SwiftKey raises $17.5 million Series B round to further its lead on Android


  • Karami

    still believe that Swype is much better even when it was in its beta version

    • mathieulefrancois

      I’ve tried both extensively and though Swype is good, Swiftkey is still better, especially in learning and giving word predictions.

    • MatroXX

      Through my experience Swype is way better for swiping through words, Swiftkey flow is not that far behind in it’s swiping recognition, but is not as forgivable as Swype is. Swiftkey does have superior word predictions but I cannot go back to tapping on a touch screen again after discovering swipe typing, which I’ve become accustomed to.

  • andy c

    Recently stared using SwiftKey. Great keyboard over stock n4

  • Arameth

    Had swift key but went to google keyboard. Simple and easy. Perhaps I’ve missed something since I last used it. Glad Android’s open and allows choice though!
    Wonder how swiftkey will work on the Galaxy Botch… watch, I mean watch.