the iPad”

    Elop, you can’t be sirius.

  • JC

    nope, I think tablets are on their way out… with the slightly larger screen phones that do all the same things, why do I need a tablet. I’m thinking BB is on the right track, just slightly ahead of others in this department. What I do think would be a great idea is for some company to release a phone that you could load any mobile operating software you wanted on it. Just buy it right from the company themselves. Buy a Samsung phone, load BB10 on it or iOS7, whatever your flavour is. Some companies will be great at making devices and others will be great at software….

    • Darth Paton

      How is BB ahead in that department in any way whatsoever?

    • JC

      it’s only my personal opinion. just started using BB10 and think the potential of it’s great. BB’s future can’t and wont show up over night. The ability of the software is (in my opinion) superior in it’s abilities to be linked up to many other devices and software in the future without being stuck to one company like Apple. Talked to a few people that just use the Z10 for all business other then their desktop, no laptops, no tablets. For presentations they just connect via DNLA, or micro HDMI to show their work and then link back to their desktop for files they may need via RFA. Seems to work great for them… I don’t know the future, just feel that BB is headed in the right direction now instead of trying to catch up in the tablet market. If more people didn’t feel such a personal attachment to their devices and actually tried the new BB software, I think they would be pleasantly surprised.

  • SP_Fever

    not sure if Sirius…

  • J-Ro

    I hope Nokia does better than Microsoft. That write off for the surface tablet was an ugly one.

  • MatroXX

    Nokia, why so Sirius?

  • beyond

    I Siriusly want one!

  • Henry

    I think most comments here got it right. There is demand for tablets but not for Windows RT. Windows is only good to me in the form of 7 or 8 Pro, if I buy a tablet it’s gonna be Android or even iOS before RT.

    • Darth Paton


    • Henry

      Because it’s my money to spend and I want what works for me, which is not RT.

    • Darth Paton

      But I want to know why iOS and Android suit your needs and RT does not.

    • Tony Sarju

      Because you can hardly run anything decent on WinRT. The app offering is pathetic outside of MS Office.

    • Henry

      Tony said it. I wouldn’t spend hundreds to get a partially usefull OS. Windows Phone should instead share a hybrid os for phones and tablets and RT should never have been made. Till this day people don’t even know what RT means and the general public doesn’t understand the difference with pro. Un-technical consumers only know what they are told and that’s RT is useless. Microsoft s**t the bed on this one, not only did they make a clumsy touch interface OS with a pathetic selection of apps (not even a native touch office?) but managed to waste millions in production and lead the way to most major manufacturers ditching RT.

  • stafy17 .

    i’ve been dying to get my hands on a nokia widows produc for a while i would prollly look into this

  • SC

    Flop coming up. Buying bay trail tablets instead

  • dagobahfg

    No, I would not purchase this if it came to Canada….
    …. But thats only because I live in Norway ;-P

  • robby djajaatmadja

    Microsoft suck. Why nokia spend money for os that obviously fail in market. Android and ios a lot better

    • FrankieSab

      No way I will change my Surface RT tablet to either of Android or iOs. Windows tablet (Rt or 8) are the best tablets to surf the Web. Period.

    • robby djajaatmadja

      Have u ever tried ipad or any Android tablet? They can change your mind about surface rt

    • Abu Uddin

      I have both IPad 2 and surface RT. After using surface for a while, it really changed my mind about the Ipad: it is a toy. So, I gave the ipad to my kids and enjoying my surface RT ever since.